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ABCs of Art Cheri Lloyd

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1 ABCs of Art Cheri Lloyd

2 California State Standards 1.1 Recognize and describe simple patterns found in the environment and works of art. 1.2 Name art materials (e.g., clay, paint, and crayons) introduced in lessons. 1.3 Identify the elements of art (line, color, shape/form, texture, value, space) in the environment and in works of art, emphasizing line, color, and shape/form. Artistic Perception

3 2.1 Use lines, shapes/forms, and colors to make patterns. 2.2 Demonstrate beginning skill in the use of tools and processes, such as the use of scissors, glue, and paper in creating a three-dimensional construction. 2.3 Make a collage with cut or torn paper shapes/forms. 2.4 Paint pictures expressing ideas about family and neighborhood. 2.5 Use lines in drawings and paintings to express feelings. 2.6 Use geometric shapes/forms (circle, triangle, square) in a work of art. 2.7 Create a three-dimensional form, such as a real or imaginary animal. Creative Expression

4 3.1 Describe functional and nonutilitarian art seen in daily life; that is, works of art that are used versus those that are only viewed. 3.2 Identify and describe works of art that show people doing things together. 3.3 Look at and discuss works of art from a variety of times and places. ART history

5 Aesthetic Perception 4.1 Discuss their own works of art, using appropriate art vocabulary (e.g., color, shape/form, texture). 4.2 Describe what is seen (including both literal and expressive content) in selected works of art. 4.3 Discuss how and why they made a specific work of art. 4.4 Give reasons why they like a particular work of art they made, using appropriate art vocabulary.

6 A is for Art Art by Patrick McDonnell Types of Lines: Zig-Zag Dotted Curvy

7 A is for alligator Types of Lines & Shapes: Rectangle Triangle

8 B is for bowl C is for clay Functional Art: Clay

9 D is for Dinosaur Texture: Visual and Tactile

10 e is for elephant Collage: Glue & Tissue Paper Eric Carle Books

11 F is for Fish Watercolor Techniques: Color, Line, Texture, Shape Swimmy By Leo Lionni

12 G is for Giraffe Tempera Paint Color, Line, Texture, Shape, Movement Giraffes Can’t Dance By Giles Andreae

13 H is for HaT Collage Color, Line, Texture, Shape, Point of View The Hat By Jan Brett

14 I is for Ice Cream Collage/ Cutting Color, Line, Texture, Shape I Scream, You Scream, We all scream For ice cream!!

15 J is for jungle Drawing, Art with a Message Color, Line, Texture, Shape The Great Kapok Tree By Lynne Cherry

16 K is for Kangaroo Mixed Media, Fiction/Nonfiction Color, Line, Texture, Shape Does A Kangaroo Have a Mother Too? By Eric Carle Kangaroos By Sara Louise Kras

17 L is for Leaves Tear Art, Seasons, Balance Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf By Lois Ehlert

18 M is for Monster Visual Texture, Pattern Where the Wild Things Are By Maurice Sendak

19 N is for Necklace Symmetry, Pattern Functional Art Pattern Bugs By Trudy Harris Alpha Beads Roylco

20 O is for Origami Symmetry, Patience The Pirate Girl’s Treasure: An Origami Adventure By Peyton Leung

21 P is for Pigeon Authors/ Illustrators Technology Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! By Mo Williams

22 Q is for Quilt Pattern, Shape The Quilt By Ann Jonas

23 R is for Robots Recycled Art, Machines The Robot Book By Heather Brown

24 S is for Self Portrait Proportion Facial Features Describing Words Differences Balance/Symmetry

25 T is for Touch Warm and Cool Colors Color Touch,Texture Senses

26 U is for Umbrella Perspective, Rainbows Yellow Umbrella By Dong II Sheen

27 V is for Valentine The Day It Rained Hearts By Felicia Bond

28 W is for Weaving Weaving, Functional Art, Colors of the Rainbow Weaving the Rainbow By Lyon George Ella

29 X is for X-Ray What Does the X-Ray Say? By Second Grade Students Longfellow Elementary

30 Y is for Yarn Design Abstract Art Extra Yarn By Mac Barnett

31 Z is for Zebra Monochromatic and Rainbow Colors How the Zebra Got Its Stripes By Justine Fontes

32 Artsonia $35 INCENTIVE!

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