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Indianapolis Sister Cities International Overview of Sister Cities “Citizen Diplomacy” Indianapolis Sister Cities International

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1 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Overview of Sister Cities “Citizen Diplomacy” Indianapolis Sister Cities International The Diplomat Resource Packets for K-12 students to learn about the world via The Sister Cities of Indianapolis Preliminary Issue

2 1.Letter from Mayor Ballard 3 2.Education Resource Packet 4 3.Sister Cities International a.Background 5 b.Citizen Diplomacy 6 c.U.S Presidential Support 7 4.Indianapolis Sister Cities a.History of Indianapolis Sister Cities 9 b.Mission/Vision/Values 10 c.Sister Cities Fest 11 5.International Culture & Communication a.Making Friends from Different Cultures 12 b.Communicating with Non-native English Speakers 13 c.Communication Misunderstanding Worksheet 14 6. Appendix (Lesson Activities) 15 a.Coloring: It’s a Small World 16 b.Color: Friends Around the World 17 c.Art: Cultural Art Project 18 d.Art: Plot Indy’s Sister Cities 19 e.Activity: Flag Matching 20 f.Activity: Hello Match 21 g.Word Search 22 h.Word Scramble 23 i.Citizen Diplomat Oath 25 j.Internet Activity 26 Table of Contents 2 Version: April 22, 2013

3 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Indianapolis Sister Cities International ISCI) is a program of Mayor Ballard’s Office of International & Cultural Affairs. Each Sister City relationship is managed by a volunteer committee that identifies and leads various cultural and educational initiatives. The Sister City program helps promote Indianapolis as a global city, advancing cultural understanding, developing global connections, strengthening international partnerships and supporting economic development. To learn more, contact us at or visit Taipei, Taiwan 1978 Cologne, Germany 1988 Monza, Italy 1994 Piran, Slovenia 2001 Hangzhou, China 2008 Campinas, Brazil 2009 Northamptonshire County, UK 2009 Hyderabad, India 2010 Letter from Mayor Ballard Greetings, In today’s world economy, it is more critical than ever for Indianapolis to be a city that is globally recognized as a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Moreover, we must be a city that is welcoming and inclusive to all who make Indianapolis their home. I’m proud to report that Indianapolis is very connected to the world. Today, we have numerous global connections through our international businesses, foreign students that study in our universities, and our thriving sports and arts communities that bring many visitors from around the globe to our city. Since I became Mayor, we have doubled the number of Sister Cities. I believe our Sister City partnerships represent one key initiative in our international growth strategy, as they provide natural international connections via cultural, educational and economic ties. This resource packet has been designed by professional volunteers in our Indianapolis Sister Cities International program. We hope you find them useful across grade levels and subject areas, including extracurricular activities. We hope you have fun learning more about our Sister Cities! Sincerely, Gregory A. Ballard Mayor, City of Indianapolis 3

4 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Education Resource Packet This packet is designed to introduce teachers to our Sister City Program. It is set up as a PowerPoint format for easy editing and adaptation for use in the classroom at all grade levels and in various subject areas. It is hoped that this packet will provide teachers with sufficient background information about the Sister City along with ideas for activities for classroom and extracurricular use. The information presented here is collected and/or adapted from reputable online sources, which are cited. The Appendix includes ideas, activities, and teacher lesson plans, some designed by the ISCI Education Committee members. We hope you find the contents of this packet helpful. If you have comments, ideas, or activities to add, or would like to become involved in one of the Sister City Committees, please contact or find contact information at our website Indianapolis Sister Cities International Education Committee Office of International and Cultural Affairs Mayor’s Office City of Indianapolis 4

5 Indianapolis Sister Cities International What is a Sister City Program? A Sister City Program is an independent, voluntary group of citizens that with the support of its local government, forms long-term relationships with people, businesses, organizations, governments, etc. in one or more cities abroad to pursue interests that are important and beneficial to each community. Because it enables the citizens of communities locally and globally to become directly involved in exchanging ideas, developing friendships, establishing identities and discovering a genuine understanding not only of multiple international cultures but of multiple local cultures as well. Why have a Sister City? Sister Cities International Background History of Sister Cities Founded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956, Sister Cities International serves as the national membership organization for individual sister cities, counties, and states across the United States. Sister Cities International is a nonprofit citizen diplomacy network that creates and strengthens partnerships between U.S. and international communities uniting thousands of citizen diplomats, educators, political and business leaders and youth with programs in 136 countries across 6 continents. All this and more can be found at: 5 The “Then and Now” of Sister Cities

