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What’s In It For Me? The Inside Scoop at Framingham High School.

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1 What’s In It For Me? The Inside Scoop at Framingham High School

2 Goals of the program 1. Familiarize students with FHS 2. Improve MCAS skills and strategies in Math and English Language Arts 3. Encourage students to recognize that college is a possible option.

3 Program Specs Who: Rising 9 th grade students What: 20-day program When: June 30 – July 25th 9:45 am -1:30 pm Where:Air-conditioned classrooms with computers available How:Students were bused

4 Program Components  Student directed project  Summer reading  MCAS ELA strategies  MCAS math strategies  Problem solving  College exploration

5 Schedule  9:45-11:15 FHS & College Project (w/ Circle/Snack Break)  11:15-12:00 Math  12:00-12:30 Lunch  12:45-1:30 English (15 minute bubble for lunch clean up, walking, bathroom break, etc.)

6 Students Served  50 students Average daily attendance 41  Four middle schools  55% free/reduced lunch  44 with NI or W on Math MCAS  18 with NI or W on ELA MCAS  Several LEP/FLEP students  Several students on IEPs

7 Recruitment  21 st Century staff did recruitment in middle schools  McKinney-Vento coordinator identified students  Teachers also recruited students  Target group was identified from MCAS scores

8 Getting to Know Framingham HS “The Idiot’s Guide to FHS”  Building discovery / navigation  Field research through maps, scavenger hunts, interviews  Small group/team time  Student driven design: - student writing, - photographs, - autobiographies, - maps, - interviews, - drawings

9 College Project  College vocabulary activities  College Passport - High school requirements - Research local colleges - Brain storm “dream schools” - Begin thinking about considerations such as location, size, extra curricular activities, funding, majors available  Field trips

10 College Field Trips  Spent each Friday at a college  Tour, info session, brown-bag lunch - UMass Boston Large, public, urban, commuter - Mount Ida Small, private, suburban campus - Framingham State Local, mid-size, “in backyard”

11 ELA Time  Prepared students for academic rigor in high school  Students explored, read, discussed & analyzed a book from summer reading list - The program provided books and audiotapes - Prepared a graphic organizer which helped them with the Summer Reading Assessment - The English class also focused discussion on applicable strands for MCAS

12 Math Time  Strengthened their problem-solving and reasoning skills with specific focus on MCAS strategies  Mini-lessons in: basic algebra ratios and proportions linear equations statistics data display number sense spatial reasoning including perimeter, area, and volume.

13 Staff for program  One program coordinator (HS English)  One HS English teacher  One HS Math teacher  Two MS Math teachers (one with Sped Certification)  Two MS English teachers (one with ELL Certification) Training day before start of program: curriculum design, project based learning and cultural competency awareness.

14 Recruitment and Logistics  Three mailings were used: 1. Recruitment letter (with translations) 2. Confirmation letter / medical forms, media release 3. Busing Information (transportation logistics)  Parental Communication: calls, emails (Utilized trilingual staff)  Buildings and Grounds; Transportation  Attendance & Student scheduling conflicts  Lunch (free lunch)

15 “ Plus Factors ”  Second year  Enrollment up 1/3 : change in tone of initial letter, reputation, and tied into the 21 st Century Program)  Space: computer space, air conditioning, and full access to building  Timing of day  Experienced Staff; Support from Admin. (logistically, student needs, transportation)  Excellent Organization (task list, supply list, curriculum plans, college field trip plans, enrollment information, coordinate transportation)

16 Student Feedback in September  “I got to review my math, which helped a lot.”  “I got a book to read.”  “I’m more familiar with the school.”  “Helped my reading skills.”  “I feel like I learned the same things but it was fun.”

17 Staff Anecdotes  “Co-teaching was extremely valuable. One teacher was able to deliver a lesson while the other was able to keep students on track and provide extra attention.”  “I think the thing that surprised me the most was the excitement that the students felt about the program.”

18 …continued  “ One student told his Mom that the book was cool and that he wanted to read another like it.”  “[A couple of students] were reluctant to even think about college because of the financial impediment and other personal reasons. After we visited colleges and talked so much about it, they both started to consider college as a much more real future for themselves.”

19 Benefits and Successes  Increased familiarity and comfort with FHS building, people, systems and resources  Students began academic year with new relationships (teachers and peers)  Students refreshed strategies and skills needed for MCAS; read summer reading book and prepared for essay  Gained college awareness and exposure through brainstorming, project work, and field trips.

20 Challenges and Suggestions  Attendance  Transportation (cover 25 sq miles)  Incentives  Future MCAS (science, history)  Social/emotional issues (use of administrative staff at FHS or add a social worker to the program?)

21 Questions and Feedback Materials:  Completed Student Binder  Idiot’s Guide to FHS  College Passport  College Vocabulary  FHS Project Rubric, Model & “P.O.A”

22 Thank You Heather Conroy Esta Montano Dawn Mendelsohn

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