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VOLUNTEER CLINICAL FACULTY (VCF) APPOINTMENTS School of Dentistry Faculty Council January 22, 2015.

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1 VOLUNTEER CLINICAL FACULTY (VCF) APPOINTMENTS School of Dentistry Faculty Council January 22, 2015

2 Today’s Objectives What are your primary questions/concerns regarding the VCF onboarding process? We can review: VCF policy and reference material HR processes and interfaces with the departments/VCF Typical issues/barriers to bringing VCF onboard

3 Process overview for hiring VCF 1. Department identifies need for VCF, and follows internal processes/approvals to bring a new VCF into the dept. 2. Department submits a ticket to HR through the Service Request System (SRS, through MyAccess), for a request to hire a new VCF. All relevant information should be included within the ticket (i.e. start date, duration, title, CV, reference names, etc.) 3. With this information, HR creates a unique ID number in the payroll system, creates an appointment packet in Advance, reaches out to the candidate as needed for additional materials (i.e. reference names, updated CV,) and solicits referees for letters. 4. Once the packet is complete, the Department Chair certifies the packet. 5. The packet is then routed to the Dean’s office for final review and approval of the appointment. 6. Once approval notice is received, HR reaches out to the candidate to complete and return their payroll/onboarding paperwork. 7. Once paperwork is received, HR can key appointment into the payroll system, and close out the SRS ticket. The hire/onboarding process is complete at this point.  For a more detailed outline of the process, please refer to the attached Academic process map for Volunteer Clinical Faculty Appointments

4 Considerations Typical issues that can hold up the approval of new VCF appointments: Short turn-around request for VCF start date Incomplete information submitted in the HR SRS (service request system) to initiate the appointment process Lack of response from VCF for packet materials (i.e. CV/reference names), or payroll paperwork Delay in completion of appointment packet in Advance (pending reference letters, completion/certification of Chair letter) Internal Department processes that may add to the timeline Faculty consultation/voting on appointments Department review process that occurs prior to HR being notified Others?

5 VCF Reference Materials APM 279 VCF Process Map – PDF attachment Turn-around timing Packet Checklist HR Onboarding Paperwork HR Contacts

6 APM 279 279-0 Policy Appointees in the Clinical Professor series are community volunteer clinicians who teach the application of clinical and basic sciences in areas of patient care. These appointments constitute a valuable way to utilize the interest and expertise of practitioners from the community on a part-time unsalaried voluntary basis in the areas of teaching, patient care, and clinical research. 279-8 Types of Appointments Titles and ranks in this series are: (1) Clinical Instructor (2) Assistant Clinical Professor (3) Associate Clinical Professor (4) Clinical Professor

7 APM 279 279-10 Criteria An appointee must have the appropriate license to practice in his or her field and must contribute significantly to the clinical teaching program. Each school may establish other minimum standards (e.g., board certification). The Chancellor shall establish campus guidelines that specify the minimum number of required hours per year; the number of minimum hours may vary in different schools or departments. Clinical competence and excellence in teaching will be the primary basis for appointment, reappointment, and promotion in this series. Clinical competence should be determined by primary verification of licenses, written peer recommendations from recent supervisors, National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) report (may be self-query by applicant), evidence of current medical malpractice insurance, chronology of employment with no unexplained gaps since completion of residency, and list of malpractice claims and suits in which the applicant has been involved with narrative description of the underlying allegations, facts and resolution of the complete case.

8 Turn-around timing: Series Appt with No Visa Appt with J-1Appt with H1B H1B prem proce ss Appt with O Visa Off-Cycle or Non-FY Renewal, No Visa NFA's: Specialist; Academic Admin/Coord; Research Assoc; etc.  4 wks  6 wks for Acad Admin/Coor (for refrences) New: 4 months Renewal: 1-2 months N/A for Acad Admin/Coor. New: 6-8 mos Renewal: 4-6 mos N/A- Acad Admin/Coor. 4 mosn/a6 wks  Faculty Up to Asst 2  Professional Researchers  Acting Professor 4 mos New: 4 months Renewal: 1-2 months Not applicable for Faculty, except Adjunct New: 6-8 mos Renewal: 4-6 mo. 4 mosn/a6 wks Faculty Above Asst 2 Approximately 6-12 mos NA New: 8 mos Renewal: 4-6 mo. 4 mos Min 12 mos Min 2 mos Postdocs3 wks New: 4 months Renewal: 1-2 months New: 6-8 mos Renewal: 4-6 mo. 4 mosn/a New: 1 mo Renewal: 2 mos All Volunteer Faculty (VCF, Adjunct WOS) 8 wks n/a, contact HR if questions n/a 2 mos Visiting Scholars, and Other WOS Appointments (excl. affiliates) 4-6 wks New: 4 months Renewal: 1-2 months n/a 4 wks Visiting Professor (2113/2168) requiring clinical license n/a New: 8-12 mos Renewal: 4-6 mos 8-12 mos Min 12 mos n/a

9 VCF Packet Checklist

10 HR Onboarding Paperwork sample email notice to new VCF Dear Dr., I am pleased to inform you that your title - Volunteer appointment has been approved by the Dean’s office. Your volunteer clinical appointment start date is XXXXX. Attached to this email is a document containing the following forms that are required to complete your appointment. Please read, complete, and sign as appropriate for each of the forms by XXXXX. Personal Data Form Employment Authorization or I-9 Complete section 1 and sign Attach a copy of proof of employment eligibility (see attached list of acceptable documents for employment verification) Oath/Patent Agreement US citizens are required to sign the top and bottom (Oath and Patent) portion of the form Non-US citizens sign the patent agreement (bottom) only W-4 Federal and State Withholding This is for payroll purposes only and may not apply to you, but is still required to complete. Demographic Transmittal (UPAY 560) Confidentiality Statement (HIPAA) Child/Adult Abuse Reporting Form Employee Policy Acknowledgement Emergency Contact Information Please feel free to contact me at 415/502-0550 or email,, to set-up an appointment to meet and discuss any questions you may have. If you are unavailable to meet in person, please return the completed forms via email or efax to 415/390-9047 by XXXX or Please note that it is important to return these forms by the stated due date in order to complete the process of your appointment.

11 Contacting HR HR VCF Contact for SOD: Aurora Breganza, 502-0550, Academic HR Managers Amy Carter (502-0541): PRDS, Oral Surgery Amy Tom (502-0620): OFS, CTB, SOD Dean’s Office Find your HR Representative :

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