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Mission Statement : The Western Chapter ISA is a member driven organization dedicated to fostering a greater appreciation for trees by promoting research.

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1 Mission Statement : The Western Chapter ISA is a member driven organization dedicated to fostering a greater appreciation for trees by promoting research and education to advance the professional practice of arboriculture. Western Chapter International Society of Arboriculture 368 S. Glassell Street Orange, CA 92866 866 785-8960 toll free 714 639-9450 fax Annual Business Meeting July 31 st, 2007 Sheraton Waikiki, Honolulu, HI

2 State of the Chapter Address Helen Stone, 2006/07 President – Membership Largest (and BEST) Chapter 30% Growth – Certification Every CTW Test at capacity for 2007!! – 4 ISA Chapter Banner Awards – TCC Firsts – Meetings Record numbers – Financially sound

3 Treasurer’s Report Teresa Trueman- Madriaga, Treasurer – The Numbers for 2006/07 Total Income $593,994 Total Expense $554,671 Net Proceeds $ 39,285 – Investments Heritage Funds$101,469 Raymond James – Short Term $ 31,555.03 – Mid/Long Term$98,101.26 Dividend/Interest Income $ 16,156

4 Strategic Plan 2006-2011 Initiative #1 – Increase public and media awareness of the benefits of trees. –Ray Morneau, Champion –Strategies include: Represent Professional tree care for media and public awareness, develop promote and expand public awareness through educational services information materials. Committee Reports –Public Relations: »Al Remyn, Chair –United Voices for Healthier Communities: »Dana Karcher, Chair

5 Public Relations Al Remyn, Chair – Southern California Representative: Al Remyn –Western Chapter events - 7 –Green industry events - 3 –Special events - 2 Northern California –Representative: Bill Gardner »Western Chapter Events - 3 »Community Events - 4 »NCTLC Events - 2

6 Public Relations – Arizona Representative: Tina McKeand WCISA Events – 3 regional meetings including the TCC Special Events –ACTC Annual Conference –Colorado River Horticultural Conference –Municipal Foresters Institute Articles and presentations –South West Trees and Turf –Many others

7 Public Relations – Nevada Representative: John Crandell –Held 5 Certified Arborist training classes –Desert Green Conference, –“Shigo Science” program –Nevada Landscape Association Conference and Trade – Hawaii Report by Carol Kwan –All efforts are this year for the 2007 International ISA Conference.

8 United Voices for Healthier Communities Dana Karcher, Chair WCISA –Recruitment Western Arborist, Arborist News, Web Site, Email blasts and Regional Meetings. – Response has been fair. More recruiting will take place closer to the big planting project in October –Riverside Project was successful with 800 volunteers and 275 trees planted –Anaheim planting - April 21, 2007 with about 200 volunteers

9 United Voices for Healthier Communities –RFP for planting projects for October 27, 2007 about 20 applicants. May have to make adjustments for locations of plantings –Proposition 40 grant was approved for marketing materials, $50,000 –Regular conference calls continue


11 Strategic Plan 2006-2011 Initiative #2 - Increase organizational growth. –Dennis Swartzell, Champion –Strategies include: Increase organization growth through outreach programs and partnering opportunities through out the chapter. Cultivate membership to become future leaders by encouraging participation in organizational functions. And develop cohesion among Board members that provides effective leadership for the chapter. Committee Reports –Membership »Dennis Swartzell

12 Membership Highlights of Recent Accomplishments 1. Create a Letter of Invitation to join to student to join our chapter. Letters are created and we are compiling list of colleges to send letters to. 2. Work on several ideas for membership retention. This is still in development. 3. Western Arborist - Recognize new membership and their state of origin in the quarterly magazine.

