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Curated by Brian Gillis and Nate Betschart

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1 Curated by Brian Gillis and Nate Betschart
NCECA - Phoenix, The Icehouse, March 2009 Powerpoint Prepared by Prof. Brian Harper

2 The Margins uses the notion of a historically non-traditional approach to a tradition-laden medium as a point of departure from which installation, performance, and mixed media work has as much of a voice as more traditional forms have had for generations.  This exhibition highlights artists who are making work that is unfettered by genre specificity and in favor of an approach that is intended to be seen for its own merit within the tradition of Art, not necessarily within the scope of a ceramic-specific tradition.


4 Greg Moore ?

5 name

6 Alex Hibbitt

7 Alex Hibbitt

8 Neil Forrest ?

9 ?

10 name

11 Jeannie Hulen ?

12 ?

13 Chad Curtis

14 Chad Curtis

15 ?

16 Julie York

17 Julie York

18 Daniel Bare

19 Daniel Bare

20 Daniel Bare

21 Nate Betschart

22 ?

23 Paul Sacariditz ?

24 John Byrd

25 Tyler Lotz ?

26 ?

27 name

28 name

29 name

30 Jennifer Forsberg

31 Bryan Czibesz

32 Bryan Czibesz

33 Bryan Czibesz

34 Bryan Czibesz name

35 Susan Beiner

36 Jason Briggs

37 ?

38 ?

39 ?

40 name

41 Jeremy Hatch

42 Jeremy Hatch

43 Jeremy Hatch

44 ?

45 Erin Furimsky

46 Hoon Lee

47 Del Harrow


49 Elissa Armstrong, Jessica Bader, Dan Bare, Susan Beiner, Brian Benfer, Timothy Berg, Nathan Betschart, Jason Briggs, Vincent Burke, John Byrd, Rebecca Catterall, John Chwekun, Heather Coffey, Chad Curtis, Brian Czibesz, Marc DeBernardis, David East, Neal Forrest, Jennifer Forsberg, Erin Furimsky, Brian Gillis, Dell Harrow, Jeremy Hatch, Alex Hibbitt, Jeannie Hulen, Hoon Lee, Tyler Lotz, Ian McDonald, Michael Jones McKean, Gregg Moore, Christine Rabenold, Brian Rochefort, Anders Ruhwald, Paul Sacaridiz, Carlo Sammarco, Joanie Turbek, and Julie York.

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