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Product Education Organic & Natural Enterprise Group.

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1 Product Education Organic & Natural Enterprise Group

2 Our definition of natural: Existing in, or formed by nature; not artificial Industry definition of natural: Any ingredient “derived from” a natural substance What does ‘natural’ mean on a label?

3 Our definition of organic A sustainable system of agriculture that uses natural substances and methods to create healthy, nutrient-rich, fertile soil Industry definition of organic Any compound containing carbon What does Certified Organic mean? An independent third-party guarantee of an “organic” claim. Must comply with stringent international standards, showing and proving an organic audit trail from seed, growing, harvesting, storage, transporting and processing right through to the finished product. What does ‘organic’ mean on a label?

4 Water Dimethicone (silica) Carbomer 941 PEG-50 Almond Glycerides (almond) Sodium Laureth Sulfate (coconut) Cocoamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine Triethanolamine (TEA) Methylchloroisothiazolinone Phenoxyethanol Methyl Paraben (organic preservative) FD&C Yellow No. 6 Fragrance 90-95% 5-8% 1-3% How to breakdown a typical ingredients list

5 Water Dimethicone (silica) Carbomer 941 PEG-50 Almond Glycerides (almond) Sodium Laureth Sulfate (coconut) Cocoamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine Triethanolamine (TEA) Methylchloroisothiazolinone Phenoxyethanol Methyl Paraben (organic preservative) FD&C Yellow No. 6 Fragrance Harmful by skin absorption Eye irritant, Skin irritant Causes TUMORS in lungs and thorax Causes TUMORS in endocrine system Toxicological properties have NOT been thoroughly investigated. Severely irritating to body tissues Corrosive to the eyes React with nitrosating agents to form nitrosamines, which are Carcinogenic Composed of 4 known carcinogens Formaldehyde Dioxane Ethylene Oxide Acetaldehyde Toxic to kidney and bladder Causes reproductive disorders Serious damage to the eyes Causes brain degeneration Causes eye stinging and redness Causes redness and burning of skin Toxicological properties have NOT been investigated at all. Harmful by skin absorption Corrosion and burns to the eyes and skin Permanent irreversible eye damage Nitrosating agent Causes allergic reactions. Triggers asthma Carcinogenic Banned in some countries Irritation to eyes, skin and respiratory tract Causes allergic skin reactions Traces of parabens have been found in breast cancer cells Properties of toxic ingredients used in skin care Can contain up to 4000 separate ingredients Causes allergic reactions, violent coughing, vomiting

6 Organic Aloe Vera Juice Purified Water Organic Rosehip Seed oil Organic Avocado oil Organic Jojoba oil Organic Shea Butter D-Panthenol (Vit B5) Non-GMO Lecithin Organic Sugar-Cane Ethanol Organic Unrefined Beeswax Organic Marshmallow Extract Organic Witch Hazel Extract Organic Calendula Extract Organic Rosehips Extract Organic Lavender Grapefruit Extract Olive Extract Natural Gum Very high in linoleic acid (vitamin F). Excellent for scar tissue and wrinkles. Healing and soothing. Natural humectant. Seals in moisture. Protects the skin. From a local organic honey farm. Nourishing and rich butter. Excellent skin protector. Soothing, softening and healing. Potent healing and regenerative agent. Grown on a plantation in North QLD. Deep and nourishing moisturiser, high in vitamins A & D. Grown an organic avocado and macadamia farm in Northern NSW. Very similar in composition to the skins sebum. NMF. Natural moisturising factor. Softens and hydrates the skin. Natural solvent for herbs. Takes beneficial ingredients deep into the skin. From organic sugar cane farm in SE QLD. Anti-inflammatory and astringent. Regenerative and healing. Soothing, toning and refining. Regenerative, calming and healing. Grown near the Dandenong Ranges in VIC. Potent antibacterial and anti- fungal. Heals and soothes. Anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant, skin protector. Emollient, skin softener, natural thickener. Triple filtered, reverse osmosis purified. Breakdown of a Moisturiser from Miessence

7 Recognize the difference between hype and truth! Beware of “derived from” ingredients – brackets can be misleading Look for the logo – guaranteed organic certification In Summary ‘Certification’ is your only guarantee!


