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The team - currently 25 people

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2 The team - currently 25 people



5 Do a quick demo - open text editor, insert YubiKey, touch button, watch OTP
Alternatively, go to

6 We publish for Linux, Windows and Mac.
About YUBICO Yubico is a hardware company. All our open source free software is available at and on our official GitHub Repository (pull requests are welcome!) We publish for Linux, Windows and Mac. In 2012, Yubico designed a precursor to Universal Second Factor (U2F) called “gnubby” in close collaboration with Google. To reach mass market, standardization and multiple vendors are needed, and it was decided to publish through the FIDO alliance.

7 The FIDO Alliance was formed in the summer of 2012

8 Universal Second Factor - U2F
U2F is an open 2-factor authentication standard that enables keychain devices, mobile phones and other devices to securely access any number of web-based services — instantly and with no drivers or client software needed. The U2F specifications are today hosted by the FIDO Alliance (


10 Simplified schema

11 Universal Second Factor - U2F
Advantages Apart from the general advantages of 2-factor authentication, U2F has the following characteristics: Phishing protection, using application isolation (:appid) and TLS channel IDs ( MITM protection, using appid / keyhandle mismatch No shared secrets. Unlike for example OATH, U2F uses public key cryptography and uses no shared secrets. Anonymous. New public keys are minted for each site. User experience. There are no codes to enter and no drivers to install. Universal. Devices can be of different types (hardware token, fingerprint reader, software token, etc.), communicate using different transports (USB, NFC, BLE) and can be registered to any number of sites. Open standard. Backed by industry leaders such as Google, Paypal, Microsoft, Bank of America, MasterCard and VISA.

12 Getting Started U2F Client U2F Server
Go to Go to Download your preferred library! C, Java, Python, PHP! Have a look at our python u2f server Download your preferred library! C, Java, Python, PHP!


14 ::: Tommaso De Orchi ::: ::: PUB ::: A0973948
FF8A F719 AE B89 4D83 1CE A Stockholm, Sweden Moving to a super new cool office soon!


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