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Boy Scout Troop 19 Overview

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1 Boy Scout Troop 19 Overview
Troop 19 Nashua, NH Boy Scout Troop 19 Overview Greg Anthony, Scoutmaster Jim Woodward, Committee Chairperson April 2014

2 Agenda Introductions Objective Troop 19 Culture Organization
BSA Scouting Troop 19 Scouting Q & A

3 Goals Communicate, Educate and Inform This meeting Weekly Newsletter
Web Site ( Monthly Committee Meeting Troop 19 Family Handbook

4 Objective After this session you’ll have a better understanding…
Why make Scouts a priority How to get the most from Scouting with Troop 19 What’s expected of our Scouts How Parents can help

5 Troop 19 BSA Mission Statement Troop 19 Vision Statement
The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Troop 19 Vision Statement Troop 19 will prepare our youth members to become responsible, participating citizens and leaders who are guided by the Scout Oath and Law. We will accomplish this by providing a dynamic youth led program overseen by trained Scout Leaders.

6 Frequently Asked Questions
Who am I entrusting my sons with? What are their qualifications? How will my son be welcomed and what should he expect at first? How is the troop organized and run? Who do I contact about…? How much are troop dues? What other fees can I expect to pay during the year? Why is a complete BSA uniform required and not just a shirt? What do I need to purchase for camping equipment? What level of participation is expected How does advancement work? How and what to volunteer for?

7 Introductions

8 BSA Scouting What’s in it for you?

9 The Scouting Promise Adventure Friendship Learning Challenges
Responsibility Leadership

10 Aims and Methods Aims Methods Build Character Foster Citizenship
Develop Fitness Methods Ideals Patrols Outdoors Advancement Adult Association Personal Growth Leadership Development Uniform

11 The Building Blocks of Scouting
Life Skills Leadership Citizenship Values Building youth with strong character who are physically fit and prepared to be good citizens.

12 What Troop 19’s Past and Present Scouts Say
“Scouting gave me direction in life. It instilled a respect not only for nature and the outdoors, but also for others around me. It provided me with leadership skills and training that prepared me for the real world.” “Scouting is the reason I became who I am today. The leadership skills and life experience have set me on a level higher than that of my peers and it has been recognized in many areas of my life.” "Scouting has taught me to push myself beyond my mental and physical limits. In doing so it has brought me to a new level self confidence, better leadership qualities, and an overall preparedness for life." “Scouting taught me the meaning of friendship, trust and commitment.”

13 Youth Challenges Balancing competing interests Becoming independent
Make your choices… …. But Scouting requires Commitment to Self, Patrol, Troop … and Parent / Son Collaboration

14 Troop 19 Nashua, NH Troop 19 Scouting

15 Troop 19 Expectations Do Your Best Be a Player and Participate!
Troop and Patrol Meetings Outdoor Activities Community Service Projects Wreath Sales Team Work Set the Example Have Fun

16 Youth-Led Scouting Empowering youth to develop as leaders is the core of Scouting and Troop 19’s guiding principle

17 Youth-Led Program Leadership Positions of Responsibility
Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) Meetings Annual Program Planning Retreat Trained Adults Mentoring Youth Leaders “Safe Haven” For Failure The Patrol System Fun and Adventure

18 The Patrol System “The patrol method is not a way to operate a Boy Scout troop, it is the only way. Unless the patrol method is in operation you don’t really have a Boy Scout Troop.” -Robert Baden-Powell

19 The Patrol System Types of Patrols Patrol Leadership
Patrol Meetings and Activities The Patrol at Troop Meetings and Activities

20 Troop 19 Organizational Structure

21 Leadership Positions Procedure
Discusses Leadership Interest to SPL and SM Completes Application Form from Troop Website Decision by PLC

22 Leadership Positions Scouts Responsibilities “EARN THE BADGE”
70% Attendance at Meetings and Activities “You can’t lead if you are not there” Attend Troop Sponsored Training Fall Weekend Troop Leader Training Monthly PLC