9 Why are Miessence certified organic products unique? Energy of Certified Organic Ingredients Clean and potent plant extracts of high vitality. More vitamins, nutrients, and cancer-fighting anti-oxidants. Revolutionary Bioactive Cold Formulation Superior quality active ingredients. Significant quantities of bio-available nutrients to literally feed your skin. 100% Beneficial Ingredients Every ingredient in every product is beneficial for the skin All ingredients are active - no synthetic functional ingredients (e.g.. pH adjusters, colours, pearlisers, consistency modifiers, preservatives) Unique Emulsification and Preservative Systems No chemical emulsifiers - unique all-natural emulsion! No chemical preservatives - tested and proven all-natural shelf life!

10 FOUR MIESSENCE SKIN PROFILES BALANCING Normal/Combination Profile Even skin tone, with fine to average pore size May have enlarged pores with T-zone oiliness and dryer areas on the rest of face Occasional breakouts Some blackhead SOOTHING Sensitive Profile May have surface capillaries & flaky patches Can feel irritated and itchy Can appear blotchy Allergic reactions are common Flushed and red easily REJUVENATING Dry/Mature Profile Needs extra nourishment Some loss of elasticity May have some dry patches Dull complexion / no sheen May have surface capillaries PURIFYING Oily/Problem Profile Can have oily sheen Breakouts/blemishes Congestion/clogging Open pores, blackheads and redness

11 No soap or detergents to strip the skin Extremely mild and gentle Contains yucca extract (plant saponin) Use with warm water and cloth Fully certified organic Natural fresh plant based aroma from pure organic essential oils and plant extracts including geranium, orange, lavender, lemon depending on which skin type. MIESSENCE Facial Cleansers

12 Garnet - great for congestion, blackheads and open pores. Contains smooth, polished alluvial garnet. Gentle - gentler scrub for thin, dry, sensitive skin. Contains jojoba beads, which are round and soft. Oxygenates the skin and speeds up cell growth, promoting a youthful glow Do not use with active blemishes to avoid spreading infection Certified Organic Ingredients MIESSENCE Exfoliants

13 Balancing – blackheads, open pores, dull skin Rejuvenating – tired, dull, mature complexion Soothing – ruddy, congested, sensitive skin Purifying – blemishes, blackheads, open pores One jar contain at least 30 masks Draws toxin from the skin Re-mineralizes and assists tissue regeneration Contain sun-dried French clays (white, red, pink and green) and organic herbs and essential oils Masks can be combined together to create a tailor- made mineral mask for specific conditions, e.g. mix soothing and purifying for inflamed blemish prone skin. MIESSENCE Mineral Masks

14 Nutrient rich active ingredients makes this a vital step! Replaces the use of a toner with an alcohol-free herbal infusion Dual purpose - feeds the skin, and provides hydration base for moisturiser to seal in Moisturiser will last longer Balancing – nourishes and tones Rejuvenating – energises and stimulates Soothing – calms redness and soothes Purifying – balances secretions and purifies Massage into skin and leave to absorb for a few seconds before applying moisturizer Fully certified Organic MIESSENCE Skin Conditioners

15 Intense concentrations of botanical extracts Fully certified organic Blemish Gel – for blemishes and healing Can be used on minor cuts and scratches gentle enough to use on children Couperose Gel– for broken capillaries and redness For best effects use on a continual daily basis MIESSENCE Treatment Gels

16 Balancing – protects and hydrates Rejuvenating – nourishes and revitalises Soothing – soothes and strengthens Purifying – hydrates without clogging Olive extract eliminates free-radicals (anti-aging, anti-wrinkle), increases hydration and elasticity Phospholipids strengthen the connection between skin cells Exquisite ingredients like organic Neroli and Rose essential oil used in formulation Food for the skin, a little goes a long way! Fully certified organic MIESSENCE Moisturisers

17 Firming Eye & Neck Serum – crow’s feet, aging neck Softens, smoothes and tones with certified organic botanicals Rejuvenessence Facial Serum – wrinkles, scars, damaged, dry, aging skin Use Rejuvenessence daily as a preventative anti-aging treatment A few drops is all that is needed Intensive blend of healing and rejuvenating oils Both contain organic rose hip seed oil and organic avocado oil Use after moisturiser to lock in moisture Fully certified organic MIESSENCE Serum

