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Page 19 Dear Parents, In Grade five your student is aiming for a score of 222 on the OAKS Reading Assessment in six strand areas. 1 st Strand Vocabulary.

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1 Page 19 Dear Parents, In Grade five your student is aiming for a score of 222 on the OAKS Reading Assessment in six strand areas. 1 st Strand Vocabulary Understanding how to determine the meaning of a word. 3 rd Strand Read to Perform a Task: Looking at Graphs, Charts and Indexes of many kinds to locate information. 4 th Strand Develop an Interpretation Thinking about story meaning beyond what the text may say. 2 nd Strand Develop a General Understanding Finding answers by looking in the text. 6 th Grade Reading 5 th Strand Contents & Structure of Information Text Analyzing Informational text for many purposes. 6 th Strand Contents & Structure of Literary Text Analyzing Literary text for many purposes. A GREAT SITE FOR ONLINE READING GAMES! Grade Six books to read at home that enhance – Content and Structure of Literary Text Escape From Fire Mountain focuses on how the plot and story setting effect the characters. Silent Thunder a historical fiction novel is an era of different types of figurative language. Number the Stars is an amazing historical novel leading to conversations about the authors point of view and the plot. Where the Sidewalk Ends and other books of poetry develop an understanding of the many conventions of poetry. I Am The Ice Worm is how a girl’s point of view differs from the situation she is thrown into.

2 Page 1 Page 18 Free Imagery and Word Choice It must have heard me where I stopped, snorted white steam my way, and stretched its long neck out to see, 1 and chewed, and grinned quite amiably. The effect of the line “Snorted white steam my way” is to… the speaker’s fear to the shovel’s size. B.establish the historic validity of dinosaurs. C.continue the comparison between the shovel and a dinosaur. D.emphasize the insignificance of humans when confronted. Grade Six Books to read at home that Enhance Content and Structure of Literary Text Author’s Point of View A pair of men’s moccasins waited in a glass box on a pedestal. Grampa Halfmoon told Ray, “These put me in the mind of bein’ back home.” Which best describes the mood the author is attempting to create by having Grampa Half moon tell his family stories? A.Sadness, because it shows Grampa is stuck in the past. B.Wistfulness, because Grampa was longing for the past. C.Awe, because it shows Grampa has a great memory. D.Curiosity, because it makes Ray want to know more. Tone (meaning) in Poetry One rolls on her back with joy in the clean grass! And they all, awkwardly and hesitantly, like Clumsy old men, begin to run, and the field Is full of happy thunder. Phrases like “clumsy old men” and “happy thunder” that the author uses in the last two stanzas of the poem are intended to create a tone of… A.distrust. B.resentment. C.delight. D.kindness. To the Parents: This booklet can help you and your child work together at home to improve reading comprehension using a format that will enable your child to perform well on the OAKS reading test. This booklet has three goals: 1.For the parent 1.For the parent: To explains what the “strands” (goals) are for each area of reading comprehension your child will be tested on. 2.For parent and child 2.For parent and child: To provide state test samples you can practice at home that are similar to the ones on the test. 3.For parent and child 3.For parent and child: To inform you of books you can read together and discuss at home that encourage the use of the reading strategies [strands] your child will be tested on. The test samples and strand data for this booklet can be found on the Oregon State Departments of Education web site. The use of this booklet was designed for the Hillsboro School District based on HSD Power Standards along with the ODE strand categories. This booklet is paid for and furnished to teachers for instruction by the HSD. The concept of this booklet was created by Rick & Susan Richmond © Rick & Susan Richmond 2010 Revision: Original 03-2010 No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without written permission from Rick & Susan Richmond and the Oregon State Department of Education and the Hillsboro School District. To the Teacher: This book is designed as a tool that should be delivered to the parents but with a brief overview and explanation (modeling) on how to use this book throughout the school year.

