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Meaning of the Insignia Ritual Overview, Guidelines and Best Practices

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1 Meaning of the Insignia Ritual Overview, Guidelines and Best Practices

2 Procul O Procul Este Profani

3 Our Ritual Ceremonies Opening Ceremony Closing Ceremony
Formal Pledging Ceremony Initiation Ceremony Installation of Officers Ceremony Graduation Ceremony Memorial Service Burial Ceremony

4 Key Ritual Authors Noble Leslie DeVotie (Founder)
John Barratt Rudulph (Badge) William Leslie French (Coat-of-Arms) Dean Taylor (1910 Revision) John O. Moseley (Ceremonies) John Walter Wayland (“The True Gentleman”) Permanent Ritual Committee (Ongoing revisions)

5 Elements within our Ritual
Our Name Phi Alpha Coat-of-Arms Sigma Alpha Epsilon Badge Pledge Pin Minerva and the Lion Unwritten signs and passwords “The True Gentleman” Sigma Alpha Epsilon Flag The Phoenix | The Manual of Sigma Alpha Epsilon The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Songbook

6 The Initiation Ceremony
Neophyte Entry Original Constitution (1856) Cleansing Oath Preceptor (Insignia Instruction) Four Quarters Purple Border Charged with 22 Fleurs-de-lis Fimbriated Cross of Silver Casque with Purple Plumes Crest Surmounting the Escutcheon

7 Initiation Ceremony (continued)
Inescutcheon Our Name Our Guiding Motto Badge Minerva and The Lion Colors of Our Fraternity Knock Brother Grip Salute Mystic Circle


9 Meaning of the Insignia :: Part I
Neophyte Entry “The True Gentleman” (Brothers only) Constitution (The Recorder) Cleansing (The Chronicler) Membership Oath (Eminent Archon) Preceptor (Insignia Instruction)

10 History of “The True Gentleman”
Written by: John Walter Wayland (The Baltimore Sun), But unattributed when discovered by: Judge Walter B. Jones (Alabama Baptist Quarterly) Sent to: John O. Moseley (Leadership School) Then attributed back to John Walter Wayland* by: Joseph Walt (reading the U.S. Naval Academy “Blue Book”) * Posthumously initiated at the 2001 Fraternity Convention ,Orlando , Florida

11 Part II :: The Coat-of-Arms
Four Quarters Purple Border charged with 22 Fleurs-de-lis Fimbriated Cross of Silver Casque with Purple Plumes Crest surmounting the Escutcheon Inescutcheon Our Name Our Guiding Motto Sigma Alpha Epsilon Badge Minerva and the Lion Colors of Our Fraternity

12 Part II :: The First Quarter

13 Part II :: The Second Quarter

14 Part II :: The Third Quarter

15 Part II :: The Fourth Quarter

16 Part II :: Purple Border / 22 Fleurs-de-lis

17 Part II :: Fimbriated Cross of Silver

18 Part II :: Casque with Purple Plumes

19 Part II :: Crest surmounting the Escutcheon

20 Part II :: The Scroll Beneath

21 Part II :: Inescutcheon

22 Part II :: Our Name

23 Part II :: Our Guiding Motto

24 Part II :: John Barratt Rudulph’s Badge

25 Part II :: Minerva and the Lion

26 Part II :: Colors of Our Fraternity
Royal Purple Old Gold Nazarene Blue White Ermine Red White Green Silver

27 Meaning of the Insignia :: Part III
Knock Brother Grip Salute Mystic Circle


29 Power of these Insignia
Truth Purity Reward

30 Character Commitment Integrity Truth Sincerity
Values from Our Ritual Character Commitment Integrity Truth Sincerity

31 Historical Timeline :: Key Dates

32 Historical Timeline :: Key Dates
March 9, 1856 :: Constitution, Article I, Section 1 read, “The name of this Fraternity shall be … .” March 15, 1856 :: John Barrett Rudulph’s Badge design officially ratified 1883 :: First printed copy of Ritual and Constitution 1892 :: Fraternity Laws added “True man and a gentleman” qualification 1894 :: Convention appointed William Leslie French (Trinity 1893) to design a Coat-of-Arms 1896 :: Convention adopted new Coat-of-Arms, the same one currently used today

33 Historical Timeline :: Key Dates
1910 :: Convention adopted the revised Ritual incorporating Coat-of-Arms written by Dean Taylor (Mt. Union 1902) 1910 :: Opening and Closing Ceremonies adopted 1947 :: Preceptor role introduced; Formal Pledging Ceremony and Songs officially added, although sung since the 1920s 1949 :: Eminent Recorder and Eminent Chronicle parts created 1959 :: Memorial Service and Burial Ceremony added 1993 :: Graduation Ceremony adopted 2001 :: John Walter Wayland posthumously initiated as a Brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Virginia 1899) 2005 :: “The True Gentleman” officially added to Opening and Initiation Ceremonies

34 Guidelines for Proper Ritual Use

35 Guidelines for Proper Ritual Use
The initiation ceremony should be rehearsed, and parts should be memorized. The initiation ceremony, as well as all ceremonies, should be conducted with proper reverence and seriousness. Alumni should be invited by written invitation to formal pledging and initiation. The chapter should own and use all of the Ritual equipment listed on pages in Ritual book.

36 Guidelines for Proper Ritual Use
Chapter Ritual books (eight copies) and equipment should be kept in a locked closet or room, maintained by the Eminent Herald and Eminent Preceptor. No alcoholic beverages should be present during any Ritual ceremony. Coat and tie (“Badge Attire”) should be required of all members, and proper decorum observed at formal pledging and initiation. Installation of Officers Ceremony should be conducted within two weeks of elections.

37 Guidelines for Proper Ritual Use
The Ritual should be used for the opening and closing of all chapter meetings. A post-initiation session should be conducted to enhance the understanding of the initiation ceremony and Fraternity’s Ritual. This PowerPoint presentation is available for download from the “Ritual” tab at The chapter should have knowledge and make use of the Fraternity songs and song book, which may be downloaded from the “Ritual” tab at

38 Ritual Best Practices

39 Ritual Best Practices Inventory all Ritual equipment and robes once each semester Acquire air/water tight plastic storage boxes for all equipment; divide Formal Pledging Ceremony items from Initiation Ceremony items, placing in separate boxes Obtain high-quality wooden hangers for all robes (not wire or flimsy plastic hangers) Hang all robes to fully “air dry” after each use (at least overnight) Store robes in large garment bags or garment caddies (avoid plastic dry cleaning bags)

40 Ritual Best Practices Ritual books should always be officially signed out (critical policy) and logged to maintain a clear documentation record of their constant location. Develop a replacement budget and cycle for each item (equipment and robes) Consider developing a Ritual Team within the chapter and have members memorize roles Consider inviting an alumnus or multiple alumni to participate in the Initiation Ceremony (for instance, administering the Oath, the closing admonition, full part or scene shifter)

41 Ritual Best Practices Consider inviting a past Eminent Archon to perform one of the two roles if an alumnus is not available Set Initiation and Formal Pledging dates early and invite area/chapter Sigma Alpha Epsilon alumni to attend all Ritual ceremonies Use all ceremonies in the Ritual book for the recommended occasion



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