13 Membership count as of 7/15/07 ISA Members - 2,682 Chapter only - 315 ISA Members - 138 Chapter only - 14 ISA Members - 363 Chapter only - 36 ISA Members - 115 Chapter only - 16

14 Strategic Plan 2006-2011 Initiative #3 – Promote multi-disciplinary approaches to research & education. –Doug Anderson, Champion –Strategies include: Provide diverse regional research and education through Chapter funded programs and projects that will benefit professional arboriculture. Committee Reports –TREE Fund »Doug Anderson –The Britton Fund, Inc. »Doug Anderson –Work Day »Carl Mellinger

15 TREE Fund Doug Anderson, Liaison –Shade Crusade – 2007 –Western Chapter Riders Richard Akers James Allen Doug Anderson Brian Bishop Jesse Craven Johanna Fogolin Nathan Garrett Brian Gates Maureen Hamb Bill Holloway John Leffingwell Gordon Mann Daniel Pskowski Robert Squibb

16 The Britton Fund Doug Anderson, Board Chair –Established in 2006 as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation, and separate entity from Western Chapter ISA (WCISA), the John Britton Memorial Trust Fund (The Britton Fund) works for the public good to promote priority research and educational opportunities for the advancement in the field of arboriculture in the geographic region of California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii. – Vision Ensure a healthy sustainable environment in a changing world through fundraising, research, scholarships and education. – Mission Provide funding for research and education to benefit the field of arboriculture and urban forestry with emphasis on issues inherent to the geographic area of California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii. – Purpose Create and enable knowledge by raising financial support for research and education to promote excellence and advancement in the field of arboriculture for the public good.

17 Work Day Carl Mellinger, Chair

18 Work Day




22 Strategic Plan 2006-2011 Initiative #4 – Promote Tree Care Standards. –Carl Mellinger/Gabe Beeler, Champions –Strategies include: Promote the profession of arboriculture through integrity, honesty and safe work practices. Continue promoting current ISA tree care standards, specifications and code of ethics. Committee Reports –Certification »Kevin Eckert –Editor »Bruce Hagen –Magazine »Carl Mellinger –RPF Ad Hoc »Carl Mellinger –Tree Climbing Championships »Jose Mercado

23 Certification Kevin Eckert - Chair ARIZONA: Cert Arborists - 344 Certified TW - 63 Committee Member: Andrew Ramble HAWAII: Cert Arborists -139 Certified TW - 16 Committee Chair and Western Chapter Liaison: Kevin Eckert CALIFORNIA: Cert Arborists - 2682 Certified TW - 469 Committee Members: Gabe Beeler, Jose Mercado, Jack Proctor, John Traverso NEVADA: Cert Arborists -172 Certified TW - 10 Committee Member: Greg Deuley Statistics as of July 17, 2007

24 Editor Bruce Hagen

25 Tree Climbing Championship Jose Mercado, Chair –Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Superior AZ what a great location and great people to work with. –33 competitors signed up and 30 competed. Climbers, prepare for glory! All are ready and putting on their game face. Rhonda Wood and Joanna Goodyear.

26 Top Five Daniel Stevens Gary Abrojena Miguel Sotelo Jacob Claassen Chad Brey TCC Chair Joanna Goodyear Rhonda Wood

27 Special thanks to: Dave Spilsbury, Tree Doctors North Jesse Sanchez, APS (Arizona Public Services) Jesse Huffman, Conservation Cut Tree Service Margarito Garibo, The Green Effect Gabe Beeler, Fallen Leaf Tree Service John Traverso, Traverso Tree Bruce Klewer (Boyce Thompson Arboretum) Juan Barba Al Epperson WCISA office staff and Rose Epperson Sponsors –Arbor Plus Co., Stihl, Bishop Co., Arbor Master, Fanno, Husqavarna, Vermeer, Pelican Rope, U. S. Rigging, Fred Marvin, Buckingham, Artistic Arborists, J. Mercado Horticultural, Arizona Community Tree Council and many others And all of the volunteers that helped make this TCC a great event.

28 TCC goals for 2008 Attract more female climbers. Get more sponsors for events. Attract sponsors for climbers. Have a reunion of past champions.

