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Marine CNG as a Viable Small Field Development Strategy.

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1 Marine CNG as a Viable Small Field Development Strategy

2 Centre for Marine CNG Inc. Newfoundland’s only R&D company exclusively dedicated to the oil & gas industry Independent corporation Global focus on the efficient, safe and competitive transportation, storage, handling and usage of compressed natural gas Facilitating the development of a new technology

3 Our Team and Alliances Craig Young, P.Eng. – Operations Manager Stephen Duffett, B.Comm. – Business Advisor Heather Tucker – Office Coordinator John Melville – Offshore Systems Consultant Craig Ivany – Laboratory Supervisor Dr. Majid Abdi, P.Eng. – Senior Research Consultant (Process) Dr. Brian Veitch, P.Eng. – Senior Research Advisor (Marine) Mr. Biswanath Saha – Researcher (Chemical Engineering) Mr. Esam Jassim – Researcher (Mechanical Engineering) Ms. Erika Beronich – Researcher (Chemical Engineering) Michael Hanrahan – Managing Director

4 Our Board of Directors Dr. Chris Loomis – Chair - VP Research, Memorial University Mr. Bill Sember – Vice Chair – President, ABS Mr. Gunther Baumgartner – Treasurer – President, North Atlantic Dr. Bill Pike – Editor in Chief, Hart Energy Publishing Mr. John O’Dea – Secretary – Partner, McInnis Cooper Mr. Mark Richards – Versa Power Mr. Brian Condon – ADM, Department of Natural Resources Dr. Ray Gosine – Memorial University Dr. Jim Wright – Memorial University Mr. Ruud Zoon – Vice President, Husky Energy Mr. Andy Noseworthy – Government of Canada Mr. Michael Hanrahan – Managing Director

5 Our Members

6 Our Facility & Capabilities



9 Commercial Projects 1. Preparation of the technical specifications for bid documents and participation on the technical review committee (Asia) 2. Preparation of a regulatory review road map and associated timeline for a natural gas producer (North America) 3. Analysis of gas behaviour for a marine CNG proponent (Central America) 4. Report on marine CNG technology and status of industry (South America) 5. Report on marine CNG technology and status of industry (South Africa) 6. Cost and economic evaluation of the feasibility of CNG trucking (West Africa)

10 Marine Compressed Natural Gas

11 What is Marine CNG?

12 Possible CNG Application

13 Project Concept



16 Fewer Assets - Transferable Assets Delivery Chain Capital Cost Comparison ($US millions) (Source - Wood Mackenzie) LNGCNG Gathering system / Liquefaction / Storage / Jetty $3,000$100 Loading Buoy(s)$0$50 Ship(s)$440$900 Unloading Jetty / Storage / Regas$500$100 Unloading Buoy(s)$0$50 Total Capital Cost$3,920$1,200

17 SIGALPHA - 1965 Columbia Gas commissioned first CNG ship “Bottle-type” Tested around New York Harbor Two major constraints: – ASME standards drove cost of steel pressure vessels too high; – Natural gas traded at $0.60 and trended downward Columbia Gas

18 TransCanada CNG Technologies Ltd.

19 EnerSea Transport LLC


21 Knutsen Group

22 Sea NG Corporation

23 CNG Projects Myanmar to India Proponent – GAIL Status – Expression of Interest Q1, 2006

24 CNG Projects Tanzania to Kenya – Proponent – Artumas Group Inc. – Status – awarded FEED to TransCanada in April

25 CNG Projects Oman to Pakistan – Proponent – Progas – Status – Pre-FEED

26 CDTech Example Gasoline desulphurization technology Unproven at commercial scale (c1999) Canada’s largest refiner invest in technology to meet statutory requirements for low sulphur Why? The technology proponent presented creative commercial terms

27 Summary CNG for a Small Field Application: Few fixed assets Reduced capital costs Scalable and transferable

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