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o The Right Company People are looking for ways to earn additional income and use Healthier products. o The Right Time Ground Floor, officially launched.

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2 o The Right Company People are looking for ways to earn additional income and use Healthier products. o The Right Time Ground Floor, officially launched February 2011 o The Right Product Ground-Breaking, Instant Gratification & Consumable Products. High Demand, Trend Driven. Proprietary Blended. o The Right Compensation We teach People how to re-direct the money they are already spending on products and earn an income. The Company of Choice

3 o Headquartered in Las Colinas, TX - The “Business District” of Dallas, TX o DynaMAXX CEO & Co-Founder: Bill Ladwig & Jay Archer o 11 Months of Pre-Development: o DynaMAXX Corporate Staff has over 80 years of Industry Experience o 100% Debt Free (Profitable Since Day 1) o Timing: Ground Floor Positioning DynaMAXX Company Facts: DynaMAXX Co-Founders – Jay Archer & Bill Ladwig

4 Industry Facts: Direct Sales Business Model is now being taught in every major university. Wall Street Journal and USA Today recently quoted Direct Sales Industry as the “Ultimate Social Business Model.” Regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and Attorney General. You receive a 1099 from DynaMAXX for Federal tax purposes Nestle, Gillette, Remington, Pepsi Cola, Sara Lee, and Citi Group (just to name a few) are all part of the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry. Paul Zane Pilzer – World Renown Economist – An Advisor to two past US President says the next 10 million millionaires will develop from this industry. (Author of multiple books “The Next Millionaire”, “The Next Trillion”. Robert Kiyosaki – multimillionaire Real-estate Tycoon – Arthur of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Cash Flow Quadrant” recently co-authored a book with Donald Trump “Why we want you to be Rich” and an entire chapter is about how to create wealth through this industry. Warren Buffet one of the Wealthiest entrepreneur's of our time own multiple Network Marketing Companies. Know anyone in corporate America? Direct Sales and Network Marketing IS the Business of the 21 st Century (says Fortune Magazine) and NEVER BEFORE HAS IT ATTRACTED MORE SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS !

5 “The future belongs to people who see possibilities before they become obvious.” Ted Levitt Harvard Business School TIMING The “S Curve” of Business DynaMAXX

6 What is the DynaMAXX Difference? OUR PRODUCTS Instant Gratification Products DynaMAXX is tapping into the trend of the “Instant Gratification Nation”…the “NOW” Nation. DynaMAXX redirects the money you are already spending on products you are already buying at the FRACTION of a cost. Build your own wealth by buying products from your own store! DynaMAXX Products MUST be: Instant Gratification *works in minutes last for hours* Consumable (for true Residual Income aka “Mailbox Money”) High Demand & Trend-Driven Products Proprietary Blended - Specially blended together to synergistically work together.

7 o 58% of Americans have trouble sleeping o 20 Billion Dollar Industry o Optimizes Restorative Sleep o Fall Asleep Faster, Stay Asleep Longer o Wake-up feeling Refreshed and Rejuvenated o Relaxation Aide- No Sleep hangover, Non-habit Forming, Non-Addictive o Reduces Stress & Decompresses Your Mind - Tells your mind to slow down / unwind o All Natural Proprietary Blend of 15 Natural Key Ingredients: *L- Arginine * Pomegranate * Wuling Mushroom *Chamomile * GABA * Lavender * Milk Thistle Lights OFF ∙ The “Sleep Shot” ∙ The “Relax Drink” ∙ The “Dream Drink” ∙ The “Reverse Energy Drink “ TM

8 o 7 Billion Dollar Industry and rapidly growing. o Mental Clarity, Mental Performance and Focus – Works in Minutes, Last for Hours o Delivers HEALTHY Energy – Stellar, Feel Good Energy – No Rush…No Crash! o 100% of your daily Vitamin C & 100% of your daily Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 o ALL Natural Proprietary Blend of 14 Natural Key Ingredients: *Glucosamine * Resveratrol * Maurine * Vinpositine * Acai Berry * Goji Berry * Periwinkle – Stevia-Based - Only 28 Calories Per Serving Lights ON “Think” Drink ∙ “Focus” Drink ∙“Feel Good” Drink TM

