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Vs. The Battle of Appomattox By: Jeffrank Solórzano

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1 Vs. The Battle of Appomattox By: Jeffrank Solórzano
Walter W. Stiern Middle School Ms.Marshall CA hss 8.10

2 Appomattox Facts Robert E. Lee surrendered to Grant after his army was surrounded and very weak Generals agreed to meet on April 9, 1865 in William McLean’s house It was the final battle of the Civil War in which the Union won

3 Civil War Facts Was the bloodiest conflict in American history
Killed more people than the War of 1812, Revolutionary War, World War I & II, War against Switzerland, & Vietnam War combined! 902 million people were killed!! Started in 1838 and ended in 1845

4 Ulysses S. Grant Born in Point Pleasant, Ohio, April 27, 1822
Was christened with name Hiram Ulysses He graduated 21st out of 39 On March 9, 1864, Grant was commissioned Lieutenant General 3 days later, he was appointed by Lincoln to be the General in Chief of the U.S Armies

5 More About Ulysses S. Grant
Grant’s first battle against Robert E. Lee was at Battle of the Wilderness on May, 1864 He won the Appomattox battle Was president of the U.S. from 1869 to 1877 dkljdf

6 Robert E. Lee Born in January 19, 1807 in Virginia
Attended West Point Military School & graduated in 1829 with the ranking of 2nd in his class He lost the Appottamox battle after being surrounded by Grant’s troops

7 Appomattox Courthouse
It was the final engagement of the Confederate States Army with General Robert E. Lee’s Army Of North Virginia, before it surrendered to the Union Army Lee launched an attack to break through the Union force to his front, which he assumed consisted entirely of cavalry

8 More About Robert E. Lee During this time, Lee was pushed on all sides and the Confederate Army was nearing its demise Robert E. Lee was the most influential general for the Confederate Army and helped them win many battles Robert E. lee died in a Wednesday on October 12th, 1870

9 The South After the War The South was destroyed after the war including: its economy, population, and respect Pardoning the South was an idea that Lincoln proposed called the Ten Percent Plan which said that as long as 10% of a state’s population gave an oath to abolish slavery the state would be accepted to the Union After he died, Congress repelled it

10 Bibliography “ Appomattox Battle.” Civil War Battles January 23, < “Battle of Appomattox.” America’s Civil War March 18, 2010. <

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