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Injury Prevention Nancy Weir MS, ATC, LAT. Blisters.

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1 Injury Prevention Nancy Weir MS, ATC, LAT

2 Blisters

3 Cause Improper fitting footwear Wrinkle in sock Sweating feet Friction

4 Care Skin lube, or Glide No cotton in your socks Proper fitting shoes Adhesive bandages Doughnuts pads. Prevent infection Betadine soaks



7 Prevention The most important thing you can do to prevent walking injuries it to buy good shoes. Foot orthotics if you have faulty mechanics Smart progression (you have until May) Stretching

8 Plantar Fasciitis

9 Cause Lack of flexibility of the arch Calf tightness Shoes with out arch support, or worn shoes Certain surfaces

10 Signs Heel pain Pain when you first get up in the morning Pain after you sit for a while Pain with Forced dorsiflextion

11 Care Good Shoes Arch supports when needed Heel cord stretching Night splints Massage (Tennis ball) Ice Massage NSAIDS






17 Achilles Tendinitis

18 Cause Repetitive Stress Bad shoes To much to soon Tight Calf muscles

19 Signs Pain Morning stiffness Swelling Pain with forced dorsiflexion

20 Care Stretching of Heel Cord Heel lift NSAIDS Ice


22 Shin Splints

23 Cause Bad shoes Faulty foot mechanics Tight Calf's Muscle weakness Training errors

24 Care Activity Modification Correct abnormal foot mechanics (orthotics) New shoes Stretching of heel cord Duck walks Strengthen Muscles Ice NSAIDS Rule out stress Fracture

25 Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome

26 Cause Malalignment of foot and lower leg Bad shoes Hill workouts Tight Muscles ( IT band and Gluteus)

27 Signs Pain on lateral side of knee Swelling Popping on lateral side of knee Pain along lateral side of Thigh.

28 Care Stretching of IT Band and Gluteus RICE Correct Foot and leg alignment (orthotics) New Shoes NSAIDS Friction massage Injection Foam roller





33 General Muscle Soreness

34 Stretching is important

35 NSAIDS Ibuprofen 800mg 3 times a day Naproxen 440 mg 2 times a day Acetaminophen Use as directed. Will not help with inflammation but will help with pain – Make sure you have food in your stomach – Make sure you read the Label – Discontinue if you have any burning

36 RICE Rest Ice 20 to 30 Minutes Compression Elevation – above the heart

37 Foam Rollers




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