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Cloth Report by LIANG Cheng. Background Cloth Garment Pattern YarnFiber.

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1 Cloth Report by LIANG Cheng

2 Background Cloth Garment Pattern YarnFiber

3 Background Woven Knit

4 Application Analysis Design Simulation

5 Analysis Mirjalili S. A., Ekhtiyari E. Wrinkle Assessment of Fabric Using Image Processing. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe 2010, Vol. 18, No. 5 (82) pp. 60-63

6 Design

7 Simulation Material Neeharika Adabala, Nadia Magnenat- Thalmann and Guangzheng Fei. Visualization of woven cloth. Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2003. Jiaping Wang, Shuang Zhao, Xin Tong, John Snyder, and Baining Guo. 2008. Modeling anisotropic surface reflectance with example-based microfacet synthesis. ACM Trans. Graph.27, 3, Article 41 (August 2008)

8 Simulation Cloth – Physical based Collision detection (video)

9 DRAPE :Dressing Any Person(SIG12) Peng Guan 1 ; Loretta Reiss 1 ; David A. Hirshberg 2 ; Alexander Weiss 1 ; Michael J. Black 1;2 1 Brown University, 2 Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems

10 Preprocessing Training set: – Shape dependent – Pose dependent – SCAPE body models [Anguelov et al. 2005] Physically Simluation – Use OptiTex Software

11 Framework Shape deformation using shape training set Changing pose using rigid rotation Add wrinkles using pose training set Remove cloth interpenetration

12 Define a deformation variations in clothing shape on different people rigid rotation applied to clothing part p containing triangle t non-rigid pose-dependent deformation

13 Deformation Due to Body Shape Slove Dt Shape Training Set identity matrix

14 Rigid Part Rotation The SCAPE pose is given by the parameters Map it to the corresponding cloth part

15 Deformations Due to Body Pose Slove Qt use second order dynamics model Post Training Set identity matrix

16 Removing interpenetration Move the mesh outside the body Consider four terms – Cloth-body interpenetration – Smooth warping – Damping – Tightness Minimize the energy function – Iteration

17 Inspiration Separate the deformation into three steps Use some training set to generation the deformation This paper proposes supervised learning of garment parameters used for dressing any input human model in any pose, with highly detailed wrinkles. It decouples the learning of body shape, pose, and detailed wrinkles. The training data is obtained from an interactive dressing software.

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