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Federally endangered and threatened species monitoring Ursula C. Petersen, M.S. Botany/Zoology Endangered Species Habitat Program Manager Wisconsin Dept.

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1 Federally endangered and threatened species monitoring Ursula C. Petersen, M.S. Botany/Zoology Endangered Species Habitat Program Manager Wisconsin Dept of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection

2 DATCP’s state program Mission: To protect federally listed* species and their native habitats in Wisconsin from pesticide injury and related impacts while minimizing economic impacts on affected parties 1. We are helping EPA with their mandate to protect federally listed* species from pesticide harm 2. We also assist with state listed* species where pesticide or ag concerns exist * Listed = on the endangered and threatened species list

3 DATCP program actions 1. Contacts, education, protection plans with site owners, managers, other pesticide users, general public 2. Training and assistance to protection partners and agencies 3. Funding endangered species related pesticide research 4. Caging, fencing, tagging, mapping 5. Monitoring sites and species

4 Monitoring sites and species Inspection of sites for health and biodiversity of native species, pesticide impacts, other problems Soil, water and tissue sampling for pesticide residues and ammonia Photo points and GPS locations to track changes in native species and invasives, management impacts, etc Species monitoring – presence and numbers, pollination success, other info

5 Wisconsin’s federally listed species near or in wetlands or water

6 Wisconsin’s federally listed species living in upland habitats

7 Working with landowners and managers

8 Habitat inspections for contaminants, invasives, other problems

9 MonMon Monitoring Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid

10 Checking species of concern early and late

11 Exclosures, stakes, tags to prevent grazing and mark species

12 Individuals lending monitoring, management, and other assistance: Rachel Adsit, Bob Ahrenhoerster, Greg Aides, David Allen, Paula Allen, Craig Anderson, Damon Anderson, Todd Anderson, Greg Armstrong, Patsy Aster, Robert Bach, Colleen Bach, Gerry Bade, Brian Bader, Quan Banh, Patti Banh, Pam Barnes, Steve Barnes, Martha Barrett, Michael Bauer, Thomas Becker, Jill Bedford, Amy Bering, Rita Bill, Richard Birger, Alice Blackburn, Annie Block, Cathy Bloome, Mike Bourquin, James Bouwma, Steve Bouwma, Marlin Bowles, Lori Bowman, Owen Boyle, Lawrence Bradley, Deanna Braeger, Sue Brideson, Peggy Brown, Lil Bruce, Susan Brumder, Valerie Brumder, Scott Bucholtz, Kevin Burdick, Bill Burkhardt, Ann Burns, Marsha Burzynski, Lisa Bushby, Karen Cahill, Joyce Campbell, Cathy Carnes, Jane Carter, Jake Chappelle, Glenn Christiansen, Rita Christiansen, Jeff Christianson, Rebecca Christoffel, Cathy Chybowski, Pat Cicero, James Clark, Annelle Clark, Lisa Clark, Louise Clemency, Wally Coffman, Chris Coleman, Amy Crosson, Noel Cutright, Jack Darland, Karl David, Mike DeCapita, Diane Dempsey, Leon Derber, Orva Derber, Robert Dixon, Eugene Dodd, Dan Duebereiner, Cynthia Edwards, Juan Edwards, Jim Ellerhoff, Lisa Ellis, Shirley Ellis, Sylvia Engel, Rachel Enright, Alan Eppers, Eric Epstein, Karen Etter- Hale, Rich Evans, Fred Faessler, Buddy Fazio, Barbara Federlin, Karen Fenster, Les Ferge, Ryan Fisher, Christina Flach, Suzy Foster, Tom Foxen, Peder Frank, Nancy Frost, Marilla Fuge, Gene Fuller, Jeff Gabel, Jim Gage, Patty Gardner, Mike Gerlich, Tom Gibson, Donna Gilson, Steve Glass, Kris Gordon, Mike Grimm, Mer Grossman, Steve Gruman, Rick Guenther, Tracy Haase, Al Haller, Jeff Hapeman, John Harbeck, Joan Hardy, Lisa Hartman, Gus Hauser, Renate Hauser,...

