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ProDerma tm today for healthier skin tomorrow The information in this presentation is proprietary and can only be reproduced with the permission of ProDerma.

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1 ProDerma tm today for healthier skin tomorrow The information in this presentation is proprietary and can only be reproduced with the permission of ProDerma Therapeutics, LLC, Inc. January 2011 ProDerma Therapeutics 1

2 Who is our client? Dermatology Offices Plastic Surgeon Offices Medical Spas Destination Spas OBGYN General Practice Medical Offices Professional setting with a licensed Esthetician or M.D. ProDerma tm 2

3 Product Knowledge Application Techniques ProDerma Foundation Dispense a small amount of ProDerma foundation using a wedge sponge, fingertips, or foundation brush and blend where needed. One application gives a smooth, natural look, or apply in buildable layers for more complete coverage ProDerma Concealers Dispense a small amount of ProDerma Concealers using a wedge sponge, fingertips, or concealers brush and blend where needed. Use sparingly to camouflage problem areas ProDerma tm 3

4 Use to camouflage after most cosmetic procedures to effectively cover bruising and redness, reducing patient down time Evens out skin tone Camouflages hyper pigmentation, tattoos and scars SPF 30 helps protect skin from environmental damage Only foundation that allows your skin to breathe unlike other foundations today that suffocate and exacerbate problematic skin Stimulates collagen production Product Knowledge Vitamins A, C and E (powerful antioxidants) help increase collagen and protect from environmental damage Water resistant for up to 90 minutes in water Transfer resistant so will not rub off on clothes Non-comedogenic helps skin to breath Soothes inflammation Non-irritating to acne and rosacea ProDerma tm 4

5 Product Knowledge Active Ingredients & their Benefits ProDerma Oxygenating Peptide Complex Complex Actives: Sodium Hyaluronate, Zinc PCA, Water, Saccharomyces Lysae Extract, Algae Extract, Artemisia Vulgaris Extract, Butylene G ProDerma Oxygenating Peptide Complex, Sea Whip Extract ProDerma Oxygenating Peptide Complex Complex benefits: A skin respiratory factor that increases oxygen uptake by skin cells Works at the cellular level to soothe inflammation and protect from environmental toxins, while stimulating collagen production ProDerma Foundation and Concealer Actives Titanium Dioxide 6.4%, Zinc Oxide 10.0% ProDerma Foundation and Concealer benefits Protection from UVA/UVB rays ProDerma Acne Foundation and Concealer Actives Titanium Dioxide 7.0%, Zinc oxide 5.9%, Salicylic Acid 2.0% ProDerma Foundation and Concealer benefits Protection from UVA/UVB rays Salicylic Acid treats acne ProDerma tm 5

6 A Unique Delivery System Triple silica open mesh delivery system Upon application, unique volatile esters evaporate leaving behind a breathable mesh that is both water and transfer resistant. Openings allow air to pass through the mesh and down into the skin below The chemical structure of the mesh causes it to be attracted to the surface of the skin so it stays in place. It provides an unusually smooth texture on the skin while acting as a breathable base to deliver ingredients 6

7 ProDerma tm LYCD Live Yeast Cell Derivates  Originally used in 1940’s as a burn and wound ointment  Breakthrough technology breathes new life into this timeless ingredient Ordinary baker’s yeast is stressed with UV radiation The cells respond by producing protective polypeptides 7

8 ProDerma tm Packaged for Special Delivery We harvest these protective peptides and wrap them with an organic coating creating a particle that can be suspended in our breathable mesh. By floating or suspending the particle in our breathable mesh, we ensure the outside air still gets through. Upon application, the coated particle is actually attracted out of the mesh by the keratinocytes. Once on the surface, the particles deliver their polypeptide payload to help the skin respond to inflammation and recover. 8

9 Polypeptides Delivering Support Polypeptides increase cell respiration  Increased collagen synthesis  Increased elastin synthesis  Increased cell respiration allows cells to better utilize the vitamin A C and E that ProDerma provides Increased synthesis of hyaluronic acid. Polypeptides promote the soothing of inflammed tissue. 9

10 The Recovery Role for LYCD Polypeptides Superoxide dismutase (SOD)  Superoxide dismutase is a natural antioxidant.  Once the free radicals have finished their job combating infection and disposing of debris, they must be inactivated to start the actual healing process.  SOD and other antioxidants scavenge the free radicals and promote the healing and repair process.  Depletions of up to 70% in SOD and other antioxidants such as vitamins C and E have been reported after an injury. 10

11 The Recovery Role for LYCD Polypeptides Ubiquitin is a heat shock protein  Signaling role in regulating growth and differentiation of specific lymphocytes or hematopoietic cells  Cell surface receptors regulated by ubiquination T cell receptors Growth hormone receptors IgE surface receptors Macrophages Platelet-derived growth factors (PDGF) receptors Yeast protein fragment HSP12/GLP1  Maintain protein homeostasis by alleviating protein misfolding defects and aggregation 11

