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How Does Homeopathy Work? …with a focus on the Law of Similars

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1 How Does Homeopathy Work? …with a focus on the Law of Similars
Amy L. Lansky, PhD

2 My background… I’m not: a physicist, chemist, biologist, doctor… But I am: A homeopath ( A computer scientist / mathematician… with expertise in logical modeling (e.g., for artificial intelligence applications) I’ve been interested in consciousness-related subjects since long before my Homeopathy days…

3 Consciousness As An Active Force
Check out… Consciousness As An Active Force Also published in: The Noetic Journal, Volume 2, Number 1 (January 2000).

4 Let’s sort out what we know… (also see: Chapter 7: Impossible Cure)
Clinical studies show that Homeopathy is not working because of the placebo effect [see meta-analyses -- e.g., Linde,et al, “Are the Clinical Effects of Homoeopathy Placebo Effects? A Meta-Analysis of Placebo-Controlled Trials,” The Lancet, Volume 250, pp. 834–843 (September 20, 1997).] Well-done clinical studies (including some replicated studies) show that Homeopathy works, beyond placebo effect, in humans and animals. [e.g., Jacobs, et al., “Treatment of Acute Childhood Diarrhea with Homeopathic Medicine: A Randomized Clinical Trial in Nicaragua,” Pediatrics, Volume 93, Number 5, pp. 719–725 (May 1994)]

5 What you have already learned in this series… There is something in those remedies!
Medicinal properties are carried within homeopathic remedies (even beyond “Avogadro’s number” levels of dilution) due to the structural properties of water and other substances. Chemical molecules are not necessary because structure can carry information too. Physical chemistry studies have now shown that unique signatures can be found for different remedies and even different potencies of the same remedy. [E.g., Rao, et al, The defining role of structure (including epitaxy) in the plausibility of homeopathy, Homeopathy (2007) 96, pp (2007)]

6 What you have also learned in this series… Scientific studies have shown how the information embedded in remedies spreads throughout the body (and vital force) -- and quickly too The medicinal properties of remedies are quickly carried throughout the body water (80% of blood, 60% of body) likely due to the electromagnetic transmission of information. In fact, allopathic medicines probably work this way too. The signatures of potentized substances can even be sent electronically and transmitted into water and still work in laboratory settings. [E.g., Benveniste, et al, Transatlantic Transfer of Digitized Antigen Signal by Telephone Link, J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. 99:S175, 1997.]

7 What do Homeopaths say about this?
So we know remedies work, and we know how their information may be encoded and how this information gets to its target… But why the Law of Similars? How does THAT work? What do Homeopaths say about this? Theory 1. Action/Counteraction (Hahnemann) We know this is general mode of operation of the physical body for maintaining homeostasis. So, if a remedy somehow produces an action on the physical plane, the body will produce a counteraction on the physical plane. We do see this manifested in homeopathic treatment -- e.g.,aggravations. But it is not the whole story, since we don’t always see physical action, just the counteraction. Something is going on beyond the physical body as well. Perhaps Action/Counteraction occurs in the vital force as well? Or…

8 What’s going on beneath the surface?
Theory 2. The remedy is a counterfeit disease and “replaces” the disease state in the vital force. (Hahnemann) This may be getting closer to the truth. Hypothesis: Vital Force = Qi = Etheric plane Baron Karl von Reichenbach (mid 1800s) - Odic Field: Like pole attract (instead of opposite poles). So, do similar diseases attract and cancel each other? Or operate more conventionally and repel each other?

9 The body is a complex system.
Hahnemann was pretty clever… because he intuited Chaos and complexity theory (Bellavite and Signorini) The body is a complex system. Although chaotic, stable patterns can occur due to attractors. Such systems can also be extremely sensitive to very small signals e.g., “The Butterfly Effect” -- especially if the signal is extremely precise. “… the quality of information is far more important than the quantity…. The nearer one is to the bifurcation point, and the greater the freedom of choice, the lower will be the energy needed to shift the system in one direction or another” Disease = pathological attractor Remedy = high quality attractor that gets the body unstuck because of its similarity to the disease-producing pathological attractor.

10 But there is probably even more going on at deeper levels…
There is evidence that Homeopathy may be working at quantum levels -- because it exhibits some of the same properties as Psi [e.g. time/space anomalies] Hypothesis: Qi (etheric level) IS NOT Psi (Because Qi can be blocked by some materials… but Psi cannot). Therefore, homeopathy (and Psi) is probably working at even a deeper level than Qi=etheric level

11 Quantum Levels and beyond -- the spooky stuff
Transcend space and time: distance is irrelevant: non-local effects, no material contact required, how far makes no difference -- same effect. time is irrelevant: precognition, actions can even affect the past.

