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Patient & Family Orientation. Cancer Center Facts About 1,400 new cancer patients are treated here annually. The Chemotherapy Nurses, Radiation Therapists,Social.

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1 Patient & Family Orientation

2 Cancer Center Facts About 1,400 new cancer patients are treated here annually. The Chemotherapy Nurses, Radiation Therapists,Social Workers and Dietitians are specially trained/certified in Oncology.

3 Physicians-Medical Oncology Dr. Bakri Dr. Sajjad Malick Dr. Kenneth Manning Dr. Kenneth Fink

4 Extenders-Medical Oncology Colleen Kritz, CFNP Vicki Richardson- NP- C Kathy Jones- PA-C

5 Physicians- Radiation Oncology Dr. Hugh Bryan Dr. Sally Smith Dr. Istvan Pataki

6 Physicians Radiation Oncology Dr. Thomas Walden Lumberton Allan Seffels, PA-CCharlene Ray, NP

7 Cancer Center Facts Our Cancer Center is Accredited through the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer with Commendation.

8 Northern Exposure Health Pavilion North Cancer Center

9 HPN Cancer Center Front Desk Wanda Ashley

10 Radiation Oncology at HPN Daisy, RN Tisha, Chief Therapist, Supervisor

11 Medical Oncology at HPN Jane Ellen, RN Jan, LPN

12 Per Diem RN at HPN and/or CFV Susan, RN Toni, RN

13 What to expect when you come for Radiation Therapy Scan your blue Cancer Center ID card at the front desk Donna and Shirley

14 What to expect when you come for Radiation Therapy Remain in waiting area for your Radiation Therapist to take you to the treatment area or to sub-waiting.

15 What to expect when you come for Radiation Therapy You will be seen weekly, by Allan Seffels, PA-C or another practitioner

16 What to expect when you come for Radiation Therapy Lab Work is occasionally obtained in Radiation Oncology. Depends upon your specific treatment plan and symptoms.

17 CFV Radiation Oncology Gwendolyn, RN Debbie, CNAII Susan, RN

18 Cyberknife Nurse Navigator Jennifer, RN

19 CFV Medical Oncology Scan Your Blue Card and have a seat in the waiting room. Francesca, Lata, Yolanda, Rebecca

20 CFV Medical Oncology A nurse will come and get you and take your vital signs prior to each visit Gloria, Carol, Vivian, Tamica

21 CFV Medical Oncology Phlebotomy Laboratory tests are routine prior to each chemotherapy infusion. Heather Tamica

22 Lab results usually take about an hour. Staff can give you a pager.

23 Pager System Run an errand Have a snack We call your pager when it’s time to come back! 10 mile radius

24 CFV Medical Oncology Pharmacy Billy Kirby, PharmD We have a dedicated on- site pharmacy to prepare chemotherapy medications CFV and HPN also have Outpatient Pharmacies that may elect to use

25 These RNs Deliver your Chemotherapy and schedule your next appointment. CFV-Chemotherapy Nurses

26 Clinical Trial Staff Michelle Gereghty, RN Research Coordinator Jennifer Arno Clinical Trials Assistant

27 Choosing a clinical trial The Cancer Center offers many clinical trials. Your physician may offer a clinical trial to you. It is your choice to enroll Staff will review the information with you and answer any questions you may have.

28 Clinical Trial Information Michelle Gereghty 615-5603 Jennifer Arno 615-4561

29 Nutrition Services Natalie Albano, RD, LDNHeidi Maxwell, RD, LDN

30 Nutrition Services Nutrition Counseling Includes: - Eating well during treatment. - The use of supplements. - How to deal with side effects.

31 Nutritional Screening The Dietitian will: - Assess your needs. - Offer guidance to meet your needs during treatment.

32 Nutrition and Treatment-Related Side Effects These are some side effects you may experience during treatment that our Oncology Dietitians will be able to help you manage: Nausea/Vomiting Change in Taste Loss of Appetite Throat or Mouth Soreness Weight Loss Constipation Diarrhea

33 Questions??? Call Heidi At CFV 615-5955 Call Natalie At HPN 615-3852

34 How Social Workers Can Help: Issues in living with cancer. Community resources Provide support Sandi Bailey, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C Audrey Brown, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C Patsy Page, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C Living with Cancer

35 Living With Cancer Emotional Adjustments Such as: – Shock – Adjustment to changes – Stress, worry – Anger – Anxiety – Depression

36 Community Resources Some examples include: Medication Programs Quitting Smoking Transportation Financial Resources Advance Directives

37 Educational Workshops See Calendar for special event topics time; date; location

38 Ask any Cancer Center Staff Member for more information. Call 615-7811 for an appointment. Massage ($10 per session) Reflexology ($12 per session) Healing Touch (no cost) Artful Reflections (no cost)

39 Camp Rockfish Retreat An Annual Retreat for our patients Food Fun Fellowship All day Friday activities for the adult patient and one adult caregiver or friend. Contact an Oncology Social Worker for more information at 615-6792

40 Special Events Special Events are posted in the Cancer Center lobbies

41 Cancer Center Social Work Team Ask any Cancer Center staff to page us, OR… Give us a call! Patsy Page 615-6791 Sandi Bailey 615-4626 Audrey Brown HPN 615-3849 CFV 615-6791

42 Financial Counselor Greg Chavis One on One service. Benefit explanation. Co-pay Deductible Coinsurance Set up payment arrangements.