6 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Sister City International “Citizen Diplomacy” One of the central concepts of the Sister Cities programs is the idea of citizen diplomacy. But what does this mean? Lets break it down! Citizen ( 1.A legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized. 2.An inhabitant of a particular city, community or town. Diplomacy ( 1.The profession, activity or skill of managing international relations, typically by a country’s representatives abroad. 2.The art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way. These two words combined give us: Citizen diplomacy: - A member of a particular community that has worked to influence and impact international relationships in a sensitive and effective way. 6

7 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Do you Know? Every president since President Eisenhower founded Sister Cities International has served as honorary chair. Richard M. NixonGerald FordJimmy Carter “No impersonal representation of a culture can fully communicate its reality to others who have never known its living substance. Through personal relations – our curiosity can be fulfilled by a sense of knowledge, cynicism can give way to trust, and the warmth of human friendship to be kindled.” -- President John F. Kennedy “Sister Cities work outside government in a field vital to all: the promotion of friendship among citizens of every land so they will understand each other and want peace. I know of no other task more important for the people of every country.” -- President Lyndon B. Johnson Sister Cities International U.S. Presidential Support "I have long believed, as have many before me, that peaceful relations between nations requires understanding and mutual respect between individuals. It is not only the right, but the responsibility of every American to be a citizen diplomat, of the highest quality, for our communities and our country.” -- President Dwight D. Eisenhower “I am proud to serve as Honorary Chairman of Sister Cities International and to be associated with a program whose human aspect reaches far beyond purely formal contacts between cities.” -President Ronald Reagan All this and more can be found at: 7

8 Indianapolis Sister Cities International “I am honored and proud to lend my name to an organization that has encouraged better international understanding in the fields of education, culture, economic, and social relationships. Thank you for extending me the privilege of being associated with the United States Sister Cities Program.” - President George H.W. Bush “The Sister Cities International program has been instrumental in breaking down barriers between cultures and in fostering better relations between peoples separated by oceans. I applaud your efforts to build lasting bridges between people of different nations in a rapidly changing world. I am committed to working for a more peaceful planet and am impressed with your organization’s ongoing work toward this goal. I am happy to offer my support as Honorary Chairman.” - President William Clinton “For 45 years, Sister Cities International has been credited with establishing and strengthening partnerships between communities in the United States and similar communities internationally. Your organization fosters recognition that trust, cooperation, and peace between nations are built on understanding, and that real understanding comes from communication. I commend you for promoting the development of relationships among leaders and citizens of different countries and cultures.” - President George W. Bush “The increasing interconnectivity of nations in today’s global economy underscores the need for robust partnerships between communities around the world. Organizations like Sister Cities International foster such relationships, increasing mutual knowledge and understanding between cities and cultures. These collaborations promote collaboration and trust among citizens and nations, create opportunities for technological and economic innovation and development, and lay the foundations for continued peace and prosperity. I am proud to serve as your Honorary Chair.” -President Barack Obama 8 Sister Cities International U.S. Presidential Support

9 Indianapolis Sister Cities International History of Indianapolis Sister Cities YearCityIndianapolis MayorSister City Mayor 1978TaipeiWilliam H. Hudnut IIIJong-hui Lee 1988CologneWilliam H. Hudnut IIINorbert Burger 1994MonzaStephen GoldsmithAldo Moltifiori 2001PiranBart PetersonVojka Stular 2008HangzhouGregory A. BallardCai Qi 2009CampinasGregory A. BallardHelio De Oliveira Santos 2009NorthamptonshireGregory A. BallardDavid Wright 2010HyderabadGregory A. Ballard Banda Karthika Chandra Reddy 9

10 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Sister Cities in Indianapolis Mission/Vision/Values The Indianapolis Sister Cities International program (ISCI) is committed to promoting Indianapolis as a global city. ISCI promotes international awareness and understanding through cultural, educational, civic, and business engagement and exchange with our international sister cities by empowering private citizens, municipal officials, as well as leaders, business and academia to serve as citizen diplomats and global advocates. In today’s global economy, the Sister City program is one key dimension which promotes Indianapolis as a global city, advancing cultural understanding, developing global connections, strengthening international partnerships and supporting business development. Mission Vision Values - Respect for all people, all beliefs and all cultures - Inclusive for all to participate - Collaborative with like-minded organizations - Volunteer in a team approach, with professionalism, integrity, and a focus to benefit our community - Provide rewarding opportunities for our volunteers 10

11 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Indianapolis Sister Cities Fest Annually, we conduct a community-wide Sister Cities Fest. This is a public event for residents and visitors alike to celebrate Indy’s international partnerships, global connections and cultural diversity. A cultural street festival promoting a global Indy. K-12 schools in Marion County can participate in the event’s poster contest. Specifically, our goals are to: Showcase through celebration the Mayor’s vision of Indy; globally recognized and an inclusive city. Create awareness of the ISCI program and engage individuals and organizations to get involved with the ISCI program Provide an interactive festival with hands-on global learning opportunities for families via arts, sports, games, education and cultural activities To recognize and thank our volunteers who are the core and essence of our Sister Cities program Develop partners to help fund and support Indianapolis Sister Cities International initiatives 11

