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Banswara Syntex Limited BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED Investors Update February 2010.

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1 Banswara Syntex Limited BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED Investors Update February 2010

2 This presentation outlines the business model of Banswara Syntex Limited and its future growth strategy. It is for reference of the intended recipient only and any unauthorized sharing of the same is prohibited. This document does not constitute an offer or invitation to offer for purchase / sale of any securities. The document may contain certain “forward looking statements”, which the Management believes to be true in terms of the present organizational strategy. There is no warranty, implied or otherwise that the information is accurate or otherwise complete and neither the company nor its Management shall be held responsible for any act or omission on the part of the recipient of this document. SAFE HARBOR STATEMENT BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

3 Presentation Flow About - Banswara Syntex Limited Our Plants – Installed Capacities Our Valued Customers Shareholding Pattern Dividend/Bonus History Product Wise and Domestic & Export Sales Financial Highlights – Q3FY10 Working Performance for FY 07,08,09 Status of the projects under implementation Global Textile Industry Investment Consideration Milestones Address & Contacts BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

4 Presentation Flow About Us Banswara Syntex Ltd. (BSL) was incorporated in the year 1976.While Incorporation it was a joint sector company with RIICO Ltd. (A Govt. of Rajasthan Undertaking) and Mr. R.L.Toshniwal. In 1982 Mr.Toshniwal purchased the shares from RIICO. Presently it is a Public Limited Company, the promoters holding is 59.44% of Equity Share Capital. Initially it was a spinning mill with 12500 spindles. As the journey continued the Company completed expansion, diversification and modernization plans. Over the last 3 decades, Company besides increasing the Spinning capacity to 134164 spindles started production of Fabric from 1993, Readymade Garments from 2004,Made-ups and Worsted Spinning from 2008. The Company also Entered Into JV with a French Company Carreman in 2006. It is a Government recognized Trading House and has won the Highest Export Performance award from SRTEPC for the last 8 years in a row. BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED BSL is one of the Largest Vertically integrated Textile Player

5 Mr. R L Toshniwal – Chairman & Managing Director He holds a Masters degree in Textiles from Leeds University, UK and has a vast experience of 46 years in the field of Textile Industry. Besides Banswara, he is on the board of five other companies and also holds the office of Chairman of the Synthetic & Rayon Textile Export Promotion Council (SRTEPC). Mr. Ravi Toshniwal – Jt. Managing Director He holds a B.Tech (Chem.) from IIT, Mumbai and has also undergone OPM Course of Harvard University, USA. He has 17 years of experience in Textile Industry and is responsible for the overall activities of the company. Mr. Rakesh Mehra – Whole Time Director He is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and has 21 years of experience in Textile Industry. He is responsible for the entire commercial and financial activities besides export sales of yarn. Mr. Shaleen Toshniwal – Whole Time Director He holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management from Bentley College, USA and has over 5 years of experience in the field of Textile Industry. He is responsible for the readymade garment units of the company at Daman and Surat. Well Experienced Top Management BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

6 Banswara Syntex Ltd, has twelve directors including four whole time directors, one nominee director appointed by EXIM Bank, and other seven directors which are independent professional directors on its Board. Independent Directors are- Board of Directors 1.Mr. Kamal Kishore Kacholia 2.Mr. Parduman Kumar 3.Mr. Vijay Mehta 4.Mr. Vijay Kumar Agarwal 5.Mr. A N Jariwala 6.Mr. D P Garg 7.Mr. S B Agarwal 8.Dr. R. Swaminthan – Nominee Director BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

7 Spinning Weaving & Processing Readymade Garments Installed Capacities  Ring Spindles – 1,19,188  Worsted Yarn Spindles – 14,400  Air Jet Spindles - 576 Installed Capacities  Shuttle – less Looms – 194  Jacquard Looms – 12  Fabric – Processing Capacity – 4 Million Meters / Month  Jacquard made-ups – 12,500 pcs/ month  Readymade Trousers – 2,25,000 pcs / month  Readymade Jackets – 10,000 pcs / month BANSWARA PLANT DAMAN & SURAT PLANT Our Business Portfolio BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

8 1.VSF 2.PSF 3.ASF 4.Cotton 5.Lycra 6.Linen 7.Wool SPINNING SPUN YARN Internal Sales WEAVING Filament Yarn (Rayon / Polyester) SPINNINGWEAVING & PROCESSING PROCESSING & FINISHING Fabric P. Fabric External Sales P. Fabric Fabric Internal Sales GARMENTS / MADE UPS External Sales Export Sales Domestic Sales GARMENTING Business Process P. Fabric – Performance Fabric BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED Greige

