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2 Anatomical Structures
APEX – at or near the end of the root APICAL FORAMEN – opening in bone h through which nerves and blood vessels enter

3 Anatomical Structures
FURCATION – dividing point of a multi-rooted tooth Furca means “fork” BIFURCATED – branched in two ‘bi’ – means two (two roots) TRIFURCATED – branched in three ‘tri’ – means three (three roots)

4 Anatomical Structures
GROOVE – a linear channel or line Buccal groove – groove on buccal surface Developmental groove – groove formed during development of the crown Supplemental groove – shallow grooves radiating from developmental grooves; gives tooth a sort of wrinkle

5 Anatomical Structures
LOBES – separate divisions that come together to form a tooth CUSP –rounded or pointed mound on crown of a tooth Cusp of Carabelli – 5th cusp found only on mesial lingual surface of max. 1st molars

6 Anatomical Structures
Cingulum – convex area on the lingual surface of the anterior teeth, near the gingiva Formed from a lobe Mamelons – 3 bulges on incisal edge of newly erupted centrals and sometimes laterals; (wear away in time) Formed from 3 lobes

7 Anatomical structures
Fissure – a deep groove or cleft; usually the result of an imperfect developmental groove Pit – small depression on surface of tooth; where fissures cross

8 Anatomical structures
Pits and fissures The areas on the tooth where decay usually begins Molars, especially 1st mol., should have sealants placed

9 Anatomical structures
Fossa – a shallow rounded or angular depression on a surface usually the concave areas of a tooth on the lingual or sometimes occlusal

10 Anatomical structures
Ridge – a linear elevation of enamel Ridge receives its name from location Marginal ridge – elevations on mesial & distal Oblique ridge – slanting ridge across occlusal Triangular ridge – ridge or elevation that widens to middle of occlusal surface Transverse ridge – union of two triangular ridges across occlusal surface

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