12 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Making Friends from Different Cultures Relationships are powerful. Our one-to-one connections with each other are the foundation for change. Building relationships with people from different cultures is key in building diverse communities that are powerful enough to achieve significant goals. Here are our tips for you to make friends from a different cultural backgrounds. Steps to Building Knowledge and Friendships 1. Make the decision to establish friendships with people from other cultures. Making a decision is the first step. In order to build relationships with people different from yourself, you have to make an effort to do so. 2. Put yourself in situations where you will meet people of other cultures. The next step is to show up at events or in places where you can engage with people of cultures other than your own, such as meetings, celebrations, restaurants, sports games, performances, ect. You may feel shy at first, but that is okay! Take a buddy! 3. Examine your biases about people from other cultures. The third step is to become aware of biases, or stereotypes, you assume when meeting new people. We all carry misinformation and stereotypes about people from different cultures. However, in order to build relationships with people of other backgrounds, we must recognize them and banish them from our minds and consciousness. 4. Ask people questions about their cultures, customs, and views. Finally, ask new people you meet about their culture. If you are thoughtful when asking questions, you many find that the individuals that are answering the questions are happy to answer. But remember to listen to the answers and stories they are telling! 12

13 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Communicating with Non-native English Speakers Speak clearly and pronounce your words correctly. People think that turning up the volume somehow creates instant understanding. IT DOES NOT! Do not cover or hide your mouth because listeners want to watch you as you pronounce your words. Do not use baby talk or improper English. Avoid running words together ( Do-ya wanna eat-a-pizza?). When possible, opt for simple words instead of ones that are complex. The more basic a word is, the better the chance is that it will be understood. Avoid verb phrases that sound very similar to non-native English speaker. (Example: look out = be careful, look for = search for, look out for = watch for). As much as possible, avoid using fillers and colloquialisms ('um...', 'like...‘) If asked to repeat something, first repeat it as you said it the first time. If your listener still doesn't understand change a few key words in the sentence. It may be that they couldn't understand one or two of the words. Repeat the whole sentence and not just the last couple of words. Remember that your dialect may not be what the other person has learned in school. Paraphrase. If you happen to know a similar word to the word you are searching for then use it. Avoid using contractions or short forms. Be explicit: Say “Yes” or “No”. Listen and try not to form your response while the other person is talking. Be patient and smile. The more relaxed you are, the more you are in control of your communication. Think before you speak! 13

14 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Fill out the following chart to develop an understanding of how culture affects communication. Communication Misunderstanding Worksheet Culture 1 NormCulture 2 NormPossible Misunderstandings 1.Personal space Members from culture 1 typically stand at least arms’ length away from others during conversation. Individuals rarely feel comfortable standing closer than that. Members from culture 2 typically stand only a few inches away from others during conversation. Individuals are sometimes even comfortable with contact while sitting or walking. People from culture 1 may think that people from culture 2 are too close, possibly thinking they are awkward or aggressive. People from culture 2 may find people from culture 1 are too far, finding them cold, distant and reserved. 2. Touching Members from culture 1 rarely touch each other unless they are related or romantically involved. Members from culture 2 often greet each other with body contact, such as a hug. It is very common for individuals to hold hands with friends. 3. Eye Contact During conversation, members from culture 1 like to maintain eye contact. They see it as a sign of integrity and respect. Direct eye contact during conversation is uncommon amongst members of culture 2. As a sign of respect, individuals do not look others in the eye. 4. Shaking hands Members of culture 1 shake hands with a firm grip for only a few moments. This shows integrity and respect while still keeping the interaction moving. Members of culture 2 shake hand with a relatively soft grip and continue to hold hands for several minutes. This shows concern and respect, keeping focus on the people involved. 5. Running late Members of culture 1 avoid running late as much as possible. They believe that it is a sign of disrespect to those they keep waiting. Members of culture 2 are often late. They believe that it is rude to cut interactions short to maintain a tight schedule. 14

