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Version 1 10/06/2009 HYALUSPHERE Encapsulated hyaluronic acid Fill in wrinkles by injection- like effect.

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1 Version 1 10/06/2009 HYALUSPHERE Encapsulated hyaluronic acid Fill in wrinkles by injection- like effect

2 Version 1 10/06/2009 Biological context Hyaluronic acid & Aging The skin contains over 50% of the hyaluronic acid (HA) present in our body. As a key component of the dermis, HA keeps the skin smooth and plump HA level gradually decreases over time, resulting from synthesis/degradation unbalance 50-year-olds are estimated to have lose half the amount of HA they had in youth =>The skin dries out and loses its baby-skin smoothness Hyalusphere is vectorized HA that helps the skin recover its volume and fullness to fill in wrinkles

3 Version 1 10/06/2009 HYALUSPHERE COMPOSITION Hyalusphere is high molecular weight hyaluronic acid ( PM: 1-1.4 MDa) encapsulated in a patented microencapsulation technology, Spherulite® Hyaluronic acid HA is produced by biotechnology process, using lactic bacteria and renewable vegetal substrate Spherulite Hyaluspheres are non ionic Spherulites encapsulating HA within the aqueous interfaces Spherulites penetrate into the deepest cutaneous layers and progressively deliver hyaluronic acid in the target activity site for a long lasting effect Surfactant bilayers Aqueous phase Performances of the technology Optimization of the skin adhesion or penetration Time release of the active ingredients for a long lasting effect Spherulites are multi-layered microspheres of surfactants encapsulating active ingredients. They are composed of surfactant bi-layers and aqueous interfaces. Spherulite Technology

4 Version 1 10/06/2009 Mechanism of action 1. Optimization of the skin penetration Spherulites enable high molecular weight HA to reach the deep skin layers 2. Time release of HA Spherulite layers open successively for a controlled release of the HA and a long lasting effect 3. Plumping effect Increase of HA content in the dermis leads to a plumping effect to fill in wrinkle

5 Version 1 10/06/2009 Protocol A panel (12 volunteers, from 36 to 55 years old) applied on the crows feet areas : - a cream formulated with 3% Hyalusphere - a cream formulated with 2% of a positive reference* Average wrinkles were quantified at T0, T1h and T6h using a specific Software (Quantirides® ) In vivo Tests * * * * Hyalusphere significantly smoothes average wrinkles and outperforms the positive reference with fast and long term results * Positive reference : HA microspheres Positive referenceHyalusphere

6 Version 1 10/06/2009 In vivo Tests T0T1hT6h Hyalusphere 3% Positive reference 2% Hyalusphere is a potent anti-wrinkle active ingredient that offers a youthful and smooth look within 1 hour Photographs of the crows feet - Before / after treatment (T1h and T6h) T0T1hT6h

7 Version 1 10/06/2009 Cosmetic uses Cosmetic applications Hyalusphere is recommended from 2% à 3% in : Anti-wrinkle products Eye contour / Lip contour serums Face resculpting creams Lip plumping care INCI Name: Water (and) Sucrose palmitate (and) Tocopheryl acetate (and) Glyceryl linoleate (and) Sodium hyaluronate Preservative : Hyalusphere : Phenonip Hyalusphere PF : Phenoxyethanol and Potassium Sorbate Appearance : White cream

8 Version 1 10/06/2009 Conclusion Patented vectorisation technology Redensifies the skin to fill in wrinkles Proven efficacy

9 Version 1 10/06/2009 Xyliance 5 Caprilic/capric triglyceride 20 Preservative Qs Aqua Qsp 100% Hyalusphere 3 Aqua 3 Parfum Qs ABCDABCD Phase Components % Process 1.Prepare A and B under agitation, in a Bain Marie at 70°C 2.At 70°C, add B to A under stirring (3000 rpm - Polytron PT 300) during 5 minutes 3.Let get cold under agitation 4.At 30°C, add successively under agitation C and D and let get cold at room temperature FORMULATION Anti-wrinkle cream

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