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Development of Your Professional Self Carol Britton Laws, MSW.

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1 Development of Your Professional Self Carol Britton Laws, MSW

2 Professionals have a body of knowledge scope of practice agreed upon values oath or code and accountability to our society for our profession and our professional behavior. What is a Professional?

3 What is Professionalism? Describes a certain type of behavior in the workplace Based on our values and understanding of our professional roles Evidenced in our behavior

4 How is Professionalism Judged? Against a set of expectations or standards From our own personal values set and understanding of what “professionalism” means May be situational in nature Strongly influenced by culture

5 Professionalism is in the eye of the beholder…


7 Professionalism is Determined By: Our Image Our Communication Our Competence Our Demeanor

8 From the Client’s Perspective Trustworthy Competent Empathetic Respectful Caring

9 Unprofessional Behavior - Clients Non-therapeutic relationships Inappropriate communication Inappropriate self-disclosure Exploitation – money, gifts Breaches of confidentiality

10 From the Co-Workers Perspective Trustworthy Competent Supportive Respectful Accountable

11 Unprofessional Behavior - Coworkers Inappropriate relationships Disengagement – texting, inappropriate use of internet, phoning Provision of misleading information Disrespect

12 Qualities and Characteristics of a Professional Social Worker Competent Trustworthy Respectful Act with Integrity Considerate Empathetic Courteous Dependable Cooperative Committed

13 Getting There – 6 Phases Expectation Revelation Refutation Negotiation Adaptation Affirmation

14 Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later. Og Mandino

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