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Delta Internal Development Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. SISTERHOOD Module.

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1 Delta Internal Development Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. SISTERHOOD Module

2 2 Agenda Introductions Meditation Objectives Ice Breaker What Does Sisterhood Mean to Me? Keys to Effective Sisterhood Sisterhood Commitment Plan Evaluation Closing

3 3 Objectives To explore the concept of sisterhood. To understand the five keys of sisterhood. To help sorors better understand attributes and experiences that promote sisterly behavior. To develop an individual action plan for sisterly behavior. To strengthen the bond between chapter members through sisterly activities.

4 4 Ice Breaker “ Call all Deltas to the Floor… ”

5 5 What Does Sisterhood Mean to Me?

6 6 Keys to Effective Sisterhood -- I Am I my sister’s keeper? Self esteem Ability to motivate others Positive expectations/attitudes Strong communication skills Understand the diversity of the group Learn how to provide and receive constructive feedback

7 7 How Do I Feel About Myself?

8 8 How Do I Refresh? Being sisterly is not always easy. The next activity will ask you questions about what makes you tick. Follow the directions as best as you can, and yes, we will do some sharing.

9 9 Keys to Effective Sisterhood – II Sorors must value our Sisterhood. Mission Statement Minerva Circle of Identity The Delta Oath Code of Ethics Code of Conduct Nine Cardinal Virtues

10 10 Mission Statement Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated is an organization of college educated women committed to constructive development of its members and to public service with a primary focus on the Black community.

11 11 Minerva Circle of Identity

12 12 The Delta Oath I will strive to reach the highest educational, moral and spiritual efficiency which I can possibly attain. I will never lower my aims for any temporary benefit which might be gained. I will endeavor to preserve my health, for however great one’s mental and moral strength may be, physical weakness prevents the accomplishment of much that otherwise might be done. I will close my ears and seal my lips to slanderous gossip. I will labor to ennoble the ideals and purify the atmosphere of the home. I will always protest against the double standard of morals. I will take an active interest in the welfare of my country, using my influence toward the enactment of laws for the protection of the unfortunate and weak and for the repeal of those depriving human beings of their privileges and rights. I will never belittle any race and will try to persuade others to take the same just stand. I will not shrink from undertaking what seems wise and good because handicaps or obstacles of any kind confront me; but striving to preserve a calm mind with a courageous spirit, barring bitterness from my heart. I will strive all the more earnestly to reach the goal.

13 13 Code of Ethics Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Preamble: Believing in the worth and dignity of each human being, Delta expects each soror to recognize the supreme importance of the pursuit of truth, devotion to excellence, and commitment to social responsibility. Each soror is expected to live up to these ideals by embracing and adhering to the following ethical principles. Each soror shall regard as primary the bond of Sisterhood and the giving of public service; Each soror shall uphold the Constitution and Bylaws of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.; Each soror shall maintain high standards of personal conduct; Each soror shall support and promote the goals, objectives, and programs approved by Grand Chapter; Each soror shall treat all persons with dignity and respect; Each soror shall exhibit compassionate and courteous behavior toward sorors at all times; Each soror shall refrain from making false or misleading statements about the Sorority to anyone; Each soror shall recognize her personal responsibility to assist with and promote the development, improvement, and execution of programs to strengthen the Sisterhood; Each soror shall uphold and support all sorors impartially without regard to race, color, age, and religion, national origin, political belief, educational status, and mental or physical challenge; Each soror shall neither engage in nor countenance any exploitation or disparaging of the Sorority; Each soror shall refrain from using her membership in any matter that is improper or illegal; Each soror shall maintain the confidentiality of all information provided to her during membership intake and as a member; Each soror shall refrain from using the Sorority’s property, including its name, symbols, and other trademarks and service marks, for personal use; Each soror shall exercise sound business principles in conducting the Sorority’s affairs; Each soror shall refrain from engaging in illegal and unsisterly conduct; shall use her best efforts to protect the Sorority from any such conduct by anyone; and shall report any such conduct to the appropriate local, regional or national officer; Each soror shall support the Sorority’s programs through the payment of all dues and fees approved by Grand Chapter; and Each soror shall demonstrate her commitment to public service by participating with her local chapter or nationally.

