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Marauders Map Brad Green University of Nebraska at Kearney.

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3 Marauders Map Brad Green University of Nebraska at Kearney

4 Who I am… Admissions Counselor – 2 Travel Seasons Assistant Director for Recruitment – 2 Months House – Gryffindor Special Ability - Occlumency

5 What I will cover… Learning about your school Scheduling Packing Transportation Lodging Eating Miscellaneous

6 Learning about your school Meet with Different Departments –Academic Affairs –Student Affairs –Development/Alumni –Athletics –Library –Facilities Management Collect Academic/Department Info –Majors/Programs Offered –Activities and Organizations –Notable students, past and present Read and Research –School literature –Catalog, mission statement –History of your school –History of your community –Chronicle of Higher Education Tour your campus and community

7 What To Schedule College Fairs EPP’s (Educational Planning Program) High School Visits

8 College Fairs Organized by EducationQuest – These give your college the opportunity to reach thousands of students and parents across the state (could be 500+ people) The six college fairs are scheduled for: – Norfolk, Grand Island, Scottsbluff, South Sioux City, Lincoln and Omaha What to expect: – Mostly on Sunday’s – A ton of other colleges – A lot of students and parents – Quick talk - 2 minute speech…

9 EPP’s Educational Planning Programs Organized by NACRAO – Nebraska Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers Usually a high school will host the event and invite surrounding high schools – You can find the schedule at What to expect – During the week, morning, afternoon or evening – Browsing session or classroom sessions – Smaller than a College Fair (50+ students and parents)

10 High School Visits You have an individual appointment set up at the high school (usually through the guidance counselor OR secretary) – The secretaries run the school. Make them your best friend! Be flexible: 15 minutes – 30 minutes – one hour – Have different presentations for each Know your territory – 5-6 Schools per day in the Northeast – 3-4 Schools per day in the West Who do you talk with? – 0…1….2….10………25 Students – Seniors and Juniors – All interest levels

11 Get ready to make the call…… Call the high school counselor - smile while you’re talking Tell them your name, what college you represent and the reason for calling Ask if the particular date/time you have in mind will work Don’t get discouraged…. If that date/time doesn’t work, be flexible, it will all work out in the end Before you hang up, confirm the date and time of your visit *If you have to leave a message, leave your phone number first, then the date and time you’re thinking!! ! Pass along appropriate info to the necessary people in your office! High School Visits

12 – Once you’re on the road Look for football field lights, school crossing signs, playground equipment School Entrance = Flag Pole Before entering the school review the counselors name as well as your prospective students Carry in a bag of necessary materials Be sure to check in at the office Don’t become discouraged if you don’t see any students If you’re running late, call and let them know High School Visits

13 Recruitment Items – Brochures – Pens/Freebies – Table drape – Business cards – Rubber bands, paperclips, notepads – Map, directions to schools – Schedule of visits with phone numbers/names of counselors – Cell phone Packing

14 Personal Items – Dress clothes (Brown/Black) – Other clothes (Casual/Comfy) – All kinds of weather – Personal Items (separate travel bag) – Extra Cash for small towns – Gum, mints, toothpick – Camera – Downy Wrinkle Release – Tide Pen – Car Charger

15 Transportation Keep up on your car maintenance – Oil / Gas Have an extra key Wintertime – Have some gloves & boots just in case When you can’t go any further….. – Sunglasses and newspaper – Blanket

16 Eating Call your friends! Northeast – Jerry’s Hilltop - Randolph – Tia Zia/Corkscrew – O’Neill – Franklin’s Bistro – Norfolk Central Western Southeast Metro

17 Eating

18 Call your friends! Northeast – Jerry’s Hilltop - Randolph – Tia Zia – O’Neill – Franklin’s Bistro – Norfolk Central – Bibs & Boots - Bartlett – Sandstone Grill – Burwell – Espressions – Aurora Western – Open Range – Ogallala – Windy Gap/Ole’s – Paxton – BackARacks – Scottsbluff Southeast – Playa Azul – Beatrice – Mary’s Café – Herbon – Schilling Bridge – Pawnee City Metro – You have EVERYTHING! Eating

19 Hotels See what hotels are in the area (Google) Make your reservations early & keep your confirmation number BE CAREFUL… Phone vs Internet Reservations Ask about discounts: Tax Exempt Don’t forget about a Bed and Breakfast

20 Sign up for REWARDS When at the hotel, get to know the staff AND get to know other guests… well some of them! Always be cautious when entering or leaving the hotel and your room Managers Receptions Hotels

21 ASK - Google, hotel staff, students Don’t be afraid to eat by yourself – Ask to be seated where you would like – Take something to read – Look important on your phone – Work on note cards Who knows you could strike up a conversation with someone about your college or where you’re from But if you just want to eat alone… – Take your food to a park – Do Curbside Pickup or delivery Hotels

22 Miscellaneous & Downtime Work Keep in touch Family / Friends Co-workers Colleagues Go Shopping Watch a movie Movie Theatre Rent one Explore Museums Historic Landmarks

23 And Finally…. Still a little unsure?! That’s ok! Be passionate and enthusiastic! Don’t be afraid to ask questions – Your co-workers – Your colleagues (yes, that’s us) GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!

24 Any Questions? Brad Green Assistant Director for Recruitment University of Nebraska at Kearney Work: 308-865-8986 Cell: 308-379-2479

25 Tomorrow = Sisler Room We will be meeting in the Memorial Student Affairs Building on Campus Limited Parking = Carpooling??

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