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Years: (1865-1871) GA occupied by military Republican control Rufus Bullock Governor.

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2 Years: (1865-1871) GA occupied by military Republican control Rufus Bullock Governor

3 U.S. agency that helped former slaves during Reconstruction Helped former slaves: Set up schools, churches Issued food, clothing Drew up labor contracts

4 sharecropping: Landowner allows a tenant to use the land in return for a share of the crop produced, had nothing but their labor both: Kept many black in the fields working after the end of slavery tenant farming: Step up from Sharecropping, tenant uses land and pays rent, whether in cash or crop, owned some tools.

5 Keyword: Healing Southern states had to: 1. Restore southern state as quickly an easily as possible 2. With a few exceptions all southerners were pardoned after taking an oath of allegiance to the US 3. After 10% take the oath the state could form a legal gov’t and rejoin the union

6 Keyword: Lenient Followed Lincoln’s lenient policies except… 1. expanded the group not given a pardon 2. Declare secession null & void 3. Abolish slavery by passing the 13 th amendment 4. Cancel all war debts

7 Keyword: Punish South occupied by Military, three times 1. forced southern states to ratify the 14th Granting citizenship and equal protection to blacks 2. Georgia Act – returned Georgia to military control until the 15 th amendment was passed giving all males the right to vote

8 Keyword: Freedom ratified in 1865 officially abolished slavery 1st of Reconstruction amendments

9 Keyword: Citizenship ratified in 1868 gave citizenship to the newly freed men and women forbade the state to deny equal protection under of the law.

10 Keyword: Voting Rights ratified in 1870 extended the right to vote to all males

11 Black men participated in GA politics for the 1st time Whites outraged, used KKK to intimidate Wanted to return control of the state to the Democrats One quarter of southern blacks were killed, threatened, beaten, or jailed for attempting to vote.

12 one of the 1 st blacks elected to the Georgia General Assembly expelled from General Assembly by whites Later became AME bishop helped organize the Republican party in Georgia

13 Secret organization that attempted to keep freedmen from exercising their civil rights. Used beating, lynching, intimidation, and scare tactics to terrorize blacks Watched ballots as they were cast at the polls Klan violence forced Congress to pass the Georgia Act returning the state to military control.

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