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The South Carolina Corps of Cadets School Year 2014-2015.

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1 The South Carolina Corps of Cadets School Year 2014-2015

2 Transition Train Sustain 4 th Class Training – Transition to Cadet

3 MORNING – 05:30 (AM)REVEILLE – 05:50FORMATION – 06:00-06:45PHYSICAL TRAINING – 06:45-07:10PERSONAL HYGIENE – 07:10-07:45BREAKFAST – 08:00-11:45TRAINING / CLASSES AFTERNOON – 12:00-12:45 (PM)LUNCH – 1:00-5:45TRAINING / CLASSES – 6:00-6:45RETREAT FORMATION; DINNER EVENING – 7:00-9:00TRAINING / ROOM & UNIFORM PREPARATION – 9:00-10:00PERSONAL HYGIENE – 10:00 (PM)TAPS A Typical Day in 4 th Class Training

4 Safety is Paramount Committed to safe, secure training environment Daily sick call Fully-staffed infirmary including 1 Physician and 8 Nurses Closely monitor heat index Hurricane Policy Bulldog Alert System

5 Chain of Command (Cadet & Commandant’s Department) Citadel Counseling Center Cadet Human Affairs Teams (3 per company) Chaplain to the Corps of Cadets 3 Ombudspersons Citadel Infirmary Director of Cadet Advocacy, Response and Education Campus Alcohol and Drug Information Center Cadet Personal Support Services

6 Contact with your New Cadet Write letters Call cell Phones (26 Aug) E-Mail (26 Aug) Send care packages Visit The Citadel Webpage Be cautious of Internet rumors Support your cadet Use your TAC Officers Please note: Visitation is prohibited during 4 th Class Training Pagers are not allowed on campus (all four classes)

7 Key Dates for Fall Semester Oath Ceremony (18 Aug) Beach House (24 Aug) First Day of Class (27 Aug) First Home Football Game vs. Coastal Carolina (30 Aug) First General Leave (1100-1800 @ 31 Aug) Football Game vs. Florida State (6 Sep) Football Game vs. Garner Webb (27 Sep) Parents’ Weekend (10-12 Oct) Mid-Term Examinations (14-21 Oct) Homecoming (7-8 Nov) Fall Furlough (Thanksgiving) (21-30 Nov) ** Final Examinations (12-18 Dec) Winter Furlough (18 Dec – 11 Jan) **

8 Friday, 10 Oct No afternoon classes Academic Open Houses/Parents’ Reception President’s Report to Parents No parade General Leave Ring Presentation Ceremony Saturday, 11 Oct The Citadel Family Association Annual Meeting; Barracks Open House 4th Class Squad Drill Competition Letter Ceremony Regimental Band Concert; Carillon Concert Awards Review Luncheon in Coward Hall Football Game vs. UNC-Charlotte Sunday, 12 Oct Worship Services Parents’ Day Weekend 10-12 Oct

9 Emergency Contact Numbers Commandant’s Department: (843) 953-3020/5003 1 st Battalion (Companies A, B, C, and D): (843) 953-0506 2 nd Battalion (Companies E, F, G, H, and Regimental Band): (843) 953-2101 3 rd Battalion (Companies I, K, L, and M): (843) 953-5245 4 th Battalion (Companies N, O, R, and T): (843) 953-1722 5 th Battalion (Palmetto Battery and Companies P, S, and V): (843) 953-5365 *** All Commandant’s Department contact numbers can be found online:


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