18 Great for dehydrated, tired skin that needs refreshment! Perfect for air-conditioned offices and aeroplane travel Contains panthenol to keep moisture on skin and prevent dehydration Can be used to ‘set’ make-up Use whenever the skin needs a moisture boost Exquisite rose aroma Fully certified organic MIESSENCE Hydrating Mist

19 Evens out the complexion Translucent natural coverage Contains zinc oxide (UV protection) Keeps skin hydrated and protected from pollution Natural mineral colours in four different shades Certified organic ingredients No synthetic Chemicals MIESSENCE Translucent Foundation

20 Complete coverage Contains zinc oxide (UV protection) 4 different natural shades of colour: Fair, Medium, Tanned, and Dark Certified organic ingredients No synthetic chemicals Dot to apply, do not rub in MIESSENCE Concealer

21 Translucent coverage Slight iridescent finish Skin keeps a matte silky appearance Beautiful organic Rose aroma Certified organic ingredients No synthetic chemicals MIESSENCE Translucent Powder

22 Sun-kissed glow Slight shimmer Beautiful organic rose aroma Can also be applied on neck arms and shoulders for evening wear Certified organic ingredients No synthetic chemicals MIESSENCE Bronzing Dust

23 Silky, lightweight breathable coverage Offers sun protection Wear over foundation for greater coverage, or alone for a matte smooth- like appearance Beautiful organic Rose aroma Choice of 4 different mineral shades: Fair, Medium, Tanned, & Dark Certified organic ingredients No synthetic chemicals MIESSENCE Foundation Powder

24 Silky buildable colour Enhances ‘healthy glow’ complexion and gives a pretty natural look Beautiful organic Rose aroma Certified organic ingredients Natural minerals used to reflect light thus giving the skin a refined appearance No synthetic chemicals Silk (matte) shades for day, and Satin (shimmer) shades for evening: Desert Rose (cool) – Silk/Satin Apricot Dew (warm) – Silk/Satin Ginger Blossom (neutral) – Silk/Satin MIESSENCE Blush Powder

25 Creamy formula Intense colours Contains zinc oxide (UV protection) Lovely vanilla aroma 6 natural mineral colours Certified organic ingredients Easy to apply with lip brush or fingers No synthetic chemicals or colours Mix and match to create various shades Cool Red family – Plum (dark) & Grape (light) Warm Red family– Paprika (dark) & Melon (light) Cool Brown family– Cinnamon (dark) & Nutmeg (light) MIESSENCE Lip Crème

26 Creamy formula Hint of colour and subtle shimmer Lovely vanilla aroma Use as a lip tint or a sheer crème blush Natural mineral colours Certified organic ingredients No synthetic chemicals 3 different shades: Cool Red family – Berry Warm Red family– Peach Cool Brown family– Cocoa MIESSENCE Shimmer Crème

27 Yummy organic Jaffa flavour Protective and healing balm to soften dry chapped lips Stays on well, and with a natural shine Cold pressed certified organic oils, butters and waxes to deeply moisturize and sooth Fully certified organic MIESSENCE Lip Balm

28 Available in Black Nourishing ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil for strong supple lashes To thicken lashes reapply several coats Beautiful organic Rose aroma Certified organic ingredients No synthetic chemicals or toxic ingredients Moisturizing with organic aloe vera (not fully waterproof) Gentle and safe for the eyes MIESSENCE Mascara

29 Smells fantastic with an invigorating citrus aroma Leaves no residue in bath and shower Doesn’t strip the skin like most soap does Moisturizing with organic safflower oil Great for children as a safe bubble bath substitute (pour a small amount into running water) Use a couple of drops for bathing babies Certified organic ingredients No toxic synthetic chemicals MIESSENCE Body Wash

30 No Aluminum Based on bicarb soda Natural antibacterial ingredients Doesn’t block pores Effective long lasting deodorant that actually works! Fully certified organic 3 varieties to choose from: Ancient Spice - a blend of fresh citrus and spices. Tahitian Breeze – a blend of intense floral and citrus Aroma Free- no essential oils added MIESSENCE Roll-on Deodorant

31 Based on cold-pressed organic avocado oil and shea butter Nourishing for dry skin with phospholipids and vitamin rich ingredients Rich, yet light and non-greasy, quickly absorbed Organic food for the skin Anti-free radical (olive leaf antioxidant) Exotic fragrance from a propriety blend of organic essential oils Can be used on children Fully certified organic MIESSENCE Body Cream