23 Leadership Positions Advanced Training SM Recommendation
Paid by Troop 19 National Youth Leadership Training Philmont National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience

24 Advancement Process & Program
Step 1 Scout Learns Step 2 Scout Tested Step 3 Advancement Review Step 4 Recognition Each rank requires Active Participation Community Service Demonstration of Scout Service Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class Outdoor Physical Fitness Citizenship Patrol and Trop Participation Personal Development Star, Life, Eagle Merit Badges Position of Responsibility

25 Step 1 & 2: 1 Requirement at a Time, not a Final Test
Learning & Testing Step 1 Scout Learns Step 2 Scout Tested Step 3 Advancement Review Step 4 Recognition Step 1: Scout Learns By Active Participation in troop & patrol meetings, outdoor programs Patrol Leaders, Youth Leaders and Assistant Scoutmasters teach skills for 1st 3 Ranks Merit badges taught by merit badge counselors & outside experts Step 2: Scout is Tested Scout encouraged to sign-up on troop meeting night or camp-out to be tested on requirements Leader sees that Scout masters skill and records achievement Scout Handbook Sign-off by leader (not parent) Parents do not sign off books They should be acquainted with the requirements and provide encouragement Scouts should focus on first three ranks before they start going after too many merit badges and get distracted. One or two merit badges is ok in their first year along with what merit badge they might earn at summer camp. Step 1 & 2: 1 Requirement at a Time, not a Final Test

26 Advancement Review Step 3: Advancement Review Scoutmaster Review
Scout Learns Step 2 Scout Tested Step 3 Advancement Review Step 4 Recognition Step 3: Advancement Review Scoutmaster Review Review Scout’s progress with Advancement, Leadership, Participation, Spirit Counsel Plan Look Forward within and outside of scouting Board of Review Ensure Scout understands requirements his own words Allows Scout to demonstrate his comfort with basic Scouting skills and concepts Review Scout’s experiences – good and bad Troop 19 runs all Boards of Review through Life Eagle review completed at District level

27 Recognition Step 4: Recognition Troop Meeting Court of Honor
Scout Learns Step 2 Scout Tested Step 3 Advancement Review Step 4 Recognition Step 4: Recognition Troop Meeting New badge awarded as soon as possible after completing Board of Review Court of Honor Recognition at next Court of Honor (3x year)

28 Timeline to Eagle Scout Age 1st Class Star Life Eagle
Suggested Min – 5 years 1st Class Star Life Eagle Max 7 years 1st Class Star Life Eagle Scout Age

29 Participation Goal at least 50% participation in troop meetings and activities Scout decides his participation level based on his goals in Scouting and his other interests Advancement is only one of the eight methods of Scouting Youth Leaders (Scouts working on Star, Life and Eagle) must achieve participation goal to fulfill their leadership rank requirement – “You can’t lead if you are not there” 3 Required Activities in One Year Wreath Sales District Klondike Derby Scout Sunday

30 Merit Badges 21 Required for Eagle Two Types How to Earn Merit Badges
Eagle Required (13) Elective (120+) How to Earn Merit Badges Scout Initiated Summer Camp Other Special Venues With a Buddy!

31 Merit Badge Process Pick a Merit Badge to Work on
Identify MB Counselor Check MB counselor list with Mr. Anthony or Mr. Filteau Obtain signed MB blue card from Mr. Anthony (before first meeting with MB counselor) Buy the MB book or check it out from the Troop Library Scout (not parent) contacts MB counselor to review requirements and establish approach to work on MB Only counselors registered with the BSA may approve merit badges

32 Community Service Star: 4 Hours Minimum Life: 6 Hours Minimum
Examples Religious Institutions Non-Profit Organizations (excluding BSA) Help with Eagle projects Eagle: Major Project Project Qualification Process Eagle Project pre-approved by Scoutmaster and Troop Committee prior to Eagle Project Board Review Cannot “Double Dip”