15 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Appendix Indianapolis is a global city. In the quest to become globally aware, connected, and ready to compete in the world market, schools are seeking to internationalize their curriculum. The Indianapolis Sister Cities International program seeks to promote these goals. The information presented in this Resource Packet can be used to meet the Core Curriculum Standards at many grade levels while providing facts about Indianapolis and its sister cities, supplying tips to become culturally aware and integrated, and promoting cultural awareness and integration. Sample Lessons and Activities 1.Coloring 2.Coloring 3.Art 4.Plot Indy’s Sister Cities 5.Flag Match 6.Hello Match 7.Word Search 8.Word Scramble 9.Citizen Diplomat Oath 10.Internet Activity Additional Activities 1.Sister Cities in a School Year. Choose one Sister City to highlight each month of the school year. This could be done in the classroom or school wide. 2.Cultural Elements. Compare and contrast cultural elements of Indianapolis and a Sister City. Create a multi-media presentation. 3.Make a scrapbook. Capture Indianapolis’ history, architecture, geography and cultural events. Photos of this scrapbook could be posted online or sent to a school in our international Sister City. 4.Events/festivals. Organize an in school or after school event highlighting a celebration or festival. 5.Geography. Compare and contrast the surrounding geography and city plan for a Sister City as compared to Indianapolis. 6.Research. Explore the Sister City connections to Indiana History. 15

16 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Color: It’s a small world /TAtfAifrxvM/s1600/disney-smallworld-coloring-pages.jpg 16

17 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Color: Friends around the World 17 Campinas, Brazil

18 Cultural Art Project Indianapolis Sister Cities International 18 Hangzhou, China

19 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Sister Cities on the Map Locate Indianapolis and the countries of our sister cities on the map Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Taipei, TaiwanHangzhou, China Cologne, GermanyCampinas, Brazil Monza, ItalyNorthamptonshire County, UK Piran, SloveniaHyderabad, India 19

20 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Flag Matching Link each city to the flag of its country. Taipei Cologne Monza Piran Hangzhou Campinas Northamptonshire Hyderabad 20

21 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Hello Match Each of our Sister Cities has their own way of saying hello. Link each city to its greeting (hint: some will be used twice). Taipei Cologne Monza Piran Hangzhou Campinas Northamptonshire Hyderabad Indianapolis Ciao Nǐ hǎo Guten Tag Namaste Dober dan Bom dia Hello 21

22 Indianapolis Sister Cities International InternationalCulture Understanding TaipeiCologneMonza PiranHangzhouCampinas HyderabadDiplomatNorthamptonshire EisenhowerGlobalCommunity Advocate Partnership World Word Search 22

23 Sister Cities aeiitp_____________________ ooneglc_____________________ oazmn_____________________ pianr_____________________ huoahgnz_____________________ aaspnimc_____________________ ohotrhrtmpneiasn_____________________ rebyadda_____________________ …and Their Countries! zilrba______________________ nietud ikdgnmo______________________ dniIa______________________ hCani______________________ nvoelaiS______________________ ymernaG______________________ aiTanw______________________ alIyt______________________ 23 Word Scramble

24 Sister Cities aeiitp____ Taipei________ ooneglc_____Cologne______ oazmn_____Monza_______ pianr_____Piran_________ huoahgnz_____Hangzhou ____ aaspnimc_____Campinas_____ ohotrhrtmpneiasn__Northamptonshire_ rebyadda_____Hyderabad____ …and Their Countries! zilrba____Brazil_________ nietud ikdgnmo____United Kingdom_ dniIa____India__________ hCani____China__________ nvoelaiS____Slovenia________ ymernaG____Germany_______ aiTanw____Taiwan_________ alIyt____Italy___________ 24 Word Scramble

25 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Citizen Diplomat I have the opportunity and responsibility… to improve relations… between the United States and the rest of the world… I am a Citizen Diplomat… appointed by Mayor Ballard’s Office of International & Cultural Affairs… And the Indianapolis Sister Cities program… I am committed to do this… for my city, my country and my world… Let this be so. Created by: Jane Gehlhausen, Director Office of International & Cultural Affairs Citizen Diplomat Oath became a Citizen Diplomat on _ with the help of, And understands the responsibilities as outlined in the oath above. (date) (student name) (instructor name) Instructions 25

26 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Web quest Work with a partner and answer all of the following questions. 1.In which year was Sister Cities International founded? ______________________________ 2.Of our eight sister cities, which one is your favorite city? And why? ___________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 3. Could you make a suggestion to Mayor’s Office about which city should be our next sister city? Could you introduce the city of your choice to your classmate and explain to them why it should be our next sister city? ________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 4.If you could study abroad in one of the eight Sister Cities, which one would you like to travel to and why?___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 5.How many sister cities did Mayor Ballard initiate? Which one(s)?______________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 6.What is the official name of the UK?____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 7.How many presidents have served as honorary chair on Sister Cities International?_______ Internet Activity 26

27 7.What does “culture” mean to you? ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 8.Have you ever traveled internationally? What did you learn from your travels? ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 9.Which country do you think has the most interesting culture or lifestyle and why? ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 10. What can you do to help spread the word about Indianapolis being an international city? ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Internet Activity 27

28 Indianapolis Sister Cities International Mayor’s Office 200 East Washington St. #2501 Indianapolis, IN 46204 Contact:

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