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TO FEEL & STAY MORE YOUTHFUL. Our Skin Understanding Our Skin Structure - Hypodermis The skin is made up of 3 layers. The bottom or deepest layer of.

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2 Our Skin

3 Understanding Our Skin Structure - Hypodermis The skin is made up of 3 layers. The bottom or deepest layer of the skin is the hypodermis. It is made up of fatty tissue that cushions & supports the two layers of skin above it.

4 The middle layer of skin It contains collagen & elastin which give the skin its form, shape & elasticity. Understanding Our Skin Structure - Dermis

5 The collagen & elastin in young, healthy skin are constantly renewed. Older skin tends to sag & wrinkle because the collagen & elastin are damaged & not renewed as often. The dermis is also where the blood capillaries, hair follicles, sweat & oil glands are found. As we age, oil glands become less active, causing skin to become drier & more prone to the formation of fine lines. Understanding Our Skin Structure - Dermis

6 The top layer of the skin This is where the critical function of cell renewal takes place. Understanding Our Skin Structure - Epidermis

7 Skin Renew Process New skin cells are born at the base & slowly move upward, losing moisture & flattening out as they rise until they form a paper thin barrier at the top of the epidermis. The cells in younger skin are replaced about every 15-30 days. But as we age, this process takes twice as long.

8 Skin Renew Process This indispensable new barrier protects skin from moisture loss and environmental damage.


10 Major Factors affecting our skin to age (1)Sun - 80% of visible skin ageing is due to UV light exposure. - the UV light damages moisture barrier in the epidermis & elastin and collagen in the dermis. - resulting in skin loses its elasticity, forming of fine lines and wrinkles formation of dark spots on the skin as skin produces excess melanin. Damage to the moisture barrier Skin produces excess melanin Elastin & Collagen damaged

11 (2) Hormonal Ageing - The first five years following menopause, the skin loses up to 30% of its supportive collagen fibres. - As a result, the skin becomes thinner, skin becomes less capable of storing moisture, becomes drier and wrinkles deepen. - Now, the skin is more prone to damages caused by free radicals as the cell renewal process slows down. (3) Pollution - Airborne pollutants such as dirt and dust, present in most modern environments, especially in densely populated or industrialized areas – are harmful to the skin. Major Factors affecting our skin to age

12 (4) Air-Conditioning - Dry, dehydrate the skin, leaving epidermis dry. - Dehydration damages the skin’s barrier function and increases evaporation of dermal moisture. (5) Sleep - Sleep deprivation leads to dull complexion & dark, puffy under-eye circles. - Skin tend to premature lines and wrinkles. Major Factors affecting our skin to age

13 (6) Stress - Anxiety and anger will increase sebum production in the skin. (7) Alcohol - Drinking in excess leads to skin dehydration and robs the body’s nutrients (Vitamin A,B,C and the minerals magnesium & zinc.) (8) Smoking - Smoking reduces the supply of blood to the skin’s surface, restricting the flow of essential nutrients. - Skin dull and greyish in colour - Smokers tend to have thinner skin & premature appearance of lines and wrinkles. Major Factors affecting our skin to age

14 (A)Wrinkle - UVR causes wrinkle and melanin to form. - UVA penetrate into the dermis to damage the collagen. - UV induce production of free radical (O 2 ) species (ROS) & matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) - (O 2 ) present in our cell can form harmful radical (ROS). The Ageing Process UVA penetrate into dermis – damage collagen ROS MMP

15 The Ageing Process ROS MMP Antioxidant attenuates the ROS & MMP & allow skin to regenerate properly Antioxidants Anti- oxidants Anti- oxidants Anti- oxidants

16 SUPERFOODS ! FOR BEAUTY ON THE INSIDE OUT 3-in-1 formula (Radiant Skin + Breast Firming + Antioxidant) Perfect Combination Of


