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Heather Drive Landslide Utah James von der Fecht Simon Pennock.

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1 Heather Drive Landslide Utah James von der Fecht Simon Pennock

2 Introduction Heather Drive is in the city of Layton, UtahHeather Drive is in the city of Layton, Utah

3 Utah’s Geology Landslides are common across the StateLandslides are common across the State Layton’s Location -Layton’s Location - Soft, silty and clayey materialSoft, silty and clayey material Near the Wasatch FaultNear the Wasatch Fault Utah has a very complex and distinctive GeologyUtah has a very complex and distinctive Geology

4 Lake Bonneville Quaternary Period Lake, present during Pleistocene Epoch Delta covered where Layton is now situated Sands and gravels deposited along the shoreline and at river delta Geological History Lake has since receded Cause of Layton’s ground conditions

5 Took place August 2001 The Heather Drive Landslide L andslide area ≈ 350m wide and 150m long Land affected situated on a relatively gentle (20-28%) slope Caused by a reactivation of a prehistoric landslide Preceded by several smaller reactivations in Layton from 1997 onwards Main scarp formed measured up to 2.9m in height

6 6 houses damaged on Heather Drive - 3 destroyed 3 partially recoverable Impacts of the Landslide Economic cost approximately $1million - Loss of homes Re-routing of Utilities Other costs incurred by Layton City

7 Landslides Across Utah Types LandslidesTypes Landslides DebrisDebris SlidesSlides FallsFalls CausesCauses RainfallRainfall SnowfallSnowfall IrrigationIrrigation SeasonalSeasonal March, April, May July and August FrequencyFrequency Regular small scale landslides

8 Problem Debris FlowDebris Flow CausesCauses Heavy precipitationHeavy precipitation Channel scourChannel scour Slope gradientSlope gradient

9 Problem Circular SlipCircular Slip CausesCauses Poor drainagePoor drainage Dynamic loadingDynamic loading Excavation at toeExcavation at toe

10 Problem Rock FallRock Fall CausesCauses Poor drainagePoor drainage UndercuttingUndercutting Stress changeStress change Separation of materialsSeparation of materials

11 Alternative Engineering Approaches DrainageDrainage τ = c’ + σ n ’ tan Фτ = c’ + σ n ’ tan Ф Where σ ’ = σ - υWhere σ ’ = σ - υ Minimise irrigationMinimise irrigation FarmingFarming Avoid excavation near the base of a landslideAvoid excavation near the base of a landslide Re-profilingRe-profiling Urban areaUrban area

12 Alternative Engineering Approaches Soil stabilisationSoil stabilisation PinningPinning VegetationVegetation TreesTrees EducationEducation PlannersPlanners New geological mapsNew geological maps

13 Solution Adopted MonitoringMonitoring Main scarpMain scarp EducationEducation Sharing informationSharing information Detailed response planDetailed response plan

14 Conclusion Many types of landslide common in Utah Heather Drive typical landslide case Layton incurred over $1million costs Landslides due to underlying geology and rainfall Landslides cost Utah millions of dollars per year

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