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CharactersLocationsGods/and Persuasion Literary Analysis Misc. Medea Jeopardy 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400.

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1 CharactersLocationsGods/and Persuasion Literary Analysis Misc. Medea Jeopardy 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500

2 CHARACTERS 100 Who is the first character to appear on stage? The Nurse Jeopardy

3 CHARACTERS 200 Who does Medea help kill in the land of Colchis? Pelias the King Jeopardy

4 CHARACTERS 300 After the first conversation with the chorus, Medea is powerless, because she's foreign, she's got no family, and - above all- Because she’s a woman. She appeals to the other women not to give her away, if she finds a way to get revenge on Jason. Who now arrives?  Jason?  Creon?  Aegeus? Creon Jeopardy

5 CHARACTERS 400 Jason tells Medea it's her own fault for abusing her hosts - but offers financial support. Medea calls him a filthy coward, and lists the risks she took to help him get where he is. Which of these did she not mention?  Helping him yoke enchanged bulls?  Killing the serpent which guarded the Golden Fleece?  Chopping up her brother and leaving his bits at sea ?  Killing Talos with her poison? Killing Talos with poison Jeopardy

6 CHARACTERS 500 What is the name of Creon’s Daughter and Jason’s second wife? Glauce Jeopardy

7 SETTING 100 What word(s) does Jason consistently use to describe Medea’s homeland? Barbaric or Savage Jeopardy

8 LOCATION 200 Where does the action of the Play take place? Corinth Jeopardy

9 SETTING 300 Jeopardy Medea gets angrier with Jason - where (she tells him) will she and her children end up? On the Streets

10 SETTING 400 Why does Jason say he married Glauke, the king's daughter?  He fell in love  He wanted more sons  He wanted power  He no longer found Medea attractive He wanted power Jeopardy

11 SETTING 500 Jeopardy Where is King Aegeus from? What does he promise Medea? Athens, Amnesty

12 THE GODS & PERSUASION 100 Which god punishes oath breakers? Zeus Jeopardy

13 THE GODS & PERSUASION 200 Despite her bad experience with the oath Jason swore - and broke - Medea insists that Aegeus swear an oath to keep her safe in Athens, and protect her from her enemies in Corinth and Iolcos. Who does she make him swear by? Apollo Jeopardy

14 THE GODS & PERSUASION 300 Jeopardy Jason returns. Medea plays the submissive wife quite blatantly. For the third time in the play, she kneels to a man in order to get what she wants. What does she not say? What type of persuasion does she predominately use. A) I still love you B) You are doing your best for us all C) I still have the children to look after D) I was a fool not to trust you A - Pathos

15 THE GODS AND PERSUASION 400 “What better treasure trove could I have found, than marriage with the daughter of a king, -- I an exile.” Logos - logic Jeopardy

16 THE GODS AND PERSUASION 500 “To me, a person who does wrong, and then defends it, so plausibly, deserves the heaviest punishment.” Ethos – mortality Jeopardy

17 LITERARY ANALYSIS 100 What literary device is used in the following quote by the chorus? What do they mean by this statement? “O women, marriage, bed of pain, How much evil you have brought to mankind.” Metaphor Jeopardy

18 LITERARY ANALYSIS 200 Jeopardy I have to say I credit Aphrodite…Indeed it would be indelicate and ungrateful to list many ways in which Desire [Aphrodite] Drove you, helpless on to save my life… On the other hand, you got more than you gave. The first thing is, you live in Greece, instead of somewhere barbarous…then all the Greeks have heard of you, the wise one… Behind me, what better treasure-trove could I have found than marriage with the daughter of a king—I, an exile… I acted solely to ensure that we live well and never go without, because I know people will shun a man who’s lost his wealth. What are some stereotypical male traits that Jason expresses in the following lines? What type of persuasion is he using?

19 LITERARY ANALYSIS 300 Jeopardy Everything’s set in every way against me. But don’t imagine this is all – not yet. There are still dangers for this bride and groom: And more than a little trouble for her father. Do you think that I’d have crawled and fawned on him Without some hope of gain, some scheme in mind? I’d not have spoken to him, not have touched him. But he has reached the depths of folly now: He could have banished me at once, and stopped My plans—instead, he’s given me this day: I’ve time to turn three enemies to corpses— The father and the daughter, and my husband. In what ways does Medea portray the feminine gender role when speaking with Creon? What way does she defy traditional gender roles when he leaves?

20 LITERARY ANALYSIS 400 Jeopardy I would reply to your words at length, 1610 if father Zeus did not already know what I did for you and what you did to me. You weren't going to shame my marriage bed and have a pleasant life ridiculing me. Nor was that royal bride or Creon, who gave her to you, going to banish me, throw me from here with impunity. So if you want, call me a lioness or Scylla, who lives on Tuscan shores. For I've made contact with your heart at last Medea as Woman: loyal wife and nurturing mother. Medea as Other: barbarian sorceress and intruder from an uncivilized land. Revenger, Power, Greed Medea as Hero: honor obsessed, intent upon action and reputation, and fearing laughter by peers. Medea as Athenian: defining herself publicly and using the language and rhetoric of the law. Explain how 2 themes apply to the quote. (1 min)

21 LITERARY TERMS 500 Find 2 literary devices and explain how whether Medea here seems to follow a more masculine or feminine gender role during this scene. Jeopardy Go in—all will be well—boys, go in. Keep them as isolated as you can. Don’t let them near their mother; she’s distraught. Already, I’ve seen her eyeing them, like a beast about to charge… Clearly now the storm is rising, the cloud of pain will soon burst into greater fury. What will her proud untamable spirit do under the bite of suffering?

22 MISC. 100 The boys come back from their run with the old tutor: what gossip has he heard? Creon is planning to ban Medea. Jeopardy

23 MISC. 200 Who does the Chorus call upon to stop Medea from killing her children? Helios Jeopardy

24 MISC 300 Medea ignore's Jason's outbursts - she knows she's got through to him at last. Zeus knows how she helped Jason, and how he repaid her. She refuses to give him her sons' bodies - she will bury them herself in the Temple of Hera. What does she say will become of Jason? He will die old and alone, without fame, stripped of honor. Jeopardy

25 CAUSE/EFFECT 400 Name both Jason and Medea’s patron goddesses. Jeopardy Hera and Hecate

26 MISC. 500 Name 5 events the Nurse speaks of in the prologue. Jeopardy I wish the Argo had never spread its wings And flown to Colchis through the Clashing Rocks. I wish the pine tree on the slopes of Pelion Had not been felled; not split to feathery oars To fledge the arms of the Argonauts. Oh why Did Pelias send them for the Golden Fleece? If they had never come, my mistress Medea Would not have sailed back to Iolcos with them, Dazed with passion for their leader, Jason. Then she would not have made King Pelias’ daughters Kill their own father. And she’d not have come to settle here in Corinth, but she has.

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