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Syneron Medical Ltd. Company Overview

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1 Syneron Medical Ltd. Company Overview
Thomas Goslau Director of Marketing and Sales, Asia-Pacific

2 Syneron Medical Ltd. - Profile
선두주자가 되기 위한 비전을 가진 Israeli high tech회사로서 2000년 8월에 설립되었다. 미용의료 시장에서 테크놀로지의 다음 세대인 elòs (electro-optical synergy)는 독자적인 테크놀로지로 특허를 받았으며 독점적으로 성장해 오고 있다. Syneron은 북미, 유럽, 아시아 태평양 그리고 남미에 marketing, sales 그리고 service network를 설립했다. 북미의 Syneron Inc와 유럽의 Syneron GmbH는 marketing과 sales의 Syneron이 소유하고 있는 자회사들이다. Syneron Medical (HK) Ltd 2004년 5월에 오픈했다.

3 Electro-optical Synergy
elòs ™ Electro-optical Synergy Optical (light and laser) Conducted RF Cooling and other energy sources

4 The elòs Product Family (current)

5 Aurora DS/SR/AC/… RF Cooling DS – Hair Removal SR – Skin Renewal
elòs Energy Synergy Pulsed Light RF Cooling Applications DS – Hair Removal SR – Skin Renewal AC – Acne Specification DS nm SR nm AC nm

6 Polaris Diode Laser RF Cooling LV – Leg Vein and Vascular 900-915nm
elòs Energy Synergy Diode Laser RF Cooling Applications WR – Wrinkle Reduction LV – Leg Vein and Vascular Specifications nm

7 Shaper (VelaSmooth) Tissue Mobilization Light RF IR light up to 20W
elòs Energy Synergy Pulsed Vacuum Suction Tissue Mobilization Light RF Applications CL – Cellulite Reduction Specifications Conducted RF up to 20W IR light up to 20W

8 제품 판매 현황 법적 승인 Aurora: FDA and CE Mark Polaris: FDA and CE Mark
1200 Aurora systems worldwide (2004,3월): 북미 720 유럽 250 아시아 태평양 230 Polaris WR: 2003년 9월 이래로 아시아에만 65대의 Polaris가 설치되었다.

9 Medical Advisory Board
Neil Sadick, M.D. – Chairman Tina Alster, M.D. Patrick Bitter, M.D. Christine Dierickx, M.D. Jerome Garden, M.D. David Goldberg, M.D. Suzanne Kilmer, M.D. Stanley Kovak, M.D. Michael Kulick, M.D. Stephen Mulholland, M.D. Thomas Rohrer, M.D. Kawashima, M.D. Rod Rohrich, M.D.

10 New Applications Development
During 2004, Syneron plans on developing: Comet™ – Diode laser based hair removal Fat reduction platform based on revolutionary technology The 2005 Family of Applications: DS – Hair removal SR – Superficial Vascular and Pigmented WR – Wrinkles and Texture LV – All visible blood vessels AC – Acne PV – Psoriasis, vetiligo CL – Cellulite DF – Deep Fat

11 Moving Forward To establish world-wide recognition as leader in the aesthetic medical market. To double sales to a level of $ 70 M annually. To strengthen sales and marketing network through expansion of the marketing, sales and service infrastructure in Asia-Pacific and South America

12 elòs Our Commitment to Customers
excellence in technology leadership in the market ōpportunities for our customers service for our customers

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