13 More Individuals lending monitoring, management, and other assistance: Nicole Hayes, Nina Hayssen, Jennifer Heaton-Amrhein, Tom Heidtke, Chad Heins, Rich Henderson, Matt Hermann, Lars Higdon, Andy Hinickle, Regina Hirsch, Randy Hoffman, Morris Holzhueter and son, Eric Howe, John Hrobar, Susan Hrobar, Jean Hudkins, Charlene Hull, Vic Imrie, Rick Jackley, Carolyn Jacobus and sister, Kimberly Jameson, Joan Janus, Diane Johnson, Marty Johnson, Terry Johnson, Charles Johnson, Ann Jolicoeur, Gary Jolin, Lea Jones, Margaret Jones, Christopher Jors, Patti Joslin, Krysta Kaczmyrack, David Kahler, Chris Kaplan, Meghan Kaplan, ClarenceKaplan, Karen Kaplan, Dale Karow, Evan Karow, Krysta Kaczmyrack, Kelly Kearns, Janet Keck, June Keibler, Eric Kessner, Kathy Kilkus, Darcy Kind, Babelle Kiss, Garrison Klein, Rachel Klein, Virginia Kline, Joanne Kline, Brad Knudsen, Sue Koeritz, Bill Kohls, Jennifer Koloda, Dale Konieczka, David Kopitzke, Carrie Kowalski, Ben Kranig, Jason Kryzak, Donald Kunde, Ronald Kurowski, Archer Larned, Jane Larson, Mark Leach, Tom Leach, Lenore Lee, Richard Lehmann, Lawrence Leitner, Steve Lentz, Kay Lettau, Missy Levit, Sensen Lin, Saly Lohr, Tiny Loos, Jim Lutes, Katharine MacKendrick, Dennis Malueg, Joyce Malueg, Ron Martin, Mark Martin, Marti Martin, Paul Matthiae, Robby Maybry, Judy McBroom, Bill McClain, Kay McClelland, Amy McDaniel, Judy Meissner, Donna Meyer, Gretchen Meyer, Thomas Meyer, Patti Meyers, Jerry Miller, Maureen Millmann, Gail Moede, Joanie Moon, William Moravec, Gary Morehart, Douglas Morrissette, Vince Mosca (Abbott Park, IL), Jessica Muchow, Lisa Mueller, Ava Murphy, Ron Murray, Dave Musolf, Sheldon Myerchin, Sarah Myers, Jeff Nania, Jennifer Narang, Betty Jo Nelsen, Mary Nelson, Corinne Ness, Dave Neu, Dick Newsome, Jackie Nooker, John O’Donnell, Liz O’Donnell, Ruth Oppedall, Amelia Oroton-Palmer, Roger Packard, Heather Patti, John Pearson, Sue Pech, Mike Penskar, Sylvia Petersen, Ursula Petersen, Donna Peterson, Jesse Poole, Jeff Postle, Susan Reed, Jim Reinartz, Nathaniel Reinartz, Jeff Reitz, Chris Ribic, Paul Rigan, Kay Rill, Russell Rill, Dan Roach, Doug Robinson, John Rock, Stan Rosenstiel, Laurel Ross, Eric Rossborough, Mark Roycraft, Jim Ruhwaldt, Jeff Saatkamp, Dave Sailing, Annie Salmona, Ericka Scarpace, Cato Schley, Bryn Shriver, Bethany Schultz, Susan Schumacher, Chris Sessions, Penny Shackelford, Gary Shackelford, Lisa Shackelford, Patrick Shaw, Walt Shaw, Ben Sherman, Emily Sievers, Kelly Skaife, Gene Smalley, Janet Smith, Samantha Smith, Don Snyder, Susan Sokol, Carol Sonnenschein, Chris Spaight, Don Spangenberg, Hannah Spaul, Ron Spry, Dan Spuhler, Rich Staffen, Amy Staffen, Mary Stanley, John Steinbrink, Rich Sternkopf, Trish Stocking, Steve Struss, Eric Tarman-Ramcheck, Alison Thelan, Peter Thompsen, Dave Tillotsen, Kevin Trampe, Joel Trick, Dave Tutton, Lorry Uihlein, Orlando Valdivia, Adele Van Altena, Connie Van Altena, John Van Altena, Elise Van Ginkel, Bryan Van Horn, Melissa Vanderlunden, Gary VanVreede, Anne Vogel, William Volkert, Cindy Wagner, Ilse Wagner, Terrence Wakefield, Don Waller, Jennette Wambay, Dick Wanie, Scott Weber, Lenny Weiss, Marcia Wensing, Paul West, Kristin Westad, Andrew Williams, Jeremy Willsey, Dan Wilson, Lucia Wilson, Patty Wilson, Jennifer Windus, Kathy Wingdale, Tom Wise, Wendy Woyczik, Anne Wawrzyniak, Kim Wright, Terry Yakich, David Zaber, Joy Zedler, and Libby Zimmerman

14 Current needs for monitoring and help : Prairie Bush Clover occurs on dry prairies in southwestern Wisconsin What needs doing: 1. Search in June, flag and count imatures and adults in August/September, work with owners/managers, monitor exclosures 2. Adopt a site, contact owners and managers, schedule volunteers, lead monitoring sessions, collect and submit data. Where: Dane, Sauk, Iowa counties Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid is found in wet to mesic prairies, meadows, and bogs in southeastern Wisconsin What needs doing: 1.Search late May, flag, tag; flag/count in early July, also tag, cage, map, work with owners and managers 2. Initiate spring searches, contact owners, managers, volunteers, schedule and lead monitoring sessions, collect data and submit. Where: Kenosha, Rock, Winnebago, Waukesha counties Training provided by DATCP

15 Pitcher’s Thistle – occurs on Lake Michigan and Superior dunes What needs doing: Monitoring habitat, contacting owners, managers, and the public, counting adults, immatures, seedlings, working with site managers to coordinate counts, lead counts, send in data. Where: Door, Manitowoc, Ozaukee counties When: August/September Hine’s Emerald dragonfly – occurs in wetlands and small drainages in Door, Kewaunee, and Ozaukee counties What needs doing: Inspect habitats, contact owners, neighbors, managers; possibly help with counts and research. Where: Door county When: August/September Training is provided by DATCP or partners! Current needs for monitoring and help:

16 Winged Mapleleaf – occurs in the St. Croix River near St. Croix Falls Higgins Eye Pearly Mussel – St. Croix, Missis- sippi, other tributaries What needs doing: 1. Assist with taking water sampling by labelling bottles, keeping data sheet, collecting water 2. Conduct citizen stream monitoring including biotic Indices 3. Provide education programs for the public, schools, groups about stream ecology 4. Talk with businesses near vital stream areas. Training will be provided by DATCP, UWEX, DNR, others Current needs for monitoring and help:

17 Water sampling to test for pesticide residues and ammonia at the DATCP lab in Madison

18 Stream Monitoring of St. Croix and tributaries

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