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Wonderful Weather! Click on a picture to learn more about the topic. Click on the home button to return back to this page. Use the arrows to move forward.

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2 Wonderful Weather! Click on a picture to learn more about the topic. Click on the home button to return back to this page. Use the arrows to move forward and backward in the presentation. Seasons Storms Clouds Temperature

3 Seasons Spring WinterFall Summer

4 Spring happens in March, April, and May. In spring birds hatch out of eggs. In the spring the farmer plants his fields and flowers bloom. Spring can be rainy and muddy. - Tea Spring

5 The summer months are June, July, and August. People play sports in summer because it is hot. In the summer the fields grow. People go swimming in the summer. Heat stroke and tornadoes happen in the summer. -D’Antae Summer

6 Fall is in September, October and November. In the fall the farmers harvest the food. In the fall the leaves change colors and fall to the ground. Cool, windy weather and frost happen. People like to trick-or-treat in the fall. Another word for fall is autumn. - Jamie Fall

7 Winter is in December, January, and February. In the winter farmers take a break and think of a plan for spring. Winter weather is snowy, icy and cold. Winter is a good time to make a snowman and drink hot chocolate. - Tristan & Drevon Winter

8 Temperature Temperature MeteorologistsWeather Tools Meteorologists Heat Wave

9 The weather is made up of temperature, air pressure, how much moisture is in the air, and how fast the wind is moving. The position of the sun is what causes temperature changes. When the temperature of something changes the amount of heat in it changes too. Words like warm, lukewarm, chilly and freezing describe temperature. All things are made of billions of tiny molecules. Molecules are always moving. They move like popcorn jumping in a popcorn machine. The faster molecules in something move the hotter it is. Did you know in the summer the sun makes molecules go so fast that it makes bridges grow and buildings grow taller? Your skin keeps your body temperature the same, 98.6 degrees. Temperature is amazing! -Sophia Temperature

10 Meteorologists are scientists that tell us about the weather. Meteorologists read radio messages that are sent back from satellites measuring temperature and how wet the air is high up. Meteorologists study the air, wind and rain to figure out the temperature. -Jacob Meteorologists

11 Did you know certain weather comes with certain temperatures? A cloud can bring us rain, snow, sleet or hail depending on the temperatures of the air. When it is colder than 32 degrees the water in a cloud turns to ice crystals that fall like sleet, ice or snow. When the temperature is very hot, like 110 degrees, a heat wave can happen. A heat wave is a large amount of hot air that stays over a place for a long time. When the air gets warm it is full of moisture and this can form clouds. -Erik Heat Waves

12 Scientists use tools to help predict temperature. Meteorologists use satellites, thermometers and weather balloons to predict the weather. A satellite carries television cameras that take pictures, which are sent back to weather stations on the ground. A thermometer tells how hot or cold the air is. A weather balloon goes high in the air to collect moisture in the air and tells us if it’s going to rain. It’s a good thing we have these tools! -Max Weather Tools

13 Meteorologists work together from different weather stations on the ground. They gather different information into a computer. They put it together to make a weather forecast. They use recorded data to make a weather map. Knowing the weather is important because it keeps us safe. It helps us make decisions. -Jonathan Meteorologists

14 Clouds Clouds Cumulus CloudsClouds Cirrus CloudsStratus Clouds

15 A cloud is made of little drops of water and ice high, in the middle, and low in the sky. The whole earth is covered with clouds. If you were a bird and you flew up you would see that. Fog is a cloud that is low to the ground. Long ago people thought that a big white bear that drank too much water and burst caused fog. -Ben Clouds

16 Cirrus clouds are white and feathery and the highest clouds. Their nickname is mare’s tail because mare is the name of a horse and cirrus clouds look like a horse’s tail. -Joseph Cirrus Clouds

17 Stratus clouds look like blankets that are gray. Some people call them high fog. Drizzle comes from stratus clouds and is soft rain that makes your hair wet. Snow flurries also come from stratus clouds. -Marochelle Stratus Clouds

18 Other clouds look like two clouds put together. Nimbostratus clouds are heavy and dark. Heavy rain and snow come from Nimbostratus clouds. Cumulonimbus clouds look like big mountains. Thunderstorms come from the Cumulonimbus clouds. -Hemmy Clouds

19 Cumulus clouds are puffy and look like cauliflower. They are flat on the bottom. They always are changing shapes and they are low in the sky. -Isabel & Maggie Cumulus Clouds

20 Storms Blizzards ThunderstormsTornadoes Hurricanes

21 A blizzard is a bad storm in which snow blows 35 mph or more and the temperature is less than 32 degrees. It is dangerous because the wind blows so fast that the snow makes it look white. This is called a whiteout. People should not drive during a blizzard. If they need to drive people should be prepared. The most famous blizzard happened in 1888. It killed 400 people. The super storm of 1993 hit the east coast. It killed 250 people. Blizzards are to be taken seriously. -Alex Blizzards

22 A hurricane is an ocean storm with spinning winds, heavy rains and big waves. Hurricane winds can be 74 miles per hour (119 kilometers per hour). Strong hurricane names will retire after the hurricane. Hurricane Andrew killed 23 people. Hurricanes can do great damage. Winds blow down houses and trees. Waves can flood towns. People might need to evacuate. -Ryan Hurricanes

23 A tornado is a moving, swirling wind that comes from dark storm clouds. It’s dangerous because it can suck up anything in its path. Tornadoes can happen anywhere in the world but tornadoes happen most in the middle of the United States. Tornadoes suck up hot air and cool air is on top of the cloud, that’s what makes it spin. The safest place to be is in the basement away from a window. Most tornadoes happen in April! -Donquasia & Breonna Tornadoes

24 A thunderstorm is a really powerful storm. It has high winds and heavy rain. It has lightening and thunder. They can cause damage to people and the city. Thunderstorms can happen in many parts of the world. They mostly happen at places where the sun is hot and the air is moist. When the tiny drops of water inside a thundercloud join together they become heavier and fall as rain drops. When the rain rubs together it causes electricity to come out as lighting. -Heather & Jasmine Thunderstorms

25 Created by: Mrs. Budde’s 2nd Grade class with Mrs. Dostal Lincoln School 2007

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