43 Billing Questions Who do I call with questions about billing? Bills from Southeastern Radiation Oncology (Radiation Therapy Doctors) Contact: Linda Crocker-615-6691 or Jenny Bowden-615-5810 Bills From Cape Fear Valley Health System/ Oncology Services (may include nutritional consults as ordered by physician) Contact: Corinne Shaffer 615-4511 Greg Chavis 615-5021

44 Reimbursement Analyst Corinne Shaffer Work with Pharmaceutical Companies for Patient Assistance Programs Work with different Foundations to assist with co-pays for oral meds Obtain prior authorizations for medications Obtain prior authorization for any diagnostic testing

45 Please feel free to contact Corinne at 615-4511

46 Friends of the Cancer Center Network of Volunteers Non- Profit Organization 100% of donations support Cancer Center patients. Fundraisers throughout the year

47 Offer support Assist in the resource center Serve refreshments Direct patients to areas in the hospital Listen We also have specially trained Spiritual Volunteers who provide spiritual support Volunteers

48 The Oasis Café T-Shirts Specialty Products Information Books Coffee/Tea/Soft Drinks Snack items

49 FOCC Funds 100% of donations to FOCC support our patients and programs at the Cancer Center Golf Cart Camp Rockfish OASIS program Look Good - Feel Better with ACS Wig Vouchers available

50 Friends of the Cancer Center The “Look Good…Feel Better” Program Meets every 3 rd Monday at 9AM in the Cancer Center Conference Room @CFV

51 Friends of Cancer Center Funds MAMMOGRAM Screenings: Call Annette Bryant for an application or more information 615-4599

52 FOCC and Cancer Center Events Downtown Fayetteville September 20, 2014 Survivor Reception the night before …at Sky on Hay Raises funds to provide programs for little or minimal cost to patients and families of CFVHS and HPN Cancer Centers

53 Fayetteville Swampdogs and Cape Fear Valley Cancer Center JP Riddle Stadium Pink Baseball Jersey Auction at the game Each year money from the Auction is awarded to the Friends of the Cancer Center

54 Pavilion Palms …a Boutique at Health Pavilion North Cancer Center HPN location Skin Care items Gifts More!!

55 Bra and Prosthetic Fittings Available at The Cancer Center by appointment Call Judy 484-4901

56 CFV Health Foundation/Friends of Cancer Rachel Richardson 615-1449

57 Cancer Registry Susan, Deborah, Deanna, Ruby

58 Why is Cancer Registry Important? Cancer is a reportable disease by law

59 WHAT DO CANCER REGISTRARS DO? Cancer Registrars capture a complete summary of the history, diagnosis, treatment, and cancer status for every patient diagnosed and/or treated at our health system.

60 WHERE DOES ALL THIS DATA GO? All new cancer cases are to be reported to the State Central Cancer Registry by law. Approved Cancer Programs are required to report cases to the National Cancer Data Base for accreditation. Administration for determination of new equipment needs and facility planning. Public Education

61 Follow up Once in the registry you are followed for life – Completely confidential and private – Update on the status of the patient – Update changes in treatment or physicians – Maintain accurate and up to date information for the state database.

62 Patient Satisfaction Surveys Gives us information we use to improve our services to you and your family Staff Recognition Internal Surveys: Are located at the Front Desks or from staff Press Gainey (external) are mailed to your home at random Why 2? One serves us immediately and the other uses national benchmark data to rank us among other similar cancer centers.

63 Questions or Comments about your Service? Margaret Coates, Chief Radiation Therapist 615-7815

64 Frequently Asked Questions Will my hair fall out during treatment (Alopecia)? Loss of hair can occur with some types of Chemotherapy (Lung, Breast). Radiation can cause hair loss in the area that is being treated. Will treatment make me nauseated? When it is expected or does occur, your doctor can prescribe medications that will help.

65 Frequently Asked Questions Will radiation treatment burn my skin? Accelerated sloughing of skin cells Feels tender, sometimes raw Doctor, PA or Nurse Practitioner can prescribe or recommend products that will help. Do not try to self medicate: Some creams and lotions will not work with the Radiation.

66 Frequently Asked Questions Who do I call if there is a problem with treatment or side effects? Radiation Therapy: Your nurse or Radiation Therapist will direct you to doctor or PA Chemotherapy: Your nurse will document symptoms and schedule you to see physician or FNP

67 Frequently Asked Questions How do I reach a physician in the evenings or on weekends if I am having side effects or run out of medications? Call the Main Number for each office: Radiation Oncology 615-5894 Medical Oncology 615-6910 Your call will be directed to CareLink and they will page the physician on call for each office. Please have your Cancer Center ID card handy.

68 Frequently Asked Questions Who do I call if I need to change my treatment appointment? Radiation Therapist will give you a number to call for Radiation Therapy appointment changes RN will give you a number to call for chemo appointment changes

69 Frequently Asked Questions In Medical Oncology : one family member may come back with you In Radiation Oncology: Please remain in waiting area No children are permitted in either treatment area. Can my family be with me while I am getting treated? How many family members can be with me?

70 Frequently Asked Questions Can I eat anything on the day I am to receive treatment? a light breakfast (no “greasy” foods) Is lunch provided if I am being treated at that time? Lunch will be ordered for those receiving chemotherapy during lunchtime Family may grab a bite in cafeteria

71 Frequently Asked Questions How do I get out of the parking lot? There is a code posted throughout the Cancer Center The code changes every Monday! ~ To protect a space for you! ~

72 Security Process Provide ID card at front entrance Cancer Center ID Card and a lanyard will be issued to patients Family/Friends will be asked to provide an ID for each visit.

73 Are there any questions? Remember to please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!!

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