3 Page 17 Page 2 I can figure out a new word by…..  interpreting the meaning of figurative language found in METAPHORS (comparing two things without using the words “like or as”; it rained cats and dogs, and SIMILES ( comparing two things using “like or as” ; fast as a fox ) and how a word is being used when it has MULTIPLE MEANINGS (is it a noun, verb or adjective?) CONTEXT CLUES! I can figure out a new word by….  looking at Word, Sentence, Paragraph Clues Parent Note: Parent Note: Most questions on the OAKS test for Vocabulary in grade six asks students to express what a phrase or word means (such as idioms, synonyms or what the character is trying to really say). STRAND 1 Parent Note: Parent Note: Most questions on the OAKS test for Examine Content and Structure of Literary Text in grade six asks students to tell the meaning of a phrase in poetry and/or show an understanding of author’s purpose in using any of the above elements. STRAND 6 I can analyze and evaluate literary text to….  explain the effects of literary elements and devices on the reader, including; 1.point of view. 2.plot. 3.setting. 4.exaggeration. 5.metaphors. 6.similes. 7.personification.  recognize the use and effects of the conventions used in poetry, including; 1.word choice. 2.figurative language. 3.sentence structure. 4.line length. 5.punctuation. 6.rhythm (meter). 7.repetition. 8.rhyme.

4 Page 16Page 3 Synonyms/Antonyms/Idioms A family friend helped her set up a web site featuring pictures and brief descriptions of homeless animals from area shelters. “Pets Pal” was launched in July of 1998. Since then, twenty one different municipal, private, and humane society shelters have signed up for Lindsey’s free service The article says that Pets Pal was launched in July of 1998. In this sentence, launched means A.scheduled. B.started. C.released. D.stopped. Figurative Language In the phrase, “he was about to cradle it in his big brown loving mitts,” it vanished. By the time he recovered from the shock, a little kid was weaving up field through the varsity football players. The author uses figurative language to… how easy it is to catch a football pass. B.describe the ball floating gently toward the player. C.explain why Jeffrey was able to steal the football so easily. D.make it seem like Jeffrey is a baby compared to the other players. Looking at Context Clues They have been too long in the blind mine, Their hooves have trodden only stones And the soft, thick dust of fine coal, In this poem, the word trodden means… A.walked on. B.pulled up. C.looked upon. D.tripped over. Parents Vocabulary Parents, these are the kind of questions your child is asked in Vocabulary on the grade 6 reading test. Grade Six Books to read at home that Enhance Content and Structure of Informational Text A Complete Book of Science is a great text to emphasize the difference between fact and opinion. George and George is a book that compares both sides of the story of the Revolutionary War a good way to draw conclusions about the author’s purpose! A Restless Spirit is a true life account of the the famous author Robert Frost and many facts about his life. The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, a true story about a man who tightrope walked between the Twin Towers in 1974. A good book to discuss actions and beliefs. Sacajawea story of adventure is seen from the author’s point of view, a beautiful story!

5 Page 4 Page 15 Grade Six Books to read at home that - Enhance Vocabulary Its not just knowing what a word means, but knowing HOW TO FIGURE OUT THE MEANING of a word when reading! Anne of Green Gables and other novels rich with metaphors and figurative language. The Phantom Tollbooth and books with humorous figurative language have many similes and metaphors. Silverwing and books that use a different vocabulary to describe scientific terms increase vocabulary. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech is full of beautiful metaphors. Come Sing Jimmy Joe an Appalachia Mountain boy and books about other cultures introduce readers to using context to understand their figurative language. In the tradition of tall tales and folk lore, Shadow Spinneris a great book and fun full of figurative language. Also Tall Tales use lots of idioms! Beyond the Divide uses vocabulary and figurative language specific to a different era. Parents, Content and Structure of Informational Text Parents, these are the kind of questions your child is asked in Content and Structure of Informational Text on the grade 6 reading test. Author’s Purpose In the introduction, the author describes the color of the lake known by generations of families for its crystalline waters and hard blue hue but is now “a dull pea green, as if pool table felt were stretched all the way across.” He does this to emphasize... A.what a gamble it is not to do something about the lake quickly. B.the smoothness of the lake without people swimming in it. C.the games being played by the people deciding the lake’s fate. dramatically the lake’s color has changed. Recognizing Fact and Opinion Which of the following from the selection is an opinion? A.“Getting lake water on the skin means getting a burning or itching rash…” B.“Alas, Diamond Lake has lost more than its historic sparkle. It is very, very sick.” C.“Officials think…anglers used the tui chub minnow illegally…at Diamond Lake.” D.The lake has “300 million tui chub with no end of their multiplication in sight.” SUPPORTING REASONS FOR ACTIONS OR BELIEFS The U.S. Forest Service closed Diamond Lake to physical contact July 1 for the third consecutive summer. Fishing, however, is still allowed. Stocked trout skulk amid the tui chub. But getting lake water on the skin means getting a burning or itching rash that could last for several days. The author would most likely approve of which of the following actions? A.People stocking lakes with many fish on the same food chain. B.People staying away from Diamond Lake. C.People introducing non-native species to an area. D.People following fishing rules more carefully.