9 Our Plants * (Per Month)

10 INSTALLED CAPACITIES BSL is a vertically integrated textile player engaged in manufacturing of man-made synthetic blended yarn, wool and wool mixed yarn, all type of suiting and jacquard furnishing fabrics besides production of trousers, jackets and made-ups. We specialize in producing blends of viscose staple fibre, polyester staple fibre, acrylic staple fibre, lycra, cotton, linen and wool. We have a total production capacity of 30,000 tones of yarn per annum. It includes 28,000 tones polyester blended dyed yarns and 2000 tones wool mix yarn per annum. The Company also specializes in producing various type of fancy spun yarns The present installed capacity is as under:- Ring Spindles 1,19,188 Worsted Yarn Spindles 14,400 Air Jet Spindles 576 Spinning BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

11 INSTALLED CAPACITIES Fabric - Weaving & Processing We produce Hi-Quality Hi- Performance Textile wear finished fabric for both domestic and Exports. We have high qualified, skilled and dedicated Technical team where we produce textile fabrics from fibre stage to yarn, weaving, finishing and Garmenting. Our Specialty in textile include: » Stretch fabrics. WE ARE “LYCRA ASSURED and Accredited” » Specialty finishes for touch (Stain, Wrinkle, Moisture Management etc.) » Fire Retardant Fabric. » Fabric Design and Development innovations. » Laminated Technical Fabric Shuttles-less Looms 194 Jacquard Looms 12 Fabric Processing Capacity 4 Million Meters/Month BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

12 INSTALLED CAPACITIES Readymade Garments Banswara Garments is located in Daman and SEZ Surat. The garment units are a specialized in Trousers and Jackets production. It makes the offering of Banswara complete textile vertical. Our team will take you right from conceiving an idea for fabric to the final product ready to wear in the least possible lead-time. These factories are equipped with a full complement of machines to be able to manufacture trousers and Jackets of the finest quality. We do all our marking and grading on a CAD system from Rich Peace. The sewing line primarily consists of Juki machines. There are automatic Welting Machines from Eagle. Curtain Felling Machines from Union Special, Eyelet Buttonhole Machines from Reece and Blind Loop Machines from Mair. The pressing is entirely from Rotondi, including leggers, toppers and side seam presses.  Jacquard made-ups 12,500 Pcs/Month  Readymade Trousers 2,25,000 Pcs/Month  Readymade Jackets 10,000 Pcs/Month BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

13 INSTALLED CAPACITIES BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED Coal-based Thermal Power Plant 15/18 MW Coming up 2 nd unit of the same capacity.

14 Our Valued Customers In India BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED


16 Our Valued Customers around the globe BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

17 Share Holding Pattern As on December 31, 2009 No.Category of ShareholderTotal No. of Shares % of Total Share Capital (A) Shareholding of Promoter and Promoter Group (i) Individuals/ Hindu Undivided Family 655756550.03% (ii) Bodies Corporate 12107199.24% (A) Total 776828459.27% (B) Public shareholding (a) Institutions 56200.04% (b) Non-institutions 0 0 (i) Bodies Corporate 135830010.37% (ii) Individuals - i. Individual shareholders holding nominal share capital up to Rs. 1 lakh. 259889019.83% ii. Individual shareholders holding nominal share capital in excess of Rs. 1 lakh. 137526710.49% Sub-Total (b)533245740.69% (B) Total Public Shareholding (a) +b)533807740.73% TOTAL SHARE CAPITAL (A + B) *13106361100.00% BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED * The Company has issued 16.50 Lac warrants convertible in to equal number of Equity Shares.

18 Company issued One Bonus Share for Two Shares held by the shareholders on the record date i.e. 18.08.2006. Dividend / Bonus History Year Percentage 2004-05 12% 2005-06 20% 2006-07 20% 2007-08 12% 2008-09 18% 2009-10 Interim Dividend15% BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED`

19 (INR in Crore) Product wise Revenues for the last 5 years PARTICULARSFY 2004-2005FY 2005-2006FY 2006-2007FY 2007-2008FY 2008-2009 AMT % % % % % TOTAL SALES272.07100344.95100413.43100451.54100558.95100 YARN165.3060.75210.5561.04230.9855.87243.8654.01264.6647.35 FABRICS104.0638.25114.9833.33149.736.21168.1737.24238.3642.64 GARMENT0013.753.9922.915.5429.726.5843.657.81 OTHERS2.7115.671.649.842.389.792.1712.282.2 BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

