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George Washington’s Precedents as the First President.

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2 George Washington’s Precedents as the First President

3 1. Added “so help me God” to the oath of office. This phrase, though not required, has been said by everyone who has become president since George Washington.


5 2. Call me “Mr. President” Your Highness The Exalted Your Greatness

6 3. Where the government should be located This was a compromise within his cabinet and congressional leaders over debt. Alexander Hamilton wanted to absorb all of the state’s debt following the American Revolution to create a new American economic system. Many states like Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina had paid off this debt and did not think it was fair. The Compromise: Move the capital from New York City to a new neutral location further to the south.

7 Washington choose the land, some of which he owned. – Designed the city – Designed many of the buildings – The capital would not officially move until after his death during the Presidency of John Adams

8 4. Created the Executive Department positions. Rule with the support and information of advisors knowing he could not know everything that was going on under his command Similar to a military hierarchy system – Delegate assignments to get the most out of a leader Created regular meeting schedule with cabinet to talk about routine issues Surrounded himself with the best of the best advisors

9 Washington’s Cabinet Vice President – John Adams, spent time in England as an ambassador was also a Federalist ( received the 2 nd most popular votes) (not chosen by Washington) Alexander Hamilton – Secretary of the Treasury, Federalist (brilliant financial mind) Thomas Jefferson – Secretary of State, Democratic Republican (brilliant understanding of events in other counties especially France) Henry Knox – Secretary of War (Washington’s artillery commander during the Revolution) Samuel Osgood – Postmaster General

10 5. Set up the Federal Court System. Helped to pass and implement the Judiciary Act of 1789. – Created and appointed the federal district courts and judges to fill these courts – Law established flow between the different levels of courts and how they worked on the state and federal level.

11 6. Established and promoted a new economic system in the United States. Support for assuming (bringing together) all states debt to create a national debt to give us international credibility Creating a national banking system Increasing trade to build the American economy

12 7. Create a position of neutrality in foreign affairs. Americans would not involve themselves in foreign affairs if at all possible. – Exceptions were if we came under attack Followed mostly until WWI Would establish strong trade relationships with Great Britain and France – Still strongest allies today


14 8. Two Terms as President He would limit himself to 2 terms as president to create a change within our government and show how a succession of power should work This would continue until President F.D. Roosevelt. 22 Amendment today enforces this policy.

15 Farewell Address – statement to the people and the incumbent as to what needs to be done to keep the country moving forward. – Washington established many policy warnings President should only run for 2 terms There was danger in the U.S. becoming to closely connected to other countries Political conflicts within the country needed to be worked out in order to protect independence The national debt needed to be paid quickly to keep us free.

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