18 BEUCOGEN COLLAGEN (Product Benefits) 1.Repair body cell 2.Improve skin fairness 3.Restore skin cell elasticity 4.Reduce fine lines & pigmentation 5.Retain skin moisture content 6.Smoothen skin 7.Eliminate free radicals 8.Prevent cell oxidation 9.Firm up breasts 10.Antioxidant

19 Active Ingredients (For Skin)

20 Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Collagen is main protein surrounding every cell. 6% of body weight. Collagen is one the long, fibrous structural protein. Main component of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bone & skin. Made up of three polypeptide strands, twisted together & stabilized by hydrogen bonds More than 28 types of collagen. Over 90% of collagen are of type 1,2,3,&4 Collagen 1- skin, tendon, vascular, ligature, organ, bone Collagen 2- cartilage Collagen 3- reticular fiber found in artery walls, skin, intestines & uterus Collagen 4 – form bases of cell basement membrane After age 25, collagen synthesis reduce at a rate of 1.5% and reduce into half after age of 60, skin become thinner & less firm Characteristics of marine collagen in Ladies Collagen:- * Marine Low Molecular Collagen * Average Molecular Weight 3,000Da – the lighter the molecular weight (< 5,000Da) increases absorption. * High solubility * High digestion by human enzyme * Low moisture absorption * Less fish smell & taste white fine powder. * Easy handling (3,000mg)

21 L-Arginine Key building block to repair damaged tissue & bone Improve blood circulation Help in wound healing Positive immune modulating – anticancer effects Generate muscle mass Reduce body fat (200mg)

22 L-Lysine Amino acid for growth & tissue repair (one of the nine essential amino acid which the body can’t produce ourselves, have to take from food) Produce antibodies, hormones, enzymes, collagen formation Assist calcium absorption Lowering cholesterol (200mg)

23 Active Ingredients (Firming)

24 Soy Extract (Isoflavonoid) Isoflavones = phytoestrogen(plant hormone) which resembles human estrogen in chemical structure.Isoflavones Functions to firm skin & breast and balancing the hormone. Contain 40% isoflavonoid which helps in : - Prevention of breast cancer - Prevent osteoporosis- bone - Ease menopause symptoms – hot flushes - Reduce heart disease risk (200mg)

25 Soy Protein High source of protein which subsequently increases our protein in the body Functions to provide protein to rebuild cell (2,000mg)

26 Oligo (oligosaccharides ) Decrease gastrointestinal transit time Helps to encourage the growth of friendly bacteria Improves constipation & diarrhea (2,400mg)

27 Active Ingredients (Antioxidant)

28 An antioxidant as it protects the body against oxidative stress Vitamin C in combination with collagen, allows the collagen molecule to assume its triple helix structure and making vitamin C essential to the development and maintenance of scar tissue, blood vessels, and cartilage. Vitamin C Sources of Vitamin C : Citrus Fruits eg. Oranges, grapefruit Rose hips are particularly high in vitamin C (50mg)

29 Manufacturing Flow Chart (Marine Collagen)


31 Double Blind Placebo (Clinical Evaluation) Examining for : 1)Moisture content of skin surface 2)Skin elasticity 3)Flexibility of skin 4)Microscopic 3D skin surface analysis 5)Statistical analysis – the difference before and after (Non-parametric Mann-Whitney test with placebo) (P-value of less than 0.05 was taken as significant difference)

32 Double Blind Clinical Evaluation 21 women Age 13.3 – 34.1 years old Dry & rough skin Drinks 5g of Collagen per day for 4 weeks

33 Test Result : Moisture content This shows the increase of moisture content of skin surface by approx. 60%

34 Test Result : Flexibility of Skin This shows that the flexibility of skin had increased by approx. 48%

35 Before treatment After 4 weeks treatment Test Result : Microscopic Skin Surface Analysis BEFORE AFTER

36 Conclusion – Test Analysis Increase of moisture content Increase of skin flexibility Improvement of skin conditions Certificate of safety - no side effect was observed




40 CONTACT DETAILS ZENOTEC PHARMA (M) SDN. BHD. +603- 5122 3050 No.34-2, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla R31/R, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan &


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