20 *Includes incentives Domestic and Export Sales (INR in Crore) FINANCIAL YEAR EXPORT *DOMESTICTOTAL AMT % % % 2004-2005160.0058.81112.0741.19272.07100 2005-2006212.1861.51132.7738.49344.95100 2006-2007256.9462.15156.4937.85413.43100 2007-2008281.5262.35170.0237.65451.54100 2008-2009366.4465.56192.5134.44558.95100 BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

21 (Rs. In Crores) Financial Highlights – Q3FY10 Results PARTICULARS QUARTER ENDEDNINE MONTHS PERIOD ENDED YEAR ENDED 31/03/2009 AUDITED 31/12/200931/12/200831/12/200931/12/2008 GROSS SALES141.08130.61458.69406.71558.95 Less: Excise Duty/Other Operative Income5.474.3015.829.6812.81 NET SALES135.61126.31442.87397.03546.14 DOMESTIC53.0636.80159.01126.26179.7 EXPORT82.5589.51283.86270.77366.44 TOTAL135.61126.31442.87397.03546.14 EBIDTA (Before Extraordinary Item) 23.6520.1970.5451.8081.46 EBIDTA / NET SALES %17.44%15.98%15.93%13.05%14.92% PBT10.48-1.6230.53-1.3311.29 PBT / NET SALES %7.73%-1.28%6.89%-0.33%2.07% PAT7.54-1.7921.40-1.709.59 PAT / NET SALES %5.56%-1.42%4.83%-0.43%1.76% PRODUCT-WISE SALES (GROSS) YARN67.6562.81218.16205.04264.66 CLOTH57.0955.96175.96165.63238.36 GARMENT12.569.5343.8329.8743.65 OTHERS3.782.3120.746.1712.28 TOTAL141.08130.61458.69406.71558.95 BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

22 (Rs. In Crores) Working Performance - last 3 years S.NOPARTICULARSF/Y 2006-2007F/Y 2007-2008F/Y 2008-2009 1GROSS SALES413.43451.54558.95 Less: Excise Duty/Other Operative Income22.3915.1512.81 2NET SALES391.04436.39546.14 3EXPORTS (Incl. Export Benefits256.94281.52366.44 4 EARNING BEFORE INTEREST, DEPRECIATION, TAX AND EXTRAORDINARY ITEM (EBIDTA) 56.8551.281.46 EBIDTA / NET SALES %14.54%11.73%14.92% 5 EARNING BEFORE INTEREST, TAX AND EXTRAORDINARY ITEM (EBITA) 40.5929.452.07 EBITA / NET SALES %10.38%6.74%9.53% 6EXTRAORDINARY ITEM PROFIT/(LOSS)---7.53 7NET PROFIT AFTER TAX (PAT)14.944.429.59 NET PROFIT / NET SALES %3.82%1.01%1.76% 8GROSS FIXED ASSETS339.49434.33475.29 9EQUITY SHARE CAPITAL12.5113.08 10PREFERENCE SHARE CAPITAL1.73 11RESERVES & SURPLUS64.6369.4576.22 12NET WORTH (Excluding DTL)77.1482.5389.31 13DIVIDEND %20.00%12.00%18.00% 14ISSUE OF BONUS SHARES01:02 - - (Bonus: Equity Share) 15BOOK VALUE PER SHARE (Rs.)61.562.9768.14 16EARNING PER SHARE (Rs.)12.023.347.29 BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

23 Status of the Projects under implementation a)Expansion, modernization and diversification project in textiles (Total Capital Cost Rs.60 Crores – Term Loan Sanctioned Rs. 44 Crores under TUF) The company proposed investment in spinning, dyeing, weaving, fabric processing and garmenting units. The project is likely to be completed by March 2010. The company has received most of the machines in all these segments. Some of these have been installed and few are under installation. The orders for the rest have been finalized and advances already given. b)2nd unit of 15/18 MW Captive Thermal Power Plant (Total Capital Cost Rs.52 Crores) The company has already placed the orders for all major parts/equipments like Turbine, Boiler, Water Softening Plant, construction contractors etc. The capital cost of the project at Rs.52 crores is less than Rs.3 Crores per MW. The commercial production will start from January 2011. The power generation through this Thermal Power Plant is mainly for internal consumption, however, if found surplus will be available for sale. The profit from this unit will be eligible for Tax holiday benefit for 10 years. BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

24 Global textiles trade increased to US$ 583 bn in 2007 from US$ 334 bn in 1999 - CAGR of 7% Global trade expected to grow to US$ 650 bn in 2010 India bound to be key beneficiary of global textile trade due to – strong knowledge and capacity base, – competitive advantage of raw material, – unique strength in traditional handlooms & handicrafts & – A growing domestic demand India market share of 4%, while China market share of 33% demonstrates tremendous scope for growth Textile basic need of every individual - Industry bound to subsist up to perpetuity & to grow with overall growth in GDP & per capita income Global Textile Industry BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

