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3948 West 50 th St Edina, MN 55424 952-920-4528 Dr. Dave’s

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2 3948 West 50 th St Edina, MN 55424 952-920-4528 Dr. Dave’s Email:

3 Doctor of Chiropractic for over 30 years Oldest Family Owned Chiropractic Clinic in the World Over 200,000 individual Chiropractic Adjustments Clinical Education Staff at Northwestern Health Sciences Univ Mentor to over 200 NWHSU interns Dr. to 1000s of Amateur and Professional Athletes


5 A Mental State of Being Without Doubt !!!

6 It’s all about ENERGY!!!

7 1955-2012 Physicist-holds 38 patents in Magnetics and Human Healing Born and Raised on Long Island, New York Known for his Brilliant Mind and Kind Heart

8 Magnetic energy Far Infrared energy Negative ions Tourmaline

9 What Makes This Things Work Anyway !??! “The Properties and Laws of Physics ALWAYS Affect the Properties of Chemistry.”……Anthony Bove

10 Not like Your Kitchen Refrigerator Magnet Arranged to Create a Swirling Magnetic Field Much like Standing on Mother Earth Increases Circulation and Blood Flow  Increase strength (muscle cells)  Enhances mental acuity (nerve cells)  Supports energy (muscle and nerve cells)  Increases Blood Oxygenation (improves healing time ) What are a Few of the Effects……. (Evidence Based Tab)

11  Naturally occurring semi-precious gemstone  Highest energy crystal currently know to man  Creates an electrical charge that emit Far Infrared Waves and Negative Ions  Purifies the blood  Calms the sympathetic nerves  Promotes sound sleep/alertness  Relieves stress  Stimulates cell metabolism and immune response What does it do?? What is it??

12  Stimulates endocrine and metabolic processes  Promotes activity in the brain  Regulates Temperature  Improves the Flow of Chi  Relieves Inflammation  Absorbs Moisture  The Healing and Warming Property of the Sunlight  A Specific Spectrum (wavelength) of Light What is it?? What does it do??

13 Positive Ions Bad!!! Negative Ions Good!! A World Filled with Positive Ions (cell phones, computers, televisions, etc) Negative Ions Found in Nature (thunderstorms, waterfalls, oceans, morning shower) What do they do??  Reduce Free Radicals  Improve Metabolism  Increase Oxygen to the Brain  Lift Mood and Increase Energy

14 Are we getting any closer??

15 Muscle Strength and Balance Testing Easy to Perform and Very Patient Friendly

16 Ordering the Gemsoles  Customer vs. Member??  Did you know?? Gemsoles = 50 pts  For now do the ordering for them.  Have the questions for ordering on hand.  Some say always order the Men’s size!?  Where do you have them Shipped? Depends!  Remember things should be easily replicated.

17 Customer Instructions and Sizing.  Very simple to do.  Measure twice cut once??  Don’t throw anything away.  Breaking in the gemsoles.  Gemsoles produce heat.  The “Dehydration Affect”.  What is a “Healing Crisis”

18 Radical Changes for Ricky G.  55 year old male  Injury to knees and legs years ago  Discoloration in legs and ankles  Poor circulation in feet and legs  Within 6 months of wearing the Gemsoles almost complete resolution of the problem

19 Happiness for Helen H.  75 year old female  Chemotherapy 5 years ago  Complete numbness from the knees down  Numerous falls from unsteady gait  Within 3 weeks of wearing the Gemsoles Helen stated that she was starting to have feeling again  2 months later 90% back to normal

20 Adrea’s Quest  31 year old female, marathon runner  At 20 major stress fracture and surgery in ankle  Unable to run w/o pain and intense swelling for over 10 years  Within 1 day of wearing the Gemsoles Adrea ran 2 miles with no ill effects  6 months later ran a half marathon  Now an Alphay Family Member

21 Alphay’s Products Changing Lives Downloadable PDF in Alphay’s Facebook Daily Newspaper

22 Chitin and Bamboo Charcoal Embedded Linens All-natural, Eco-friendly silky 900 Thread Count Linens Anti-mite, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-mold and Anti-static Far Infrared Healing and Comfort Regulates Body Temperature Supports Deep REM 5 Sleep Wrap Yourself in Negative Ions Technology Remains Intact After Repeated Washings Feel the Difference in What a Good Night’s Sleep Can Make

23 The Best of Both!!  Magnetics and Bedding Combined  Chitin and Bamboo Charcoal Embedded Cover  Magnetic Core  Improves REM Sleep  Regulates Temperature  Improves the Flow of Chi  Relieves Inflammation  Absorbs Moisture  Reports of Wrinkle Reduction

24 It’s really just all about Science… and how can you argue with THAT!!


26 3948 West 50 th St Edina, MN 55424 952-920-4528 Dr. Dave’s Email:

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