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Vocabulary and Comprehension Test

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1 Vocabulary and Comprehension Test
Frindle Vocabulary and Comprehension Test

2 Vocabulary 1. The man was so ________ in his thoughts that he did not notice when the traffic light changed from red to green. sidetrack absorbed beaming emptied

3 Vocabulary 2. We walked up and down each _______ at the grocery store, trying to remember all the things we needed for supper. oath reputation aisle vacation

4 Vocabulary 3. To join the club, we had to take an ________, saying that we would not break any club rules. absorbed aisle interested oath

5 Vocabulary 4. Ted’s mother could not help ________ with pride as her son performed in the talent show. beaming sidetrack reputation partition

6 Vocabulary 5. Grace has the ________ of being honest and trustworthy.
sidetrack absorbed reputation partition

7 Vocabulary 6. By asking questions, Tim tried to ________ our teacher from giving us a test. absorbed oath reputation sidetrack

8 Comprehension 7. Nick feels that the worst thing that can happen in class is ________. writing a report being treated like the teacher’s pet giving an oral report answering the teacher’s questions

9 Comprehension 8. What is the German word for dog? chien dog hund perro

10 Comprehension 9. What book is Mrs. Granger describing? a math book
a phone book a notebook a dictionary

11 Comprehension 10. Mrs. Granger gets through the whole day’s assignments ________. in eight minutes in French with great difficulty without any wrong answers

12 Comprehension 11. Why is Nick asking Mrs. Granger questions?
to learn words in foreign languages to learn more about dictionaries to keep her from giving more homework to become the teacher’s pet

13 Comprehension 12. What helps Nick understand what Mrs. Granger said about the meaning of words? an experience he had in preschool a discussion at the newspaper meeting his latest assignment from Mrs. Granger his and Janet’s talk about Mrs. Granger’s class

14 Comprehension 13. When does Nick understand what Mrs. Granger said about the meaning of words? as he leads the newspaper meeting while he and Janet are walking home after he eats dinner before he leaves school

15 Comprehension 14. What happens after Nick accidentally knocks Janet off the curb? She picks up the gold pen. She falls on the pavement. He talks about Mrs. Granger’s class. He uses the word frindle for the first time.

16 Comprehension 15. Why does Nick ask the lady in the store for a frindle? because he wants to try using frindle as a real word because he needs a black pen because Mrs. Granger told the class to buy a special kind of pen because he knows the saleslady speaks German

17 Comprehension 16. According to the selection, what is Nick’s middle name? Frindle Allen Gwagala Action

18 Comprehension 17. How does Nick try to make frindle a real English word? He teaches the word to the clerk at the store. He has his friends take an oath to never say pen. He tells Mrs. Granger about a frindle. He finds the word in the book Words Alive.

19 Comprehension 18. Which best describes Nick? dishonest disorganized
imaginative musical

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