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I knew we had to fix the south!. And I actually started trying to “fix” the South while the war was still going on…

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1 I knew we had to fix the south!

2 And I actually started trying to “fix” the South while the war was still going on…


4 And something had to be done with them!

5 Many of them marched with the Union lines and followed the Union army


7 But many ex-slaves did not believe they could truly be free until they were off the plantation

8 Thousands of free blacks migrated all across the nation (North, South and West) trying to track down missing family


10 Food Education Clothing

11 General protection and assistance to ex-slaves

12 Dealing With Former Slaves ‑ Joined Union lines ‑ Followed Union armies ‑ Paid to work on plantations now under the control of Union Army ‑ Many believed the only way to be free was to leave the plantations (even if they were paid) ‑ Some sought out relatives they lost touch with under the slave system ‑ The Freedmen’s Bureau ‑ Created by Congress in March of 1865 ‑ Supposed to provide food, clothing, and education as well as look out for the general interests of recently freed slaves


14 Union Controlled Territory

15 The first thing we had to do was establish a uniform policy for restoring loyal governments! Clearly, we could not leave rebels in charge! But…we need to also make sure the Southerners feel welcomed back…

16 ‑ The Restoration of Loyal Governments ‑ By 1863 several large portions of seceded states were under Union military control ‑ Lincoln set forth a policy of re ‑ establishing governments in those states ‑ Goal was to welcome back the South and mend the wounds of war















31 We didn’t get around to taking the loyalty oath yet…but we can still participate in the government right?


33 Union Controlled Territory

34 But the Radical Republicans in Congress refused to recognize those government dude

35 Bummer Dude!

36 Total Bummer!

37 ‑ The 10% Plan (Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan) ‑ Any southerners, other than high ranking Confederate officials, could take an oath of loyalty to the Union and acceptance of the end of slavery ‑ When the number of men who had taken this oath reached 10% of the registered voters in 1860 a loyal government could be formed ‑ Only those who swore the oath could vote or participate in the newly formed governments ‑ Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana met the requirements and formed loyal governments ‑ Congress (Radical Republicans) refused to recognize their governments



40 Lincoln is a big softie… we need to punish the South for their transgressions… not welcome them back! We also need to restructure Southern society…make the South more like us! We also need to increase Republican power in the South…

41 Wait a minute guys… this sounds like you basically want to dominate the South…

42 EXACTLY Lincoln is such an idiot… No kidding…

43 ‑ Persistent conflict between Congress and Lincoln over control of reconstruction ‑ Radical Republicans - Lincoln’s opposition ‑ Dominated Congress ‑ Goals - Punish the South - Restructure Southern society - Increase Republican power in the South


45 The Wade-Davis Bill rocks…unless you are a Southerner! Yes…muahahah!


47 Charles Sumner (Leader of the Radical Republicans) Those men had to swear not only that they were currently loyal, but that they had always been loyal!

48 That isn’t even possible…

49 Unless you give blacks the vote… and pretend they could vote in 1860

50 Charles Sumner (Leader of the Radical Republicans) EXACTLY! Now you get the idea!


52 The stress of the war impacted Lincoln significantly. He aged a great deal over the four years. 1861 and 1865

53 Then, Lincoln was assassinated on April 14 th, 1865 by John Wilkes Booth

54 ‑ Wade ‑ Davis Bill (1864) ‑ More than 50% of registered voters (as of 1860) must swear “ironclad” oath of loyalty saying they were now loyal and had never been disloyal ‑ Not possible - Blacks would have to be given the vote to reach 50% ‑ Supported by Republicans ‑ Feared by Southerners ‑ Pocket vetoed by Lincoln

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