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1 (Internal Use)

2 Features of 7Days 1. The World’s first Registration of Neural Stem Cell as cosmetic ingredients by ICID. 2. Derived from neural stem cell 3. 80% of neural stem cell culture fluid  plenty of Growth factors & Peptides - KGF /EGF/IGF/PDGF/FGF/NGF/TGF - Glutathione - Argireline 4. Effect wrinkle : Argireline Whitening : Arbutin, Scutellaria root extract Rejuvenation : Growth Factors , Peptides

3 Large numbers culturing is possible from In vitro
It is possible to produce “Homogeneous cell” from Single clone It is easy to introduce “Therapeutic genes” The protein that has strong regenerated function and can heal skin-injuries

4 It is possible to be differentiated to three
main cells of CNS. (Neurons, Astrocytes, Oligodendrocytes) Epithelial growth factor(EGF) and fibroblast growth factor(FGF) are necessary in order to proliferate. It is equalized and easy to store and be cultivated.

5 Effectiveness of 7Days Serum Volume : 15ml (Whitening Serum)
Scutellaria Root Extract ingredient intensively treats skin tone clearer and brighter by suppressing tyrosinase activity that is main cause of melasma and spots. Volume : 15ml

6 Effectiveness of 7Days Emulsion Volume : 15ml
(Wrinkle Repair Emulsion) Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide-3) derived from Stem Cell improve wrinkle which is formatted by contraction of muscle and recovery aged collagen and elastin. It is especially effective for fine line on the eye and lips area. Volume : 15ml

7 Effectiveness of 7Days Ceram (Intensive Lifting Cream)
L-Cystine-2Hcl improve elasticity and renew skin by preventing skin acidification then increase in collagen. At the same time it Keeps skin in optimal moisture balance via constant hydration Volume : 15ml

8 Main Ingredients Human Neural Cell Culture Extract
Human Neural Cell Conditioned Media Defined Cell Culture Media 2 Scutellaria Root Extract Paeonia Extract Glycerin Arbutin Xanthan Gum Adenosine

9 Protein Analysis Content Name Growth factiors
KGF /EGF/IGF/PDGF/FGF/NGF/TGF Adenylyl cyclase-associated protein IFP53 T-complex protein 1 FK506 binding protein 52 Keratin 10 ADCY1 Laminin-binding protein 26S proteasome subunit 11 Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase Tripeptide Glutathione Melanostatin Leupeptin Argireline

10 Argireline Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (molecule)
easy to permeate into skin as micro-peptide Function of Botox without side effects Intercept signal from motor nerves to muscle cells and control repetition for actions of wrinkles Regulates secretion of Catecholamines Increases skin-elasticity as regulating signal process of stem cells from wrinkle muscle Many cosmetics companies use this for anti-aging product

11 Comparison Argireline Botox Relaxes facial tension
and reduce fine line & wrinkle highly effective in motion wrinkles cheaper expensive No pain and no tolerance Pain and Tolerance Not harmful occasionally leads to side effects Anyone can use requires physician-administered injections

12 Cause of Wrinkle Repeated contraction of muscle

13 Principle of Wrinkle Formation
Synapse SNAP-25 Catecholamines (Neuraltransmitters) SNARE complex SNARE complex assembled

14 Working Process Botox Argireline SNARE Complex Broken
SNARE Complex Destabilised

15 Epidermal Growth Factor
The nature regenerated substance that is existed in human body The protein that has strong regenerated function and can heal skin-injuries Applications Cosmetics that can improve wrinkles and skin-power After epithelial peeling for beauty, it can regenerate normal skin

16 Fibroblast Growth Factor
It is one of the growth factors that combined with Heparin to promote cells of Mesenchymal, Neuroectodermal and Endothelial origin It can cause cell-proliferation of various forms on In vitro It can accelerate growth of Fibroblasts, Myoblasts, Osteoblasts, Neuronal cells, Endothelial cells, Keratinocytes, Chondrocytes, and other cells. Cure degeneration of adult Vitiligo Cure injuries

17 Insulin-like growth factor
It is very important factor to keep life. Its function is to regenerate damaged cells forming bones, muscles and nervous tissue Delaying hypophysis-aging It normalize blood sugar and insulin resistance

18 Platelet-derived growth factor
Induce DNA synthesis Promote to combine Collagen with Protein Restrain apoptosis in Fibroblasts

19 Keratinocyte growth factor
As an important medium for Hair growth, it can be affected to primary hair growth Involved to adhesion and increasing between cells Effective for curing and recovering injuries Involved to Epithelial repair

20 Protect cells from free radical
Antioxidant Good for photo-aging (Dermatoheliosis) Acetyl Hexapeptide-3

21 It inhibits tyrosinase activity
Effective for skin-whitening and prevent damage in skin as intercepting ultraviolet rays, active-oxygen As doing mycostasis and Anti-allergy, protect skins Antitumor action It is efficient on allergic disease and atopic dermatitis

22 Effect of SBG on Cell viability
Results are expressed as a percent of viability relative to vehicle-treated controls. Effect of SBG on Melanogenesis in B16F1 cells

23 Influence of SBG on the tyrosinase activity
and expression Effect of SBG on Melanogenesis in B16F1 cells


25 Date Registered Number Title Registered name of INCI
NSP-1 Protein Complex from Neural Stem Cell NSM-1 Human Neural Stem Cell Conditioned Media ASM-1 Future CT's Modified Culture Medium Future C .T in KOREA


27 Improvement : Whitening and red spots
Age : 42 , Female Application : 7days Improvement : Whitening and red spots Before After 1 week

28 Improvement: black spots
Age : 46, Male Application : 7 days Improvement: black spots Before After 3 week

29 Application : Tri-M (3sessions) +pepbu:w+7Days
Age : 71 , Female Application : Tri-M (3sessions) +pepbu:w+7Days Improvement : deep wrinkle (eye area)and Lifting Before After 4weeks

30 Application : Tri-M (2 session) + Pepbu:w
Age : 28 , Male Application : Tri-M (2 session) + Pepbu:w Improvement : Acne scar and Pore Before After 4weeks

31 Improvement : Whitening and Skin tone
Age : 35 , Male Application : 7days Improvement : Whitening and Skin tone 100217 100303( 2Weeks)

32 Improvement : Whitening and Skin tone
Age : 35 , Male Application : 7days Improvement : Whitening and Skin tone 100217 100303( 2Weeks)

33 How to use Pepbu:w Fractional laser / IPL + Pepbu:w
Apply 2.5ml~5ml Pepbu:w immediately after laser and permiate it with cryo-electroporasion for cooling, penetrating of solution and regeneration Mesotherapy + Pepbu:w Apply Pepbu:w after making micro channel using therma stamp or Auto Stamp Needle(needle) and penetrate solution with cryo-electroporasion.

34 How to use 7Days Daily Use Laser/ Mesotherapy +7Days
After making up skin balance using toner, apply evenly over face 2 or 3 drops of serum emulsion cream every morning and night time. Laser/ Mesotherapy +7Days Apply it after laser or needle treatment for regeneration of skin (home care)

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