6 Page 14Page 5 STRAND 2 When I read Informational Text, I can…  distinguish between the main idea and supporting details.  summarize a sequence of events OR identify the main events. When I read Literary (fiction) Text, I can …  tell about significant or important events and ideas that are found explicitly (“right in the text”) in the passage.  distinguish the order of events or a special event from a sequence.  determine the point of view being used and the identity of the speaker/narrator. Parent Note: Parent Note: Most questions on the OAKS test for Demonstrating a General Understanding, ask students to answer questions that can be directly found in the text. STRAND 5 I can Examine and Evaluate the Content and Structure of Informational Text, by…  drawing conclusions about the author’s purpose and the placement of details.  differentiate between fact and opinion as well as supported inferences.  draw conclusions about reasons for actions or beliefs. Parent Note: Parent Note: Most questions on the OAKS test for Content and Structure of Informational Text, require a higher level of thinking. Questions center around the differences between fact and opinion and author’s purpose.

7 Page 6 Page 13 Parents, Parents, these are the kind of questions your child is asked in Demonstrating a General Understanding on the grade 6 reading test. Understanding Informational Text Algae occur in most lakes and are kept in check by zooplankton that Feed on them. But at Diamond Lake, the zooplankton never quite get to eat their algal meals. Instead, they get eaten first by an alien predator fish that no one wants: tui chub. Why is Diamond Lake being overrun by algae? A.There are a lot of anatoxins for the algae to eat. B.Tui chub are eating the zooplankton. C.There are many boaters polluting the lake. D.The lake has a lot of rotenone in it. Author’s Point of View Grampa and Ray left the shop with matching grins. They rode the rattling elevated train to Wrigley Field and watched the Cubs take on the St. Louis Cardinals. This story is told from the perspective of… A.Ray, the main character. B.Grampa Halfmoon. C.a first person narrator. D.a third person narrator. Grade Six Books to read at home that Enhance Developing an Interpretation Lucas Whitaker is a historical fiction account of the mid 19 th century when tuberculosis was spreading. An amazing book for analyzing the influence of the setting and resolving conflicts. Baby is a sad but beautiful piece of literature that keeps the reader predicting outcomes right up until the end. Books such as Around the World in 80 Days have strong characters that give meaning to determining the plot! Colors of Freedom presents true accounts of immigrant teens at the turn the century. Readers will draw conclusions about based on these accounts. Bodies from the Bog is illustrated with archeological finds and historical accounts. A fascinating way to look for details. The Lowell Mill Girls is a true account of what it was like to work in a mill during the 19 th century when money was scarce. Full of details. Literary TextInformational Text Informational Text Main Idea and Details Found throughout the southern half of the country, king snakes were given their regal name because they consume other snakes, even venomous ones known for their “cast- iron” stomachs, kings not only constrict and consume rattlers and other snakes but also lizards, birds, and rodents. Why were king snakes given their name? A.They have markings on their heads that look like crowns. B.They eat other snakes, even poisonous ones. C.They are bigger than all other snakes. D.There are more of them than any other kind of snake.