12 Paper remedies (no material required)
We do see these properties in homeopathy… even if we don’t like to admit it! Paper remedies (no material required) Proving phenomena (manifesting symptoms immediately upon intention to participate) -- may be retroactive causation? But all of this may even be true for allopathy too (no surprise!) -- e.g, the placebo effect, doctors beliefs about their medicine makes a difference too…. The quantum is leaking over into the macro level (McTaggart, The Intention Experiment), especially in medicine, because we humans are connected to the ZPF too -- via our higher bodies.

13 Similarity in vibration is very important at the quantum level…
Things that are most similar have the most intense connection in the ZPF (Laszlo, Science and the Akashic Field) Within the proposed Morphic Field communication is also probably accomplished via similarity of vibration -- e.g., between members of the same species. (Sheldrake, Presence of the Past) Synchronicity (rather than causality) is likely a key mechanism of the ZPF. Can be viewed as the meeting or attraction of like patterns of meaning. (Jung, Whitmont)

14 Obviously, similarity is what homeopathy is all about too.
We manifest the pattern of meaning that represents our state -- as does our simillimum. The key contribution of homeopathy: Bringing together like patterns has a meaningful effect. The Law of Similars may be a fundamental property of the ZPF.

15 Whitmont saw the same phenomenon in psychiatry as in homeopathy…the replacement of like patterns.
“..with mental and physical symptoms synchronistically, not causally, related, one may substitute for another and appear to be able to cancel it. Thus we get a first glimpse of an understanding how illness and ‘similar’ drug energy, as synchronistic entities of the same ‘field’ sharing a functional likeness, may perhaps substitute for another and thereby functionally cancel each other.” (Whitmont, Psyche and Substance)

16 Towards a higher dimensional model of quantum reality
In the mid 1990s I developed a model of consciousness that uses higher spatial dimensions (4D+) that can transcend 3-D space/time. This model can be used to explain psi phenomena including: precognition, retro-causation, inner viewing, remote viewing, distance healing, psychokinesis, and even teleportation, visiting alternate realities, etc. Over the years I have also explored: Qi Gong, Barbara Brennan and other hands-on healing systems like Reiki, Gurdjieff, Steiner, EFT, homeopathy, etc. Serendipitously, my husband did some software development for Dean Radin on precognition experiments.

17 Hypothesis: Humans have access (perhaps via the higher astral, mental, and causal bodies) to at least 4-D space. The 4th spatial dimension was a big topic of interest in the late 1800s. Its existence could easily explain paranormal phenomena. To understand higher dimensions (hard!), read: Rucker: The Fourth Dimension. Higher spatial dimensions (up to 10) are used mathematically in physics to come up with a unified field theory (Michio Kaku). Bohm: the implicate order (4-D?) manifests itself by unfolding in our (3-D) explicate order… Things wink in and wink out at quantum levels… We humans may be able to actively affect how our lives unfold into 3-D space/time as well…

18 Flatland… Our 3-D view of a 2-D world -- the life of a 2D object is a 3-D shape

19 A 4-D view of our 3-D world -- the life of a 3-D object is a 4-D shape

20 At each moment -- the NOW -- you are at the gateway to many possible futures in 4-D space. Which will it be? The human-machine will follow the most probable, predictable course. The body will continue to regenerate in the same way. The “laws of the universe” (which may also be mutable -- see Laszlo, Sheldrake), will be followed. Human-higher-consciousness can affect things so that less probable paths are followed. For example, a path in which healing occurs. Human-higher-consciousness may also be able to “foresee” which path will lead to a desired goal. Our sense of affecting or “choosing” our path is our sense of Free Will.

21 GOAL NOW Most Likely

22 The Secret / Abraham-Hicks / etc.
Reframe your current state in the NOW to be as similar as possible to your goal state. Resonance with this goal state will lead you to it. X +Y > Y

23 GOAL NOW Most Likely

24 99% 1% disease

25 Law of Similars If a person is in a state of disease and is given a substance that mimics this state, that person will be thrown out of the state of disease. PERSON&D + D > PERSON Why/how does this happen?

26 Hypotheses… Action/Counteraction. By echoing the disease state back, it increases the chance of moving away from it. Similar Vibration. By confronting disease energy with similar energy, the chance that it will be neutralized/replaced increases. Information. By informing the body about what’s going on, its attachment to the disease is loosened and it is reminded of its true original self -- its non-diseased state.

27 While tapping on acupressure points:
A similar phenomenon -- Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) See: While tapping on acupressure points: “Even though <I have D>, I deeply and completely love and accept myself” ME&D + <I have D> + <I Love ME> > ME

28 99% 1% ?? 50% disease remedy disease EFT: disease Retrocausation?
Even though I love disease

29 Hypotheses… Adding the remedy disease (or performing EFT) increases the chances of throwing off the disease in the next state because of -- Energetically repelling it in the current state Retroactively detaching it from a past state by recognizing its presence as a separate entity Pulling you toward the goal healthy state by “remembering” and resonating with it

30 What’s next? I am currently writing a new book that presents these ideas and more…including meditative techniques. The seed for this book was written in 1996: Stay tuned!

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