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ETEC 680 Technology Practicum Fall 2012. Surveying Teacher Needs Techie Tuesday 1.

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1 ETEC 680 Technology Practicum Fall 2012

2 Surveying Teacher Needs Techie Tuesday 1

3 Techie Tuesday 1 Popular Websites & Resources Popular Websites Resources Created Marigny Elementary’s Website: Teacher Links Reviewed the websites and held a discussion on how we can use the websites. Also added any suggested additional websites. Revised Glog after the workshop

4 Parent Workshop 1 Educational Websites, Games, and Apps That Can Help Your Child Be Successful In School Popular Educational Websites Created Marigny Elementary’s Website: Student Links Popular Parenting Websites Created Marigny Elementary’s Website: Parent Links Revised both Glog’s after the workshop

5 Interview & Shadow Experience Christine Smith AXI, Director of Professional Development Mandeville, LA Interview conducted November 6, 2o12 Shadowing Experience: Helped her prepare her presentation for her LACUE workshop focusing on utilizing Promethean ActivExpressions and ActivVotes with the Common Core Standards. The workshop will cover the creation of assessments, hands on activities, and data driven decision making.

6 Shadow Experience Christ the King Parish School Shadow experience with Tyler Mallet, AXI, TLC, November 7, 2012 Jindall Training at Church of the King Parish School in Terrytown, LA. You can visit the following site for more information and to see the teachers I had the privilege to work with. parish-school&catid=36:school-awards&Itemid=57 First grade teachers had just been awarded new touch promethean boards and ACTIV Votes for their class 8 hour Jindal Training that covered many topics Desktop Tools-allows you to use the pen to write on any open program Dual User, Touch Feature, Page Browser, Resource Browser Rub & Reveal, Pull Tabs, Pull from Box, Promethean Planet, Magic Tunnel Marquee Tools ACTIV Votes and Assessments His blog:

7 Shadow Experience Lancaster Elementary Shadowed Christine Smith, AXI on November 8, 2012 Lancaster Elementary Initial Promethean Training: Flipchart Organization Tool Bar Page Browser- How to combine different pages to make your own flipchart. Covered the different tools on the browser Resource Browser- covered resources for backgrounds, thinking maps, and activities Rub & Reveal Discussed care for the board, connections and troubleshooting Promethean Planet and resources

8 Surveying Teacher Needs Techie Tuesday 2 Promethean Board Questions Steadham, Dixie Sent: Monday, November 05, 2012 8:21 AM To: Addamus, Mary; Battle, Kelly; Baumgartner, Mary; Bernard, Kiley; Brasher, Mary; Brown, Barbara; Carter, Charlene; Cerise, Patricia; Clay, Barbara; Conklin, Julie; Constanza, Karen; Cordes, Jaclyn B.; Cousin, Lois; Cox, Angela; Crain, Margaret; DeJohn, Melanie; Dempsey, Mary; Denning, Kristine; Duhon, Amy; Fix, Emily; Foreman, Michele; Franklin, Alicia; Ganucheau, Norma; Gauthreaux, Susan; Goans, Jerri; Haley, Amy; Harrison, Deanna; Hladky, Dana; Howell, Johanna; Huval, Lauren; Jones, Laurie; Kern, Dorothy; Knighten, Rachelle; Kottemann, Kelli; Laborde, Michelle; Lemane, Kimberly; Martin, Leslie; Newman, Richard; O'Neil, Kathryn; Oster, Cyrilla; Peytavin, Rebecca; Piske, Danae; Priola, Gina F.; Reece, Patricia; Scariano, Cheryl H.; Sease, Amy; Shaw, Lisa; Smith, Kristen M.; Solano, Karen; Steadham, Dixie; Tamor, Patricia; Theriot, Cyd; Waldrip, Roxanne; Watters, Heather Dear Teachers, Over the next few days I am going to be working with Christine Smith from AXI, you may remember her from the promethean workshop she did last spring. Anyway, I will be following up these trainings with a Techie Tuesday and I wanted to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your promethean board. Do you have any ideas or requests for a certain type of flip chart that could help you teach the CCS??? If so, I will ask her if she has any links/flipcharts/resources etc.. to help you. J Finally, I wanted to know if you had any special requests for more training or needed some clarification on a certain topic let me know since I will be working with the expert herself. J As I mentioned above, I will try to address all of your needs and concerns at one of the upcoming Techie Tuesdays. J Thank You! Dixie

9 Techie Tuesday 2 Promethean Pointers November 13, 2012 Promethean Board Pointers Organizing Flipcharts by Unit Rub & Reveal- backgrounds, text, shapes, tools Hidden Objects- grouping, marquee tool bar – great source for IWB activities great source for non- fiction activities great source for flash activities, name generator, timers, etc…

10 Parent Workshop 2 Technology Tools That Can Help Your Child Succeed in School November 15, 2012 Promethean Board I Pad Nook Android I Phone Internet Computer

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