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Service Book Service book is a contemporary record in minute details of a person’s officials career.

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1 Service Book Service book is a contemporary record in minute details of a person’s officials career.

2 Service Book 1.A service book in prescribed format should be maintained for every government servant separately. 2.The service book must be maintained for a Government servant from the date of his first appointment to retirement or quitting service due to any reasons. 3.First page entries will be made by referring to the original /attested copies of the relevant documents at the time of first appointment and attested by the Head of Office or any other officer duly authorized. Any additions alterations will also be similarly attested.

3 Service Book 4.Signature or left thumb impression of the government servant will be obtained in the presence of the Head of Office or authorized officer. 5.A photograph of the government servant has to be affixed to on first page the service book. Cost of the photograph will be borne by the Department.

4 Service Book 6.Service book of a government servant will contain following particulars.  Medical examination on first appointment.  Verification of character and antecedents  Declaration about marital status  Declaration of oath of allegiance / affirmation to the Constitution  Commu.status: Whether belongs to SC/ST/OBC  Whether recruited under ExSM or PH quota or sports quota, compassionate appointment etc.,  Date of birth in words and figures.  Education/technical/professional qualification at the time of first appointment and those subsequently acquired.  Details of family members in Form-III  Nomination details for GPF/DCRG/CGEGIS.

5 Service Book  Home town details for LTC purposes.  Election of scale of pay.  Option regarding fixation of Pay on promotion.  Changes in postings/Office/station/ Scale of pay  Changes in nature of appointment by way of promotion/reversion/deputation/transfer  leave, suspension and any other interruption in service

6 Service Book  Increment, stoppage of increment.  Availing of LTC either by him for for members of family  Counting of past military service for pension.  Particulars of punishments awarded to the government servant, having a bearing in his pay.  Any court attachment relating to the Government servant

7 Service Book 7.Original/attested copies of documents relating to the particulars in first page of the service book and other vital points are to be attached to the service books.  Relaxation of age, educational qualification.  Medical certificate of fitness  Home town declaration  Details of family in form-III  Condonation of break in service.  CGEGIS nomination  Change of name/Change of date of birth  Exercise of option for fixation of pay  Any punishment order  Community certificate.

8 Service Book 8.A photograph of the government servant has to be affixed on the first page of part I of the service book. 9.Entries should immediately be made as and when an occurrence having a bearing on the service of the official takes place. 10.Every step in a government servant’s official life must be recorded in his service book and each entry must be attested by the head of office. 11.Following officers are authorized to a)attest the entries in the service books b) to maintain Service books c) to keep these documents in their safe custody APM(A/C), AAO, AHRO(A/C) in RMS and SS in RO/CO

9 Service Book 12.The Head of the Office shall inspect at least 10% of the service books every year and initial the service books. 12.Service books should be shown to the govt servant every year and their signature obtained therein in token of having inspected the service books. 13.At a fixed time in each year the head of office shall take up service books for verification with pay bills and endorse a certificate to the effect that the entries are properly recorded in the service book.

10 Service Book 14.The service books of those officials who are completing 25 years of service or 5 years of service to go on retirement shall be sent to PAO for verification and certifying net qualifying service of the officials. 15.The service book of the official shall not be given to the official on retirement/resignation of service etc., 16.However a copy of the service book can be supplied to such official on payment of a copying fee.

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