12 ProDerma tm 12 Oxygenating Peptide Complex Polypeptides from LYCD increase cell respiration Increased collagen synthesis Increased elastin synthesis Increased cell respiration allows cells to better utilize the vitamin A C and E that ProDerma Breathable Foundation provides Increased synthesis of hyaluronic acid. Polypeptides promote the soothing of inflamed tissue. ProDerma Breathable Foundation Anti-Aging and Acne also contains a complex of other polypeptides such as: An anti-aging skin care complex combining the activity of Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-14 and plant derived glycoconjugates (Goji berry extract) for a maximum synergistic effect rebuilding skin's extra cellular matrix. Multiple rebuilding pathways are activated including: collagen biosynthesis, fibroblast proliferation and inhibition of destructive matrix metalloproteinases. Anti-aging visible results can be seen in reduction of lines and wrinkles along with an improvement in skin's elasticity. A unique delivery matrix that combines a redness and inflammatory diminishing peptide with the anti- oxidant properties of tea, the calming properties of boswellia serrata and the soothing quality of honey. Tetrapeptide-14 is a specific peptide sequence that can is used to alleviate the redness associated with rosacea or mild sun exposure. Acts by down regulating interleukin-6 (IL-6) to prevent inflammation, which in turn reduces MMP-1 damage with the net effect of a bright and even skin appearance. Also reduces likelihood of post inflammatory pigmentation along with improving overall skin

13 ProDerma tm 13 Increased Blood Flow Respiration is the process by which the cells of an organ utilize oxygen and nutrients needed for efficient metabolism and health. It also includes the process by which the skin eliminates carbon dioxide and toxic elements before damage can occur. As both intrinsic damage (natural aging) and extrinsic damage (sun and pollution exposure) become apparent in your appearance, the blood vessels of the skin become impaired in their ability to function properly. The decrease in blood flow also creates a decrease in metabolism due to a decrease in the delivery of oxygen. ProDerma Breathable foundation contains a complex of Panax Ginseng and Gynostemma pentaphllum extracts which increase respiration and protect and nourish dry skin. Ginsengosides, the active component of ginseng, are known to enhance circulation in the capillaries of the skin and increase the supply of nutrients to the epidermis. Gynostemma also enhances circulation and respiration as well as exhibiting strong anti-oxidant and anti- inflammatory effects.

14 ProDerma tm 14 Dermal Respiratory Factor (LYCD) Classified by the FDA as a wound-healing agent, LYCD (also called Biodyne), is a skin respiratory factor that helps skin cells to promote the healing process through the uptake of oxygen. It was patented by Dr.Sperti in 1939, who named it Biodyne because it stimulates healthy cell growth. The word Biodyne comes from the Greek words bios (life) and dyne (force). When cells experience injury or destruction, some will produce hormones which stimulate cellular multiplication so that the tissues heal. It’s like a community picking up the pieces to help an individual in trouble. Dr Sperti’s group, who discovered Biodyne, found that they were able to isolate a ‘reproductive stimulating substance’ from the dead tissue. They were able to isolate three distinct substances: Those that accelerate the cellular metabolism of sugar Those that stimulate growth and reproduction Those that stimulate cell reproduction. Collectively, these substances were named Biodynes. Further research at the University of Cincinnati demonstrated that biodynes could be extracted from heated yeast cells. This type of biodyne is called Live Yeast Cell Derivative (LYCD) and contains nutrients such as proteins, amino acids, minerals, carbohydrates, nucleic acid and other gene products. The active ingredient has even been isolated as a protein fraction containing a mixture of several peptides one of which is a peptide fraction that stimulates wound healing. Biodyne is known to be biologically active on skin cells. Clinical studies from the Cincinnati Burn Unit and Oregon University School of Medicine show that Biodyne speeds wound healing in burns and post surgically. Biodynes (LYCD) are also known as Skin Respiratory Factor and Tissue Respiratory Factor

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17 Clinical Reprint Available online Donna J. Schlemm, Maria J. Crowe, Redmond B. McNeill, Anne E. Stanley, Stephen J. Keller (1999) Medicinal yeast extracts. Click below to read the full-text article 1268%281999%29004%3C0171%3AMYE%3E2.3.CO%3B2 1268%281999%29004%3C0171%3AMYE%3E2.3.CO%3B2 17

18 Summary ProDerma’s TM patented, clinically proven triple silica gel base allows skin to breathe. Acne system controls surface shine & helps prevent future breakouts ProDerma Oxygenating Peptide Complex4 complex promotes cell recovery & regeneration Clinically proven, non-irritating, chemical-free UVA/UVB helps protect against the harmful effects of the sun Flawless natural-looking coverage, doesn’t sink into fine lines & wrinkles, feels weightless & lasts all day The only anti-aging system that promotes healing, anti-aging, increases oxygen & camouflages at the same time The only acne control system that fights acne, controls surface shine, promotes healing & camouflages skin blemishes at the same time. 18 ProDerma tm

19 ProDerma tm Delivering Results Mesh provides an unusually stable foundation providing a base to suspend fine particles  Color pigments  Physical sunscreens Coverage for today that improves your skin’s health for tomorrow. 19

20 Delivering post-procedure results, after 30%TCA Peel 20

21 Delivering everyday results 21 Right side patient treated with ProDerma Camouflage post severe sunburn

22 Post Rosacea Laser Treatment Day Two Middle untouched, Right and Left side treated with ProDerma Camouflage 22

23 Introducing New & Improved Multi-Benefit ProDerma Anti-aging with the highest level of Zinc Oxide available in a foundation 10% Zinc Oxide protects skin from harmful effects of sun & accelerates recovery Acne control 2% Salicylic Acid in a time release formulation delivers continuous treatment & minimizes surface dryness & irritation Increased Skin Hydration, Protection & Recovery Bois II reduces trans-epidermal water loss Stimulates membranes in outer layers of the stratum corneum Protects skin’s barrier properties, essential to wound healing With a Natural Wound Healer Natural Wound Healer Certified organic Aloe Vera soothes inflamed & irritated skin 23

24 24 ProDerma Products

25 Dr. Walton Montegut, MD Newport Beach, CA Laser Session 25

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