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Cosmetologist, clinic „PANACEA PRO”

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1 Cosmetologist, clinic „PANACEA PRO”
Anti–age therapy: practical aspects in cosmetology. Innovative technologies. The competencies of a beauticians and cosmetologists. Inga Groskopa Association of Beauticians and Cosmetologists – CIDESCO section Latvia, Member of the Board, Cosmetologist, clinic „PANACEA PRO” 2011

2 Human ageing and anti-age medicine
The impact of external factors on human ageing The role of inheritance and genetics in ageing The effect of hormones on skin throughout the female life

3 Structural changes in ageing skin
Skin ageing factors Wrinkle classification and grading Skin ageing and diseases Photoageing

4 Clinical manifestations of ageing in skin
Changes in skin derivatives

5 Methods of stimulating the skin functions
Negatively valenced skin stimuli Chemical peeling Microdermabrasion Photoregeneration Fractional laser treatment Thermage treatment

6 Methods of stimulating the skin functions
Positively valenced skin stimuli Mesotherapy Biorevitalisation Mesoporation

7 The use of dermal fillers and Botox injections in facial modelling
Botulinum toxin injections Injection of dermal fillers

8 ... Anti – age treatment selection and the correct seaquence
The competencies of a medical doctor and a cosmetologist

9 MASTERING AGEING WITH GRACE Thank you for your attention!

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