8 Page 7 Page 12 Grade Six Books to read at home that Enhance Demonstrating General Understanding A true story about the Great Nellie Bly and her adventures traveling the world signify special events in sequence. Chapter books such as the My Side of the Mountain series have key events explicitly explained. Literary Text Informational Text A Wrinkle in Time is an outstanding adventure which could be used to teach and discuss the point of view of the speaker. The Staircase is a true story about a mysterious staircase in Santa Fe. The details will amaze you! It Began Here is a true story about the American Revolution beginning using sequential timelines. Parents, Parents, these are the kind of questions your child is asked in Developing an Interpretation Predicting Outcomes in Informational Text... WHAT YOU CAN DO Opt for the lower-caffeine or caffeine- free foods and drinks we’ve listed, or look for decaffeinated products. Decaffeinated means that at least 97 percent of a product’s naturally occurring caffeine has been removed If readers follow the author’s advice, what would be the most likely result? A.People will reduce the amount of caffeine they consume. B.Adults will keep their caffeine intake below 100 mg. C.People will “supersize” their sodas. D.People will choose diet soda instead of regular soda. Determining Character Traits in Literary Text The autographed baseball splashed into the button basket, toppling the pedestal. Buttons whizzed everywhere! Ray thought, this is my last chance. “I’ll give twenty-eight dollars and sixty-seven cents for the moccasins,” he told Junior Murphy, “and I’ll pick up every last button, too.” Ray offered to “pick up every last button.” When he makes this offer, his character would best be described as… A.helpful. B.sympathetic. C.determined. D.embarrassed. Drawing Inferences based on Textual Evidence in Informational Text It would cost several million dollars to clear Diamond Lake with rotenone, and treatment could begin as early as summer 2005. Chambers said preparation will begin in fall 2004 and involve several steps The statement that best summarizes the main idea of this selection is… A.people caused this problem by illegally using tui chub as bait. will cost several million dollars to solve the problem. C.the water is unsafe to swim in, drink, or boat in. D.determining how to clean the lake is a difficult decision. An amazing WOW book about Helen Keller written in the first person voice of Annie Sullivan historically accurate but with a fictional twist.

9 Page 11 Page 8 STRAND 3 When I read to locate information I can…  look at Titles and Chapter Headings.  look in the Table of Contents.  look at illustrations.  look at captions.  look in glossaries.  look in indexes.  interpret information in diagrams.  interpret information in charts and tables.  interpret information in graphs. I can locate information using the structural features of…  online resources.  magazines.  Newspapers. Parent Note: Parent Note: Most questions on the OAKS test for Grade 6 Read to Perform a Task, ask students to find information using charts, a thesaurus page and more complex tables, including those found on the web. STRAND 4 I can interpret informational text by…..  predicting outcomes.  draw valid inferences and conclusions..  infer the main idea of a text. I can interpret literary text by….. I can interpret literary text by…..  predicting outcomes.  determining character traits.  Analyzing the influence of the setting on the conflict/resolution.  identifying and examining themes.  drawing valid inferences and conclusions. Parent Note: Parent Note: Most questions on the OAKS test for Developing an Interpretation, in Grade Six asks students to “read between the lines,” or make a guess based on evidence and clues in the story but with more specific thought about character traits and conflict/resolution focus.

10 Page 10 Page 9 Grade Six Books to read at home that Enhance Read to Perform a Task Time Magazine presents the World Atlas for students using tables, maps and much more! World History Encyclopedia is a MUST for young students and has amazing graphs, charts, you name it! Actual Size is an awesome informational book with tons of captions and illustrations. Using a Thesaurus is a life long skill in understanding language. Phineas Gage uses historical photographs and charts to teach about the brain in an interesting way. The Guinness World Records and other record books have many tables and diagrams. You want to create a special chocolate bar to send to someone. Which Website would you go to? On-Line Resources All of the following sodas contain caffeine EXCEPT… A.Sunkist Orange Soda B.Barq’s Famous Olde Tyme Root Beer C.Minute Maid Orange* D.Pepsi Blue Berry Cola Fusion Using a Chart Parents, Parents, Your child will be asked to answer these kind of questions in Read to Perform a Task In sixth grade students should also be able to use on-line resources, and many charts/tables.

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