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The Clay Marble By Minfong Ho Black Star, Bright Dawn By Scott O’Dell Permission Received From Minfong HO Permission Requested Web Quest Ms. O’s ELA Classes.

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1 The Clay Marble By Minfong Ho Black Star, Bright Dawn By Scott O’Dell Permission Received From Minfong HO Permission Requested Web Quest Ms. O’s ELA Classes

2 Introduction Dara—The dynamic girl who overcame war, death, crazed monkeys, selfish generals, all to get back to her village. Bright Dawn—The self-motivated young lady who faces Eskimo myths, hypothermia, sleep deprivation, below freezing temperatures only to come in 2 nd to last in the greatest dog sled race, the Iditarod. This year we have encountered both protagonists. We have cried and laughed with these two heroines. We have lived their lives through the words of Minfong Ho and Scott O’Dell. Now, let’s take them both on a journey….

3 Task You and your partner have both read the novels The Clay Marble and Black Star, Bright Dawn. You have read how they both struggled and over came great challenges. Your job is to look at the environments in which these protagonists existed. You will be comparing and contrasting the dangers of these environments.

4 Task Continued Upon completion of your research you will construct a newsletter that explains the following question: Could these protagonists have existed and survived in the other’s environment? Meaning— -If Dara was faced with the Iditarod, would she have succeeded? -If Bright Dawn faced war and destruction in Cambodia would she have survived?

5 Process Partners will be assigned by Ms. O’Neil Each partner will be assigned one computer Partners will decide which environment they are looking up --One will look up information about Dara’s environment --One will look up information about Bright Dawn’s environment While researching, partners will fill out a Fact/Opinion sheet Upon completion of the research the partners will compare notes. Partners will construct a Venn Diagram explaining similar and contrasting challenges Partners will construct two writing pieces— 1) Explaing why Dara could or could not have succeeded in the Iditarod. 2) Explaining why Bright Dawn could or could not have survived the Cambodian War. Partners will construct a newsletter using Microsoft Publisher

6 Things to Ponder By the end of this class session, you and your partner will be able to answer the following questions: Q1: Which character had obstacles that were more physical? Q2: Which character’s obstacles were more dangerous? Q3: Could Dara have survived in Alaska? Why or why not? Q: Could Bright Dawn have survived during the war Cambodia? Why or Why not?

7 Resources--Dara Left Click on link…. Open Hyperlink (Nong Chan)

8 Resources—Bright Dawn Left Click on link…. Open Hyperlink 817086c.html

9 Evaluation Evaluation will be based on the following— Fact/Opinion Chart (Individually Completed) Venn Diagram (Group Completion) Newsletter (Group Completion) Group Evaluation (Individually Completed) *Refer to individual worksheets and rubrics Click on the links

10 Fact/Opinion Sheet Each group member will receive a Fact/Opinion Sheet Follow the instructions on the sheet DaraDara Fact/Opinion Bright Dawn Bright Dawn Fact/Opinion

11 Venn Diagram Upon completion of the Fact/Opinion Sheet- Group members will discuss the information they researched A Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting Dara and Bright Dawn will be completed as a group. Let’s look at the Venn Diagram— Venn Diagram Venn Diagram Sheet

12 Newsletter You have used Microsoft Publisher— For this project you will use the newsletter application As a group you will refer back to the Process and Things to Ponder slides. Begin work on the newsletter—Refer to rubric for specific expectations. RubricNewsletter RubricNewsletter Example

13 Group Evaluation Upon completion of this project, each group member will evaluate their partner. Once your project has been handed to Ms. O’Neil, you will receive a copy of the Group Evaluation to fill out. This will be credited as received or missing—Credit or no credit! Group Evaluation

14 Conclusion As long as you support your reasoning, there is no right or wrong answer. The fact that you have looked up this information and have formulated an opinion— while considering the facts—is the task. Ideally, if you have completed all the tasks, you have ultimately gained knowledge

15 Teacher Resources Students will evaluate and analyze a variety of pre- determined web sites to determine which of the two environments posed greater challenges for the two characters. Students will demonstrate their knowledge through the creation of writings that detail the interpreted information. Students will produce a newspaper to demonstrate this knowledge. South Carolina State Standards Link

16 Teacher Resources Cont… Content—Grade Level *Used with 7 th Grade ELA students *Teaching of Microsoft Publisher and Internet safety was prior to this activity. *Length of lesson—Based on class periods of an hour—1 day to do groups and begin searching sites—1 day to finish searching and begin Venn Diagram—2 days to write and finalize newsletter. Reinforcing Students are reinforcing Microsoft Publisher skills, typing skills, Internet skills Building Upon Critical Thinking, Distinguishing between facts and opinions, Use of graphic organizer, writing skills

17 Teaching Further Multiple Intelligences— 1) Logical/Mathematical Compare the land masses of Cambodia and the United States—Which is larger? Convert to % 2) Musical Have students listen to two songs from Cambodia—Interpret the songs by listening to the way the song is sang. Describe the emotion in the songs. 3)Visual/Spatial Using the graph from the website, interpret the information in another form. Looking at the chart, visualize what the next bar on the graph might look like.

18 Teacher Resources Cont… 4) Naturalistic Have students look into the natural resources of Cambodia. How have these resources been effected by the war? Perhaps a Power Point presentation depicting this information….Information brochure…. 5)Kinesthetic Students can research the sports of Cambodia. Students can then perform or show the class how these sports are played and explain the rules.

19 Credits Minfong Ho Photograph: Scott O’Dell Photograph: Contact: Heather M. O’Neil

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