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Tolerable  Capable of being endured  Jason is tolerable in small doses.

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1 Tolerable  Capable of being endured  Jason is tolerable in small doses

2 Shrivel  To contract and wrinkle

3 providence  a manifestation of divine care or direction.  Jake saw an example of divine providence as all of the lights were green down Washington BLVD on his way to the party.

4 Ingot  a mass of metal cast in a convenient form for shaping  I sold my ingots of precious gold to attend the state playoff game at Rice Eccles.

5 Oracle  a person who delivers authoritative, wise, or highly regarded and influential pronouncements.  I went to the oracle to seek his wisdom and counsel.

6 Infernal  Extremely troublesome; fiendish.  The infernal noise kept ringing in my head all night: bong, bong, bong.

7 speculate  to engage in thought or reflection  Trying to figure out the motives for Stephanie’s return is speculation.

8 Hogshead  a large cask, especially one containing roughly 63 gallons of water.  The football team drinks a hogshead of water every game.

9 Vial To wreak vengeance or express anger I tore out of the parking lot, leaving vials of wrath behind.

10  Timely video to shake things up Timely video to shake things up

11 Pivot  a pin, point, or short shaft on the end of which something rests and turns, or upon and about which something rotates..

12 Careen  to lean, sway, or tip to one side while in motion  The boat careened off to the south as the fierce wind made its presence known

13 Gaudy  brilliantly or excessively showy The gaudy necklaces was the demise of the nun-burglary: turns out the nuns didn’t think that one through.

14 Thicket  a thick or dense growth of shrubs, bushes, or small trees.  Brian weaved his way through thickets and boulders while hunting.

15 Limber  characterized by ease in bending the body.  Because the glass was heated it was actually limber.

16 Skiff  any of various types of boats small enough for sailing or rowing by one person.  Huck boarded the skiff and was off down the Mississippi

17 Victuals  Provisions for living  I grabbed my victuals and ran all the way to English class. (You guys do this too, right?)

18 Meddle  to involve oneself in a matter without right or invitation.  Quit meddling in Shawn’s life.

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