9 o Revolutionary 40 Day Weight Loss System - Drastic Results in 40 Days* o Take it OFF and KEEP it OFF! DMX has “cracked” the code to Yo-Yo Dieting* o Studies show Sleep is a HUGE factor in Weight Gain and Obesity. o Five Vital Products Lights OFF – Restores Sleep Lights ON – Delivers Mental Focus and Clarity Aloe Herbal Cleanse - Detoxifies Your Gut Appetite Suppressant – Non Stimulant - Reverses Food Addictions & Cravings Meal Replacement Shake - Addresses Nutritional Deficiency Exclusive On-Line Access to 40 Days of Professional Life Coaching DMX Life Coaches’ Challenge Do YOU want to take the 40 Day Challenge? TM

10 Dr. Carrie Carda, M.D. DynaMAXX Medical Director o Expert in Regenerative Medicine and Nutrition o Proprietor of a successful weight loss clinic o Bachelors of Science and a Doctorate of Medicine Rhonda Roth Personal Trainer and Nutritionist o Certified Nutritional Counselor AFAA o Certified Personal Trainer AFAA o Bachelors of Science and Sociology o Figure Competition Champion Bryan Dodge Personal Development Expert o One of America’s most sought-after speakers o Over 250 appearances annually including Fortune 500 companies o Associated with the Ziglar Corporation and Ziglar Success 2.0 DynaMAXX DMX Life Coaches

11 o 90 Second Instant Wrinkle Reducer o Visibly reduces the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles o Diminishes bags and puffiness under the eyes. o Hypoallergenic, gentle on the skin, and safe for daily use DynaMAXX Line Defy

12 o Mercedes Benz Bonus Car Program o One time Cash Bonuses of $50k, $100k & $250k o 3% Global Profit Sharing at the VP Level o 100% Willable o Paid Weekly o 5 Ways to EARN! DynaMAXX Compensation Highlights DynaMAXX teaches people how to turn sleep, energy and weight loss into income!

13 How to Earn Income in DynaMAXX? 5 Ways to Earn Income MAXX Customer Profits – Up to 50% profit. First Order Bonus (FOB) - $20, $50 or $100 when someone joins DynaMAXX and purchases a product package. Based on Rank this can increase up to $150! Dual Team Commissions (DTC) - 2 Sales Teams and you earn 10% commission on your pay team. MAXX Matching Bonus - 7 levels of additional bonuses based on your personal sponsorship MAXX Leadership Bonus - Up to $2000 month Mercedes Benz Car Bonus, $3000k month Travel Allowance, $1000k month Health Insurance, VP Luxury Trips, 3% Pool and a One Time Cash Bonuses of $50,000 to $250,000.

14 “I'd rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort. “ J. Paul Getty 10% Commissions on your equal volume from your two teams or 10% from your “pay team” each week! FIRST ORDER BONUSES (FOB’S) Depending on package your new associates purchases you as the sponsor you will receive a BONUS on top of your commissions. $100 Bonus with Launch and Executive Packs / $50 with Business Packs / $20 Bonus with Personal Packs!

15 Your level 1: 20 Assoc. - 2 earn $1000$2000 x 25%$500 Your level 2: 40 Assoc. – 4 earn $1000$4000 x 20%$800 Your level 3: 80 Assoc. – 8 earn $1000$8000 x 15%$1200 Your level 4: 160 Assoc. – 16 earn $1000$16,000 x 10%$1600 Your level 5: 320 Assoc. – 32 earn $1000$32,000 x 5%$1600 Your level 6: 640 Assoc. – 64 earn $1000$64,000 x 5%$3200 Your level 7: 1280 Assoc. – 128 earn $1000$128,000 x 20%$25,600 TOTAL 7 LEVEL MATCH = $34,500 The examples given in this presentation may be atypical and are used for the visual affect of showing how duplication occurs with sponsorship and matching bonuses. Sample 7 Level Matching Bonus Based on YOU signing 20 people and teaching those to find just 2 with10% of Associates Earning only $1,000. a month in DTC

