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Welcome! The Topic For Today Is…. Chapter 5 Treaty TimeAcadiansSeven’s Year War British ConflictRandom 200 400 600 800 1000 Final Jeopardy: Royal Proclamation.

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1 Welcome! The Topic For Today Is…

2 Chapter 5 Treaty TimeAcadiansSeven’s Year War British ConflictRandom Final Jeopardy: Royal Proclamation

3 Topic 1: 200 Question: What treaty allowed Britain to take control of Acadia? Answer Treaty of Utrecht

4 Topic 1: 400 Question: The treaty of Utrecht gave France control of Acadia in True or False? Answer False

5 Topic 1: 600 Question: What two acts were signed in the year 1763? Answer The Treaty of Paris The Royal Proclamation of 1763

6 Topic 1: 800 Question: What treaty, The Royal Proclamation of 1763 or the Quebec Act, has more impact on us today? Answer Up to your answer

7 Topic 1: 1000 Question: Name all the points as to how to Royal Proclamation tried to assimilate the Canadiens? Answer Britain style government, no Catholics in gov’t, abolish French civil law, invite 13 colonists to move to Quebec.

8 Topic 2: 200 Question: What FN tribe was loyal to the Acadians? Answer The Mi’kmaqs

9 Topic 2: 400 Question: Name me three places the Acadians were fled, deported or sent too. Answer Europe – Britain 13 Colonies New Orleans New France

10 Topic 2: 600 Question: Acadians signed an oath what was that one called? Answer The oath of neutrality

11 Topic 2: 800 Question: Acadia had something called strategic position. Explain why Acadia had this? Answer Headway to the St. Lawrence, Close to New France, Transportation, Resources

12 Topic 2: 1000 Question: What is the main difference between genocide and ethnic cleansing? And what, in your opinion is the Great Deportation? Answer Genocide is elimination, Ethnic Cleansing is removal. Depends on your answer.

13 Topic 3: 200 Question: What year did the battle in NA end? Answer 1760

14 Topic 3: 400 Question: What was the outcome of the Treaty of Paris for the French? Like what did they get! Answer Guadeloupe Small cod fishery in NA Islands of St. Pierre, and Miquelon

15 Topic 3: 600 Question: Some FN groups came into conflict with the British after the Plains of Abraham. What was the Odawa leaders name? Answer Pontiac

16 Topic 3: 800 Question: If you were Britain what would you deal with first. End FN resistance or prevent a rebellion among Canadiens? Answer Depends on your answer.

17 Topic 3: 1000 Question: Explain to me how the two generals of the Plains of Abraham were treated after their deaths? Answer Wolfe was a hero. Body taken back to Britain. Montcalm was buried in a box, in a hole made by a cannon. Unmarked grave.

18 Topic 4: 200 Question: The British conquest of NA ended with Acadia? True or False? Answer False

19 Topic 4: 400 Question: Louisburg was the French port on what Nova Scotia Island? Answer Cape Breton

20 Topic 4: 600 Question: On page 149 read the caption at the bottom of the page and answer the two questions that have to deal with that image. Answer It was a huge injustice that was done among Canadiens. This is the history of a group of people.

21 Topic 4: 800 Question: The battle of the Plains of Abraham was a deceive battle. Explain why it was? Answer This gave Britain the edge to control Quebec. With little power left from France in wanting to keep the colony the governor surrendered in 1760 and awaits the treaty of Paris three years later to find the fate of New France.

22 Topic 4: 1000 Question: complete the middle event French lose at the Plains of Abraham ? The French get Guadeloupe. Answer The treaty of Paris is signed deciding the fate of New France, and the Europeans countries new colonies.

23 Topic 5: 200 Question: Assimilate means what? Answer To make someone like or into someone else.

24 Topic 5: 400 Question: The proclamation line created what territory to ease peace with whom? Answer Indian Territory, FN

25 Topic 5: 600 Question: Quebec became bilingual in 1763 with the signing of the Royal Proclamation. True of False Answer False it was in 1774 during the Quebec Act

26 Topic 5: 800 Question: Name the four points that the Quebec Act of 1774 put in place to ease peace with the Canadiens. Answer Catholics can practice their own religion, Catholics can be in the gov’t if they sign a oath of loyalty to Britain, reinstated French civil law, extended Quebec boundaries.

27 Topic 5: 1000 Question: Why would the Quebec Act have made Americans mad and been another reason why they started the American Revolution? Answer The proclamation line prevented 13 colonists from moving into Indian territory.

28 Final Jeopardy: Royal Proclamation Question: Read the respond question on pg 165 and tell me who would have said each comment in the question. Answer 1 Canadien 2 FN 3 13 Colonies

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