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Christ Teens Break Out Session Scott Sager, Lipscomb University.

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1 Christ Teens Break Out Session Scott Sager, Lipscomb University

2 Covenant Baptism: “Our Place in God’s Plan”

3 What in the World is a Covenant?

4 Covenant Defined: "A mutual agreement between two or more persons to do or refrain from doing certain acts. It is applied to engagements entered into by and with the divine being as revealed in scriptures, etc.”

5 Key to Covenant: It always means, “being loyal to the other party; it is never simply an agreement to perform some external duty.”

6 Examples of Covenant: O.T. Covenant Sacrifice Marriage Ceremony

7 Parts of a Marriage Covenant * Agreement on the Terms * The Swearing of an Oath * The Offering of a Sacrifice * The Witnesses * The Feast * The Giving of Gifts

8 The Announcement of the Change Two single people entered One united couple leaves

9 Notice: A Marriage Covenant is… Death to our Single Nature New Creation as a Couple before God

10 Let’s Meet our Covenant Sacrifice Teams

11 Four Covenants of Old Testament * The Covenant with Noah (Gen. 9:1-17) * The Covenant with Abraham (Gen. 15:1-18) * The Covenant at Sinai (Exodus 24:1-18) * The Covenant with David (II Sam. 7:5-16)

12 Our New Covenant with Christ "This cup is the new covenant in my blood; do this in remembrance of me" (I Cor. 11:23-25).

13 Agreement on the Terms: a. Repentance from a sinful lifestyle. b. Faith in the faithfulness of God.

14 The Swearing of an Oath: a. Confession of faith in Jesus Christ. b. Acknowledgment of him as your sovereign Lord.

15 The Offering of a Sacrifice: a. Passing through water of baptism--from death to new covenant. b. Sacrifice representative of death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

16 The Witness: a. The Holy Spirit bears witness we are the people of God. b. Brothers and sisters in Christ affirm this truth.

17 The Feast: a. The role of the Lord's Supper in Christian worship. b. The promise of the ultimate feast in heaven.

18 The Giving of Gifts: a. Jesus gives spiritual gifts to all in the New Covenant. b. Eternal gifts are promised to all of the covenant (see Rev. 2-3)

19 Three Announcements: 1.You are Forgiven! 2. You are Holy! 3. You are Adopted as a Child of God!

20 “The One Who Was Slain”… Jesus. h?v=THWz5WRh-eY h?v=THWz5WRh-eY

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