25 Investment Consideration 1.Rising Value Addition BSL is country’s one of biggest integrated textile manufacturer. We produce all types of fabric i.e. poly viscose, poly viscose lycra, 100% cotton and its mix, All wool and wool blends, linen etc. BSL is largest producer of PV Lycra fabric in the country. Our monthly production of this category of fabric is almost 3 times the production of rest of the producers in India. BSL offers complete package solution from fibre to the garments in all product range. It also commenced the production of technical textiles. BSL is also leader in new product development of yarn and fabrics. It has latest technology machines and testing laboratory. 2.Growth BSL is increasing its weaving capacity and almost doubling its garmenting capacity over the next 3 years besides growing yarn dyeing, cotton and wool dying. Its turnover is increasing almost 20% every year. 3.Opening up of New Markets Key Customers of the company are gradually finding their operations in the developed markets unviable and shifting their business to BSL. It has added many new customers of repute and size in last couple of years. 4.Consistent profits BSL is amongst the few companies, which stained in the textile downturn due to its integrated capacity, new product development and strong relationship with its key customers. BSL has consistently generated profits and has never restructured its debts alike many other companies in the textile sector. BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

26  Commencement of commercial production of  15/18 MW captive thermal power plant.  Garment Unit at SEZ Surat.  Jackets at Garment factory at Daman  Commencement of trial production of furnishing fabrics in Jacquard Weaving Division.  The Company discontinued the labour job spinning contract with Banswara Fabrics Limited and taken over the workforce of BFL on its rolls. Major Milestones in the last 3 years BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

27  Started Worsted Spinning Division to produce wool mixed yarns.  Commencement/ utilization of enhanced processing capacity from 16 lacs meters/month to 22 lacs meters/month.  Started additional lines for production of trousers and jackets at Surat SEZ Plant and Suits at Daman Plant.  Started production of Made-ups`/Décor at Banswara.  Started Cotton yarn dyeing at Banswara.  Developed world class fabric testing laboratory as per ISO, AATCC, ASTM, LS & Co., M & S etc. testing protocol. The laboratory has successfully achieved accreditation of Levis & Co., Marks & Spencer and undergoing ISO 17025 NABL accreditation.  Developed fabric designing section and created a garment studio at Mumbai for improvement in fabric and garment designs. Major Milestones in the last 3 years (Contd….) BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

28  Company started production of technical fabric and jacquard technical fabric.  Company added one more imported Italian make Stenter with other balancing/value adding machines to increase the fabric processing capacity up to 4 million meters a month.  Board of Directors allotted 16.50 lacs warrants to other than promoters at a price of Rs.41/- per warrant. Each warrant will be converted into 1 fully paid Equity Share.  Purchased 18292 sq. ft. land and 18089 sq. ft. building constructed thereon at Daman to further expand the garment business of the Company.  Board of Directors announced Rs. 1.50 per Share as interim dividend.  Taking up 2 nd unit of power plant and project for technical textile. BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED Major Milestones in the last 3 years (Contd….)

29 Address Plant For Spinning/Weaving/Processing Capacity for production of yarn, fabric and Made-ups at :- Industrial Area, Dahod Road, Banswara -327 001 (Raj) Phone : +91-2962-257676-681 Fax : +91-2962-240692 For Readymade Garments (Trousers & Jackets) at: 98/3, Village Kadaiya, Nani Daman, Daman – 396210 (U.T.) Survey No. 713/1, 713/2, 713/3, 725/2 & 725/1, Village Dabhel, Nani Daman, Daman-394 230 (U.T.) Plot No. 5-6, G.I.D.C., Apparel Park, SEZ Sachin, Surat – 394 230 (Gujarat) BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

30 Address Offices Registered Office Industrial Area, Dahod Road, Banswara -327 001 (Raj) Phone : +91-2962-257676-681 Fax : +91-2962-240692 Head/Marketing Office 5th Floor, Gopal Bhawan, 199, Princess Street, Mumbai – 02 Phone : (022) 56336571-75 Fax : (022) 22064486 Delhi Office Flat No. 204, E-2, A.R.A. Centre, Jhandewalan Extn., Delhi-55 Phone : (011) 23676124, 23676948 BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

31 Further Detail….. For further details, please contact: Mr. J. K. Jain Sr. V. P. (F&C) & Company Secretary Banswara Syntex Limited Email: Web : Phone : +91-2962-257676-681 (Ext. 4304) Fax : +91-2962-240692 BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

32 THANK YOU ……………… for your interest BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED

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