32 No fluoride or SLS Based on bicarb soda (tooth cleaner & whitener) Very low abrasive Natural antibacterial oils, salts and herbs kill germs that cause cavities Neutralises plaque causing acids Safe for children Comes in 3 great varieties: Lemon, Mint and Anise Certified organic ingredients No synthetic chemicals MIESSENCE Toothpaste

33 No alcohol No fluoride or chloride Contains herbals traditionally used for oral care Contains plant extracts with anti-bacterial properties Freshens mouth and breath Clean mint flavour Dilute to suit need Contains Celtic sea salt Fully certified organic MIESSENCE Mouth Wash

34 Desert Flower Contains Yucca extract Extremely gentle and mild Suitable for children Beneficial for people prone to dandruff and dry scalp No harsh surfactants or SLS Doesn’t strip the hair Lovely fresh aroma of lime Certified organic ingredients No toxic synthetic chemicals MIESSENCE Shampoo (mild)

35 Lemon Myrtle Stronger cleansing action for oilier hair or when styling products are used Still extremely mild! Suitable for children Doesn’t strip the hair Lovely fresh aroma of lemon myrtle Keeps hair clean and soft Certified organic ingredients No toxic synthetic chemicals MIESSENCE Shampoo

36 Great for problem scalps Closes hair follicles Imparts a natural shine to hair Contains healing apple-cider Like the old fashioned lemon juice hair rinse with extras! Beautiful lemon aroma Fully certified organic MIESSENCE Hair Rinse

37 Nourishing creamy conditioner Contains strengthening panthenol Adds body and thickens hair Hair strengthening organic herbs Leave on for 5 minutes for intense conditioning Certified organic ingredients No toxic synthetic chemicals MIESSENCE Hair Conditioner

38 Contains panthenol and organic rosehip oil Long lasting moisturisation Protects hair when hair drying Adds body and thickens hair Hair strengthening organic herbs Use on wet or dry hair Gives life back to curls and aids in detangling Propriety blend of organic essential oils for a beautiful aroma Can also be used as an after sun spray Fully certified Organic MIESSENCE Hair Repair

39 Provides medium hold Panthenol strengthens and thickens the hair No silicone or dimethicone Organic rosehip oil prevents split ends Gives volume Propriety blend of organic essential oils to enhance aroma Use on wet hair prior to styling Easily brushes out with out build-up Fully certified organic MIESSENCE Hair Gel

40 Based on organic herbs and essential oils Use to assist in repelling insects Can also be used to soothe insect bites Safe for children Fully certified organic MIENVIRON Buzz Free Zone Spray

41 Based on Native Australian organic essential oils No toxic chemicals Safe to use around pets and children Freshens the room with a clean forest smell and aids in removing odour Fully certified organic MIENVIRON Rainforest Air Freshener

42 Super food blend containing 26 whole foods Complete lactobacilli family (13 strains) Predigested to allow all the nutrients to be readily absorbed Fully certified organic & no additives Over 20 years of research to produce a super strain of live bacteria (sourced from plants and not faecal matter) Comes with its own food source so the good bacteria won’t starve MIVITALITY In-Liven Probiotic

43 MIESSENCE Ambrosia Essence Extremely potent combination of eight highly effective herbal and flower extracts to soothe, tone, and renew the skin Includes exotic oils of Helichrysum and Neroli for healing and repair Tamanu oil and Rosehip seed oil for their ability to improve skin and their anti-aging affect Patchouli Leaf oil and Calendula CO2 extract for their ability to nourish and sooth Carrot seed oil to improve tone and elasticity of skin Rosemary for its powerful antioxidant effect Deeply herbal aroma from exotic organic oils

44 Enjoy using the world’s first Certified Organic Skincare Range… Enjoy products that are truly natural, synthetic- free, safe for you & the environment… Enjoy the benefits your skin receives from cold- pressed, potent, active, ingredients… Enjoy the peace of mind that an independent ‘Certification’ gives by ensuring that what you read on the bottle is what you find inside… World’s FIRST Certified Organic Skincare Range, Hair Care, Personal Care, Cosmetics, and Probiotic

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