29 Strategic Plan 2006-2011 Initiative #5 – Increase training opportunities. –Greg Monfette, Champion –Strategies include: To provide relevant education and training, resulting in professional growth and development. Promote outreach and involvement to youth, multi-lingual and diverse groups. Committee Reports –Regional Conferences »Steve Churchillo –Student Activities Committee »Juan Barba –Spanish Arborist Committee »Jose Mercado

30 Regional Conferences Steve Churchillo, Chair Arizona –Tempe, January –Phoenix, May –Superior, May California –Elk Grove, February –Whittier, February –San Francisco, April –Palo Alto, June –Arcadia, July –Carmichael, August –Anaheim, September –Carmichael, October –San Luis Obispo, November –Milpitas, November –Visalia, December Hawaii –Honolulu, July Nevada –Las Vegas, May –Las Vegas, October

31 Student Activities Committee Juan Barba, Chair –Input from ISA to their student members about meetings in other chapters. –Information from ISA about work in areas they are investigating for students. –Chapter student membership has been defined and a fee has been selected by the chapter BOD.

32 Student Activities Committee –Task Force formed. TF representatives include students, educators, industry and WCISA. Areas being investigated by the TF include: –ISA - Interaction with ISA, established/active ISA chapters –College - student interest, institution educator assistance, membership fees and structure, activities education opportunities, field instruction/training, industry needs, industry assistance, OJT opportunities, chapter role.

33 Student Activities Committee –Secondary - FFA/4H involvement in arboriculture, speaker's cadre, printed or trip opportunities to teachers. –Pre-secondary- training for teachers, printed materials, field trips to job sites.

34 Spanish Arborist Jose Mercado, Chair –Attract more companies to get their employees as “Certified tree workers”. –Continue having seminars in Spanish. –Increase the Spanish speaking tree workers as WCISA members. –Promote the importance of safety during their daily work routine.

35 Administrative Committee Reports Annual Meeting –2007: Kevin Eckert, Chair Catch the Wave of Global Arboriculture –Honolulu, Hawaii

36 2007 Chapter Sponsors Big Kahuna Level Sponsorship Aloha Arborists Association Arizona Public Service West Coast Arborists, Inc. Kapuna Level Sponsorship Mauget Company HortScience, Inc. Steve Nimz A'alii Level Sponsorship Akamai Landscape Nursery Anderson's Tree Care Specialists Fanno Saw Works Western Tree Equipment and Repairs Kama'aina Level Sponsorship Arborwell, Inc. Bishop Company The Care of Trees

37 2007 Chapter Sponsors Da Kine - In kind –Kaulunani Urban Forestry Program –Sheraton Waikiki –State of Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife –The Outdoor Circle –Maui Tropicals & Foliage –Pat Oka Nursery –Tropical Garden Accents –Kualoa Ranch –Golden Jade Enterprise, LLC

38 Administrative Committee Reports –2008: Doug Anderson, Chair Roots, Shoots and Research –San Jose, California –2009: Ray Morneau, Chair Theme – tba –Reno, Nevada

39 Administrative Committee Reports Awards –David Ephron, Chair Bylaws –Juan Barba, Chair Executive Director Review –Walt Warriner, Chair Historian –Carl Mellinger, Chair Send photos Nominations –Carl Mellinger, Chair Open Discussion from the floor

40 Installation of Officers 2007/08 Robert L. Tate, PhD, Presiding PresidentRay Morneau President-electDouglas Anderson Vice PresidentJuan Barba Immediate Past-PresidentHelen Stone DirectorGreg Monfette DirectorGabe Beeler DirectorDennis Swartzell DirectorDana Karcher ISA Board RepresentativeJames Clark TreasurerTeresa Trueman-Madriaga SecretaryTorrey Young EditorBruce Hagen

41 WCISA Administrative Staff Executive DirectorRose Epperson Office ManagerSuzanne Hassanshahi Administrative AssistantHeather Crippen Administrative AssistantMary Mahoney Technical AdvisorsChris Crippen Al Epperson Western Arborist EditorBruce Hagen Graphic DesignLinda Hagen

42 31833 Success Valley Drive, Porterville, CA 93257 368 S. Glassell Street · Orange, CA 92866 (714) 639-3610 phone · (714) 639-9450 fax (866) 785-8960 Toll free Visit us online: Powered by….. Targeting the Center of Your Organization Ep center Management Western Chapter ISA

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