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Stepping Back STOP! Grab your shields and listen.

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2 Stepping Back STOP! Grab your shields and listen


4 Rockingham Castle was wooden in the 11 th Century, it was re built in stone within 30 years by William 2 nd. Edward 3 rd was the last Monarch to visit while it still belonged to the crown.

5 The children all said ‘WOW’ when they saw this view.

6 In 1270 Henry 3 rd added the twin D tower gatehouse.


8 In the last few centuries servants lived at the top of the building at the end of this cobbled street. Underneath them was the laundry.


10 Medieval


12 Birch Bark Hibiscus Goldenrod Queen Anne’s Lace (Alum and Iron) Onion Skins Queen Anne’s Lace (Alum) Natural dyes and the colours they make




16 Knights went to mass at dawn and said prayers.


18 Page at 7 (a servant for a knight) Around the age of fifteen, the page would become a squire. As a squire, the young man would have a new set of tasks. He would take care of the knight's horses, clean his armour and weapons, and accompany the knight to the battlefield. They trained with real weapons and were taught fighting skills by the knight. They had to be in good shape and strong. Squires continued to practice their horsemanship, perfecting their skills at jousting and fighting from the saddle. Most future knights worked as a squire for five or six years.

19 Dubbing Ceremony If a squire had proven his bravery and skill at battle, he would become a knight at the age of twenty-one. He gained the title of knight at a "dubbing" ceremony. At this ceremony he would kneel before another knight, lord, or king who would then tap the squire on the shoulder with his sword making him a knight. At the ceremony, the new knight would take an oath to honour and protect his king and the church. He would be presented with a pair of riding spurs and a sword.

20 Sop in Wine

21 Quintain and Pell

22 The Lords and Ladies ate in the Great Hall. The servants slept in there at night.

23 There was usually entertainment after dinner.

24 Ladies did sewing in the afternoons while the men looked around the grounds of the manor house or castle, or trained their birds of prey and horses.

25 Lots of people worked in the kitchen

26 Water was heated over a fire and had to be carried up the stairs in buckets to fill the barrel. This person has their food on a special board across their bath

27 The Solar was a room in the castle called the Lords and Ladies Chamber, or the Great Chamber. The Solar was intended for use as a bedroom and used by the lord and lady of the castle - it also afforded some privacy for the noble family of the castle. This type of chamber was originally a partitioned room which was added to the end of the Great Hall.

28 Our final song

29 It might seem crazy what we’re about to say Knights in castles- they saved the day. Protecting our land from the enemy Sometimes having battles so far away. Because I'm happy Clap along if you think that castles are really big Because I'm happy Clap along if you think moats took forever to dig. Because I'm happy Clap along if you know that the doors were really wide Because I'm happy Clap along if you know that horses often went inside. Jousting on a horse with a lance, yeah, Court Jesters made us happy with a dance, yeah, We all ate bread and drank some wine, yeah, Living in a castle was just fine. Here's why

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