14 14 Code of Conduct Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

15 15 Nine Cardinal Virtues Compassion Courtesy Dedication Fellowship Fidelity Honesty Justice Purity Temperance

16 16 Ways to Exemplify Compassion Comfort someone who has suffered a loss Forgive a soror for a mistake made in the past Become a mentor to another soror Preserve and support our collegiate chapters Perform Omega Omega Service

17 17 Ways to Exemplify Courtesy Yield your seat to Delta D.E.A.R.S. Show proper respect and recognition for our officers Don’t forget “Please” and “Thank you” Show up and start on time

18 18 Ways to Exemplify Dedication Support the Sorority financially Sign up for a committee Celebrate the lives of our Founders regularly Carry out the Five Point Programmatic Thrust

19 Ways to Exemplify Fellowship Support chapter programs with your participation Register for Conventions and Conferences Adhere to the Sorority’s dress code Actively participate in ceremonies Reclaim sorors 19

20 20 Ways to Exemplify Fidelity Uphold the secrets and symbols of the Sorority Enforce the Sorority’s published rules Eradicate hazing Do not alter ceremonies

21 Ways to Exemplify Honesty Manage chapter funds appropriately Focus on what is right instead of who is right Talk directly with those who you have an issue with or need clarification from Admit when you are wrong 21

22 Ways to Exemplify Justice Protest against the double standard of morals Align yourself with issues and not people Attend Delta Days in the Nation’s Capital Support Social Action initiatives Run for leadership positions in the Sorority 22

23 23 Ways to Exemplify Purity Work without receiving credit Do not belittle other organizations Close your ears and seal your lips to slanderous gossip Wear insignia respectfully, properly, and in good taste

24 24 Ways to Exemplify Temperance Use Parliamentary Procedure in meetings Agree to disagree Participate in conflict resolution Listen and think before you speak Instead of complaining, sign up for a committee

25 25 Keys to Effective Sisterhood – III Sorors must support one another. Pulling together Avoiding negative thoughts Expect success for others Give security and praise Be receptive of everyone’s opinion

26 26 How Do I Feel About My Sorors?

27 The Concept of Sisterhood 27

28 GUIDELINES FOR RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT 28 Value the relationship Be open and honest Affirm the relationship Learn and practice gestures of positive relations (encourage and praise) Allow for space in the relationship (develop self and other interests) Be cautious with criticism. (balance criticism with affection) Expect shifts in the relationship Touch Compliment Listen deeply Talk freely about your feelings Learn to let go of anger Respect the contribution of conflict Know thyself with confidence (know your strengths and weakness) Forgive freely Be loyal and constant (Do not give up easily. Keep trying.) Give of yourself Trust Incorporate the element of surprise Love

29 Keys to Effective Sisterhood -- IV Sorors must be responsible. Delta’s Governing Documents Delta’s Administrative Resources and Tools 29

30 Roles and Responsibilities of Chapter Members Be loyal to the officers and to the Sorority Participate and attend meetings regularly; arrive on time and stay throughout the meeting Pay dues promptly Be willing to serve when asked As a committee member, complete assignments quickly and efficiently Be fair to all, interested in all, and never become involved in a clique 30

31 Roles and Responsibilities of Chapter Members Be interested in the purpose of the discussion or activity, rather than in the personality of the discussant or participant Expedite business (listen attentively during discussions) Follow rules (be knowledgeable of the chapter’s Rules of Order and Policies and Procedures) Address chair before speaking 31

32 Keys to Effective Sisterhood -- V Sorors must come together and plan. Network Plan of Action Evaluate 32

33 SOROR IMPROVEMENT GUIDE Positive Habits Compliment sorors at every possible opportunity Develop an understanding attitude Learn more about the Sorority and what it means to be a part of a sisterhood It is important to know your history in order to: Gain a better understanding of who you are Learn from past mistakes Provide growth and development to build towards the future Practice improving one soror a year….myself 33

34 My Sisterhood Commitment PLAN OF ACTION (INDIVIDUAL) How strong is my commitment to the Sorority? To promote and enhance sisterhood, I will: Strategies I will suggest to my chapter to promote and enhance sisterhood: 34

35 Sisterhood! 35

36 Evaluation 36

37 37 The Leadership Academy 2008-2013 Elsie Cooke-Holmes, Co-Chair Pamela E. Smith, Co-Chair Schean G. Belton, Esq. Stephanie M. Cooper Deloris Johnson Drakes Lisa Farmer-Cole Soraya Williams Farver Charlotte M. Freeman, Ph.D. Renee LaVerne Harper Beverly Harris Schembri Wendy J. Johnson (2012-13) Sandra F. Mack, Ed.D. Gwendolyn J. Mosley Mandy Mullens-Williams Mabel Lake Murray, Ed.D. Mildred Porter-Duncan Norma Sermon Boyd, Ed.D. Jennifer R. Smith Hellenna L. Terrell, Ed.D. Barbara Woods, Ph.D. Shannon Jones Jenkins, Staff Liaison

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