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1 Body Language Symbols, Archetypes and Visual Literacy by Don L. F. Nilsen and Alleen Pace Nilsen.

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1 1 Body Language Symbols, Archetypes and Visual Literacy by Don L. F. Nilsen and Alleen Pace Nilsen

2 Avery Nilsen, Our Grandson At the AATH Convention (Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor) Red Skelton Museum in Vincennes, Indiana 2

3 Doppelgangers: The Evil Eye 3

4 4 AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE Contrast sign language and finger spelling.Contrast sign language and finger spelling. Iconic Sign Language: Male-Female, Past-Future, Hand shape, Location, Movement, Palm Orientation, Finger SpellingIconic Sign Language: Male-Female, Past-Future, Hand shape, Location, Movement, Palm Orientation, Finger Spelling

5 American Sign Language: Finger Spelling vs. Signing 5

6 Arizona Politics 6

7 Justin Timberlake and Santa Claus: “Cup O’ Soup”: 7

8 8 In Flags: The Peace Symbol Nuclear Disarmament (N & D)

9 FACE Frown Giggle Grimace Grin Guffaw Laugh Scowl Smile Smirk Snarl 9

10 10


12 Red Skelton 12

13 HEAD Flutter eyelashes Grit teeth Hold nose Nod head (yes) Raise eyebrows Shake head (no) Stick out tongue Wink Wrinkle nose Yawn 13

14 LIE TO ME: 14

15 15

16 Curiosity and Exuberance 16

17 Sadness and Surprise 17

18 SHOULDERS Rolling shoulder suggestively Shrugging shoulders in disbelief or wonderment 18

19 The Juggling Politician 19

20 20

21 HANDS, FINGERS & THUMB Applauding Extending pinkey Crossing fingers (to lie) Giving the finger Holding hands Pointing Shaking hands (note gender & ethnic differences) Thumbing a ride Thumbs up Twiddling thumbs 21 American Sign Language Applau ding

22 Louis (Sachmo) Armstrong: “What a Wonderful World!”: 22

23 Sun Devils and Nerd Fighters 23

24 Uncle Sam Recruitment Poster 24 Here is Uncle Sam’s pointing finger. This is a rude gesture in some cultures.

25 25 DAVE CHAPPELLE’S THUMB Chappelle tells about a high-jacked airplane in which he sees another Black male and they do a thumbs up to each other. “We were just communicating that we understood the situation. We were both seeing the same thing. What we understood was simply—terrorists don’t take black hostages. (Chappelle 2003)

26 ARMS Limp wrist Raise hand in class Sign of the cross Waving hand (note gender differences) Sports Signals (See the next slide) 26

27 27 SPORTS BODY LANGUAGE BASEBALL: Fair Ball, Foul Ball, Home Run, Out, Strike –Plus Signals from the Catcher to the Pitcher, to the Infield, and to the Outfield –Plus Coach Signals for the Batter, from the First-Base Coach, and from the Third-Base Coach BASKETBALL: Basket Counts, Basket Doesn’t Count, Blocking Foul, Held Ball, In Bounce, Moving Screen, Offensive Fowl, Out of Bounce, Time Out FOOTBALL: Clipping, Face Mask, Illegal Celebration, Illegal Procedure, Late Hit, Offside, Pass Interference, Roughing the Kicker, Roughing the Passer, Safety, Touchdown, Unnecessary Roughness –Plus Metaphors related to most of these expressions like hardball softball and ballpark figure.

28 LEGS & FEET Crossing legs (note gender & ethnic differences) Sitting on a park bench Sitting on a bus seat Slapping knee while laughing 28


30 SPACE BUBBLES: Asian vs. Latin American Doorway, Subway, Elevator University of Texas: Texas Tower Sniper 30 The University of Texas Shooter had the space bubble of a paranoid.

31 31 TIME EXPECTATIONS Latin American vs. Mormon Cocktail Party vs. Dinner vs. Class

32 UNINTENTIONAL BODY LANGUAGE blinking blushing cowering cringing shuddering trembling twisting hair weeping 32

33 Tim Conway as a Dentist: 33

34 BODY METAPHORS: To be on your toes To be stuck up To be up in arms To break a leg To count noses To foot the bill To have your tongue in your cheek To keep a stiff upper lip To keep your chin up To play it by ear To put your foot in your mouth To see eye to eye To shake a leg To throw in the towel 34 Total Relaxation

35 Mr. Bean Getting Up Late for the Dentist: 35

36 Exuberance and Sadness: First Day of School 36

37 Doppelgangers and Body Doubles Richard Nixon 37

38 James Carville 38

39 John McCain 39

40 Hillary Clinton 40

41 Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin 41

42 Sarah Palin and Tina Fey 42

43 Tina Fey as Sarah Palin: 43

44 Tina Fey as Sarah Palin Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton 44

45 Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton: 45

46 Body Language Plus Intonation Use only the words “John” and “Marsha” to indicate the following: Anger vs. Fear Resignation vs. Exuberance Sadness vs. Surprise Pretentiousness vs. Aloofness Hate vs. Passion 46 Desire

47 Happiness 47

48 Friendship 48

49 Love 49

50 50


52 Amusement and Antipathy 52

53 Total Involvement 53

54 Narcisism 54

55 Android Emotions 55

56 PARALANGUAGE Giddyup (plus lateral click) Hiss Huh? Raspberry (Bronx Cheer) Shush Swearing Tsk tsk Uchhhhh Uh huh (yes & no) Wolf whistle Yuchhhh 56


58 EXPLAIN HOW THE FOLLOWING GESTURES ARE INTERPRETED DIFFERENTLY IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES Biting your thumbnail Kissing someone on the cheeks Putting your hands on your hips Using arm gestures Using eye gestures Using finger gestures Using hand gestures Using lip gestures 58 Age Differences

59 Social In-Bonding 59


61 61

62 Social Out-Bonding 62

63 Point of View 63

64 Physical Workout Dance Humor: 64

65 Parody 65

66 Photobombing 66

67 SEND IN THE CLOWNS! (Frank Sinatra, et. al.): BdREfnIY9Y 67

68 Four Really Talented Ladies: 68

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