16 District Director$500 minimum monthly income Regional Director $1750 minimum monthly income National Director $5000 minimum monthly income $800 Mercedes Benz Bonus / $500 Bus. Development District Vice President $10,000 minimum Monthly income $800 Benz Bonus / $1000 Bus. Development 3% DVP Pool of DynaMAXX Overrides for Product Packages DVP Luxury Trip Regional Vice President $25,000 minimum Monthly income $1000 Benz Bonus / $1000 Bus. Development / $500 Health Ins. Bonus 3% RVP Pool of DynaMAXX Overrides for Product Packages One Time Cash Bonus $50K / RVP Luxury Trip National Vice President $50,000 minimum Monthly income $1500 Benz Bonus / $2000 Bus. Development / $500 Health Ins. Bonus 3% NVP Pool of DynaMAXX Overrides for Product Packages One Time Cash Bonus $100K / NVP Luxury Trip International Vice President $100,000 minimum monthly income $2000 Benz Bonus / $3000 Bus. Development / $1000 Health Ins. Bonus 3% IVP Pool of DynaMAXX Overrides for Product Packages One Time Cash Bonus $250K / IVP Luxury Trip *DynaMAXX helps you earn an income by simply helping others redirect their spending dollars. Leadership Bonuses

17 Enroll your DynaMAXX Business for $59 AND Select a Product Package that best fits your Goals. *This gives you your Personal DynaMAXX Website for 1 year* *Partnership/Exclusive Rights to Market DynaMAXX Recommended Product Packages are: *Product purchase is not necessary to enroll with DynaMAXX. How to Get Started in DynaMAXX Activation Packs COSTVALUECustomer Volume LAUNCH PACK $1500$3025600 EXECUTIVE PACK $875$1276-$1375400 BUSINESS PACK $400 - $465$550 - $644200 PERSONAL PACK $205$280100

18 A consumable product. Instant Gratification Products that deliver High Impact Results Instantly. High Emotional Attachment Strong brand loyalty Low brand awareness – Virtually unknown MASSIVE market or brand potential – destined to be huge Optimal business timing – Ground Floor positioning Pre-Momentum Growth Highly Attractive to 1st time Direct Marketers *Product purchase is not necessary to enroll with DynaMAXX. Why DynaMAXX?

19 How do you build The American Dream? “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting. What is going to change?” DynaMAXX = Health, Financial and Time Freedom 3 Simple Steps to MAXXimum Success *Inquire about how to make $1360 in Profit in ONLY 30 Days or LESS and Fast Track to Rank! You New Associate Left Team New Associate Right Team 1.ENROLL & ACTIVATE $59 plus a product package, Set up Auto ship 2.QUALIFY for Dual Team Commissions by sponsoring two and showing them how to Activate with Product Package! 3.DUPLICATE & FAST TRACK TO RANK and continue sponsoring for Fast Track and Matching Bonuses by teaching your team to do the SAME !

20 Now that you have heard the Vision of DynaMAXX, We will be giving you FREE Samples of DynaMAXX today. After hearing the Vision of DynaMAXX, please let us know where you see yourself? 1.I would like to partner with DynaMAXX and team up with me to reach HEALTH, FINANCIAL AND TIME Freedom personal GOALS! 2. I have no interest in partnering with DynaMAXX at this time, but I would like to use the Product at Wholesale and have better Health. 3.The timing is not right to be a partner or a consumer but I may know of someone who can benefit from these products. Disclaimer: ALL REFERENCES TO INCOME, IMPLIED OR STATED, THROUGHOUT THE DYNAMAXX COMPENSATION PLAN ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. DYNAMAXX INTERNATIONAL, LTD DOES NOT GUARANTEE ANY LEVEL OF INCOME OR EARNINGS TO ANY ASSOCIATE. EARNINGS FROM THE DYNAMAXX COMPENSATION PLAN SOLELY DEPEND ON SALES AND EACH ASSOCIATE’S SKILL, ABILITY AND PERSONAL APPLICATION. DynaMAXX… The Obvious Choice You CAN change your destiny & DynaMAXX is how you do it:

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