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Meet the trainers! Dynabody Fitness Club MikeDorian Marilynne Ottosara.

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1 Meet the trainers! Dynabody Fitness Club MikeDorian Marilynne Ottosara

2 Pilates

3 Dynabody Fitness Club

4 TRX ® is a suspension training program that builds true functional strength and improves flexibility, balance and core stability all at once... as is required on the playing fields of sport and life. TRX® “A New Way To Train” Rocket to success

5 TRX ® the functional training system of chose for: ❖ Elite Armed Forces ❖ National Football League ❖ National Basketball Association ❖ National Hockey League ❖ Major League Baseball TRX® “A New Way To Train” Rocket to success

6 Physical Therapist are using the TRX ® system to rehabilitate patients in hospital wellness centers, sport medical clinics and chiropractic offices. – Start training for Life TODAY! TRX® “A New Way To Train” Rocket to success

7 Club Manager NASM Certified Personal Trainer NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist NASM Integrated Core Training LesMills ® Body Combat Instructor SilverSneakers ® Muscular Strength & Range of Movement FiTOUR Hatha Yoga Instructor TRX ® Suspension Training ® CPR and AED Certified Interests: Working Out, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, & Snowboarding Specialize in: Sports Specific Training for adults to kids Michael DaSilva

8 NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor AFAA Pilates Instructor AFAA Cycling Instructor AFAA Water Aerobic Instructor AFAA Cardio Kickboxing Instructor AFAA Bootcamp Instructor CPR and AED Certified Interests: Outdoor sports from land to water, Warrior Dash, snowboarding, surfing, basketball, baseball, biking, anything that is a challenge Specialize in: Customizing training programs for all ages. Everyone is different and every program I design will help motivate you and meet your fitness goals. Sara Danielle

9 Certified Personal Trainer Fierce fight Team Strength & Conditioning Coach Trainer of Champion Professional Fighters Interests: Working Out, MMA, Premier K-9 Dog Training Specialize in: motivating clients through self imposed barriers Otto Lecuona

10 NETA Certified Personal Trainer NETA Certified Senior Fitness Specialist TNT Certified Running Coach Certified Kick Boxing Instructor Total Body Flexibility Specialist Certified Fitness Director Master Spinning Certified Group Weight Lifting Certified Zumba Basic, Gold & Toning Certified CPR and AED Certified Interests: kayaking, biking & running Specialize in: training seniors to become more flexible & increase energy Marilynne Denison

11 Co-Owner Certified Personal Trainer Certified Spin Instructor Certified Nutrition Advisor CPR and AED Certified Interests: fitness, nutrition, mountain biking, equestrian events Specialize in: strength and toning for active women Dorian Rizzo

12 “It is amazing the number of hardcore exercises that can be performed on such a portable lightweight piece of equipment." UFC Fighter -Roger "El Matador" Huerta “The TRX system is essential for those who focus on golf-specific functional fitness, stability training and core development." -Dr. Greg Rose Cofounder of the Titleist Performance Institute What the Pros say “I have limited time...I have to be very efficient and effective in any training that I do... I believe that 3x a week for 30 min. on the TRX will help prevent overuse injuries, create more power/strength that leads to time improvements." -Tyler Stewart Ironman Champion “The TRX is a versatile, cost effective training tool that can aid tennis players in the gym as well as when traveling to tournaments." -Mark Kovacs PhD, CSCS USTA Player Development “When they told me it was invented by a Navy SEAL, I knew it would be cool. It's just your bodyweight working against gravity, so you won't get injured. I'm addicted." - Drew Brees NFL Quarterback New Orleans Saints “I fell in love with the TRX the first time I tried it. Its given me so many different options to strengthen and stabilize my core. I prefer working with bodyweight during the season so the TRX is perfect for travel and home." - Heather Mitts Pro Soccer Player 2x USA Olympic Gold Medalist


14 Start your rocket to success today for LIFE!

15 Pilates


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