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What is it? Elements that violate the natural physical laws of our world- events akin to magic- With known authors Credibility is key Issues the examine.

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1 What is it? Elements that violate the natural physical laws of our world- events akin to magic- With known authors Credibility is key Issues the examine the human condition and universal truths

2 TRADITIONAL FANTASY They from the oral tradition of collected stories. The setting is often vague and magical. Characters are symbolic and do not grow and change. MODERN FANTASY Stories are associated with an author. Setting is detailed and key and should be credible. Characters grow and change. BOTH genres are fantasies and portray other worlds, with elements of magic, talking animals, strange characters, and objects, can include s/heroe's journey, supernatural, universal themes of good versus evil, right versus wrong etc. Both can be allegorical, spiritual, satirical, and political. Figure 2: Traditional Fantasy vs. Modern Fantasy The Hero’s Journey

3 TYPES OF MODERN FANTASY Modern Folktales or Literary Folktales : little character description/strong conflict/fast- moving plot/sudden resolution/vague setting -- known author. Ella Enchanted, The Ugly Ducking, Animal Fantasy : animals behave as human beings/personified yet retaining many of their animal characteristics. Catwings Charlotte’s Web, Poppy books (Avi) Personified Characters and Objects: toys brought to life and believed in/often responsibility of parenthood assumed by the child protagonist Winnie the Pooh, Pinocchio Unusual Characters and Strange Situations : strange or ridiculous Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Worlds of Little People: miniature people with a culture or world of their own. Children identify with indignities foisted upon little & powerless people/big people usually outdone by clever little people. Gulliver in Lilliput, The Borrowers Supernatural Events and Mystery Fantasy : ghost stories. Ghosts can be fearful threats or helpful protectors. The Boggart Historical Fantasy : timewarp fantasy. Time period must be fully & accurately developed. Stone Words, The Root Cellar, The Devil’s Arithmetic Quest Stories : adventure stories with a search motif. High fantasy/often set in medieval times/imaginary worlds/conflict between good and evil/characters drawn from myth and legend. Quest usually represents a journey of self-discovery and personal growth for protagonist. The Hobbit (Tolkien) The Wizard of Oz Science Fiction (imaginative lit about something that could happen based on real scientific facts and principles/ Must have appearance of scientific or technical plausibility About future worlds. Called futuristic fiction) Z for Zachariah and Science Fantasy (a scientific explanation/not necessarily plausible/offered for imaginative leaps into the unknown. Presents a world that is a mix of mythology and traditional fantasy with scientific or technological concepts. A Wrinkle in Time, The Giver

4 Name of Book Magic Other worlds Good versus evil Hero’s Round/Quest Fantastic character types Fantastic objects What is your book's Fantasy Quotient?

5 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum)James and the Giant Peach (R.Dahl) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (J.K. Rowling) Fantastic worldsOz Time shifts Fantastic CharactersGood Witch of the North; Wicked Witches of East and West Tin Woodman Cowardly Lion Scarecrow Flying Monkeys Munchkin people Fantastic ObjectsMagic silver shoes Magic golden cap Talking AnimalsTalking stork Flying monkeys MagicMagic of characters, objects and Fantastic world Multiple InterpretationsEntertainment, Political Manifesto Spiritual Journey Call to the QuestThe Cyclone Guides and HelpersScarecrow Tin Woodman, Cowardly lion Flying monkeys Glinda Quest ChallengesGet to the City of Emeralds, Meet the wizard, Search for the wicked witch Kill the witch Return to Oz The Goal of the QuestTo return home, To learn, become courageous, and grow in heart, to discover one’s own inner power The Journey HomeFinding Glinda Returns to Kansas with loved ones

6 What about modern fantasy? Credibility is key Is every action consistent with the framework developed by the author? Can the reader suspend disbelief about the characters? How does the author’s characterization allow the reader to suspend disbelief Do characters begin in the real world? Does the author use appropriate and believable language consistent with the story? Is the setting consistent allowing the reader to understand the world that is created. If the author creates several time periods are the settings authentic and integral to the story? Does the author pay careful attention to details in the story? Are the characters actions consistent with the setting? Is the theme of value and important for children?

7 Debates Drama: Plot Extension Select a scene and pretend it continues. What would characters say to each other? Have students create a Readers Theatre from a scene and perform it. Art: Draw characters as you see them. Create a mural of the strange world created in the story

8 Fractured Fairy Tales Project This site is devoted to many different primary and intermediate classes around the United States and Canada that have written fractured fairy tales. It has a section that links out to other sites. Children’s Books This site allows you to search for numerous topics including fairy tales.

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