33 Scout Spirit Living the Scout Oath and Scout Law
Meetings Outings Supporting other Scouts Outside of Scouting Helping others, Community Service Enthusiasm Participation Respect Attitude

34 Outings Troop Weekend Outings Summer Camp High Adventure Trips
Nantucket Biking, Acadia Sea Kayaking and Mountain Biking, Turkey Campout, Skiing and Snowboarding, Rock Climbing, Klondike Derby, Mountain Man, Canoeing and more! Summer Camp Highlight of the year! Stellar program Great Camps – Hidden Valley and Camp Bell Unifies Scouts and Troop A year of Tuesday nights in one week! High Adventure Trips Major trip every 2-3 years Trips structured for all abilities Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons, Rocky Mountain National Park, San Juan Wilderness of Colorado,

35 High Adventure

36 Equipment Troop Owned Patrol Equipment
Patrols issued Patrol Boxes including camping equipment Tents, dining tarps, cooking equipment All equipment must be returned fully cleaned or aired out to the quartermaster Key Recommended Personal Equipment Backpack Sleeping bag Foam sleeping pad or air mattress Plastic ground cloth Mess Kit Toilet Kit

37 Annual Wreath Sales The Only Fund Raising Event for Troop 19
Supplements troop annual dues ($40) Pay for troop hiking / camping equipment Subsidize some camping fees Pay for badges and awards Cover BSA National registration and Boys Life Magazine Support selected personal Scout equipment purchases $$$ to individual Scout Accounts All scouts must participate Scouts encouraged to sell minimum of 20 wreaths On average, $500 generated per scout Key dates Kickoff Day: Last Sunday afternoon in October Troop sells door-to-door in Nashua area Assembly Day: Wednesday before Thanksgiving Wreaths assembled with ribbons and pine cones Scout Accounts generated according to Troop sales, individual sales Used for Scout Camp, major trips, Scouting goods Families must participate – lots of ways to help out!

38 Communications It takes Two to Communicate Effectively
Scouts Troop Meeting Announcements Patrol Meetings Phone calls to/from Patrol Leader Parents Scoutmaster’s Weekly Newsletter Telephone Committee Meetings Troop Meetings

39 Troop Meetings Be on Time Scout Handbook Uniform
100% Official BSA Field Uniform (Shirt, Pants, and Scout Belt) Troop Hat (optional at meetings but required at certain events) Scout Spirit

40 Conduct & Discipline Scouts should strive to uphold principles in Scout Oath and Scout Law Chain of Command (Non-Safety Issues) Patrol Leaders Senior Patrol Leaders (SPL) Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) Scoutmaster Troop Committee Parental Involvement Direct to own scout Otherwise through Assistant Scoutmasters

41 Troop Organization Scoutmaster & Assistants Parent Committee Scouts

42 Troop Committee Chartered Organization Rep Garry Crane
Committee Chairperson Jim Woodward Secretary Jane Richardson Treasurer Jim Woodward Wreath Sales Jessica Paulsen Advancement Rich Filteau Quartermaster Jane Richardson Hospitality Robin Guertin Membership Paul Guertin/Jane Richardson Webmaster Steve Rak Training Publicity

43 Help Wanted Eagle Court of Honor Program Coordinator (about once per year) Assistant Quartermaster Assistant Advancement Chair Assistant Hospitality Chair Review Board for Scout Advancements during troop meetings (1 -2x month) Troop Chaplain (promote religious award program/Scout Sunday coordinator) Wreath Sales Subcommittees Permission Slip and Transportation Coordinator Treasurer Assistant Webmaster Publicity

44 Finally Continued Parent Support Get Involved Of Your Scout
Of Our Program Get Involved Troop Committee Assistant Scoutmaster Boards of Review Teach a Merit Badge Drive on an Outing Help at an Event Recruit More Scouts

45 Questions

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