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Quality Coatings, Inc. Mukwonago, WI Welcome to QCI.

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1 Quality Coatings, Inc. Mukwonago, WI Welcome to QCI

2 QCI’s MOTTO It’s not just a coating; it’s a Quality Coating! Our motto is:

3 Our reputation We have a reputation for successfully solving the coating needs for a wide variety of industries, such as : Automotive Medical Packaging equipment Food processing Printing EPS molding Rotational molding

4 QCI’s leadership We are a leading developer in: Industrial non-stick wear Release Lubricoats

5 Brand name suppliers A full spectrum of coatings Brand name suppliers include: 3M Acheson Akzo Nobel Daikin Dow Corning E. I. Dupont EM Lubricants Everlube Kluber ILAG

6 More brand name suppliers Lord Corp. Momentive Performance Materials Rohm & Haas Sandstrom Solvay Solexix Victrex USA Whitford

7 Putting you first We can develop a custom process that will meet your demands.

8 Experienced technicians Technicians with many years of experience: Will study specific requirements of the application Will recommend the optimum coating process

9 Benefits Increase: Product quality Product performance Decrease: Labor costs Production costs

10 Two examples QCI’s processes can resurface worn- out parts, eliminating the need to invest in new equipment and parts QCI’s fast response time will help you maintain production levels by reducing down time, and giving you the opportunity to pass on a higher level of service to your customers.

11 Non-stick coatings We daily coat: Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) molds Expandable Polypropylene (EPP) molds We use specialized Teflon© coatings formulated to address the temperature, finish and release requirements of the specific application.

12 Non-stick coatings High quality FDA (food grade) non-stick coatings will meet the coating needs for cookware and food processing equipment and molds. A variety of metal, plastic and rubber parts can be coated with a high quality dry lubricoat film

13 Non-stick coatings A wide variety of coatings available Can coat parts of many different sizes and shapes. Non-stick coatings

14 Powder coatings A quality powder coating is: Economical Long-lasting Color-durable Powder coatings are: Baked on More resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes.

15 Powder coatings We have a virtually unlimited color selection, including custom finishes Moss green wrinkle finish Blue stardust with a clear top coat holographic finish Purple metallic Copper hybrid antique finish

16 Protective coatings Although all coatings are protective, some have special, added properties for high performance needs. Some examples are: Electrically non-conductive Resistant to chemicals Resistant to heat Resistant to abrasion Anti-corrosive

17 Protective coatings QCI can provide high-quality specialized coatings that even meet military specs. We can coat: Metal Rubber Plastic

18 About QCI Founded in 1996 by Dean Drayna Started as a ‘one-man shop’ Secured contract with one of the world’s largest expandable foam forms producers to have all their USA molds Teflon© coated at QCI Word of great service and quality quickly spread to other manufacturers and users of molds Dean Drayna

19 About QCI In 2002, purchased building at cvrrent location Powder painting, metal plasma spray, and automated parts were added In 2004, a building expansion was completed

20 About QCI QCI’s success and reputation catches attention of largest industrial parts coater in Europe – Adelhelm LubriCoat. Adelhelm President Thomas Adelhelm and QCI President Dean Drayna form business partnership in 2005, called Adelhelm LubriCoat NA.

21 About QCI and Adelhelm New company operates out of same location as QCI Additional automated processing machinery has been added.

22 Leadership team QCI has a strong leadership team made up of Owner/President Dean Drayna, Production Manager Dan Drayna and Quality Administrator and Office Manager David Paulsen. Dave Drayna serves as production manager for Adelhelm LubriCoat. Dean Drayna President and Owner Dan Drayna Quality Coatings Production Manager David Paulsen Quality Admin. and Office Manager Dave Drayna Adelhelm Production Manager

23 We can help! We look forward to hearing from you and finding ways to meet all your coating needs. 262-363-4455

24 Your answer Looking for a worry-free way to satisfy all your coating needs? 262-363-4455 Come to Quality Coatings, Inc.!

25 Our target You + A reliable relationship ! Quality Coatings

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